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100 Fun and Easy Articulation Activities Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy Store is dedicated to making your speech therapy life easier one resource at a time. To do this, we often partner with companies that share that mission. If you sign up or make a purchase through one of our partners’ links, we may receive compensation—at no extra cost to you.

My mission here at Speech Therapy Store is to make your life, as a Speech-Language Pathologist, easier one resource or material at a time! In the past, my speech therapy sessions were filled with articulation practice, so I thought what better way to serve you than by providing a complete list of the top 100 articulation activities for speech therapy! 

Why Articulation Practice Is Important

Articulation in speech therapy is important for several reasons, as it plays a crucial role in effective communication. Here are some key reasons why articulation is emphasized in speech therapy sessions:

  1. Clear Communication:
    • Articulation refers to the ability to produce speech sounds accurately and clearly. Clear articulation of specific sounds ensures that listeners can easily understand and interpret the intended message. When different sounds are produced accurately, communication is more effective, leading to better understanding and reduced chances of miscommunication.
  2. Social Interaction and Speech Intelligibility:
    • Clear articulation helps to increase our speech intelligibility and in turn will improve our social interactions. Individuals with articulation disorders may experience difficulties in social situations and misunderstandings. Improving articulation and language skills can help individuals feel more confident and comfortable in social settings.
  3. Academic Success:
    • Speech sound disorders can impact academic performance. Addressing articulation issues early on can contribute to better academic outcomes.
  4. Self-Esteem and Confidence:
    • Individuals who struggle with articulation may experience frustration or a lack of confidence in their communication abilities. Speech therapy helps build confidence by providing strategies and exercises to improve articulation skills. Increased confidence in communication can positively impact various aspects of life.


  • Boom Cards
  • Flash Cards
  • Games
  • Digital Materials
  • Holiday (Valentines, St. Patricks, 4th of July, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Winter Holidays, New Years)
  • Themed
  • WorkSheets
  • Books
  • Homework

Articulation Boom Cards

Boom Cards are digital, interactive, and self-checking learning resources that can be used by a speech-language pathologist to practice a target sound or target word during articulation practice. They are a fun way to practice articulation skills in your therapy room!

  1. Articulation Boom Cards for Speech Therapy l K Sample by Anna Dee SLP is a highly rated boom card deck to practice the ‘K’ sound.
  2. Talk Like a Pirate /ar/ FREEBIE: Speech Therapy/Articulation + BOOM Cards by Panda Speech is a favorite game for speech students as they practice the AR sound and other r blends!
  3. Video Articulation Cards – Prevocalic R Sound Speech Therapy Boom Card FREEBIE by Speechie Things provides and easy way to model target words!
  4. Sensory Bin BOOM CARDS™ FREE SAMPLE for Speech Therapy: Articulation & Phonology by The Type B SLP is a set of boom cards for minimal pairs.
  5. Spring FREEBIE Multisyllabic Word Articulation | BOOM CARDS™️ | Speech Therapy by Upstate SLP is a fun articulation game for your students!
  6. Articulation Cards for Speech Therapy BOOM CARDS™ R Initial FREEBIE by Stacey Crouse is a great way to practice prevocalic r with your articulation students!
  7. Feed the Skeleton L & L Blends Articulation Boom Cards™ Halloween Speech Therapy by Pinwheel Speech Resources is a highly rated teachers pay teachers resource to practice the l blends! 
  8. Free Feed the Shark Medial K Sound Articulation Boom Cards | Speech Therapy by Goldie Talks Speech is a fun way to engage your students in articulation practice!
  9. S Blends Build a Bug Speech Therapy Articulation Activity BOOM CARDS by Pep Talk prompts your students to practice articulation at word level. This is a great resource for your early intervention students!
  10. FREE S-Blends Bowling Articulation Boom Cards for Speech Therapy by Sunflower SLP is an easy way to target S sound articulation with your students!

BONUS: Be sure to check out our entire list of over 115 Articulation Booms Cards here. The articulation boom cards list is subdivided into the following helpful lists: Articulation Screener, Multiple Sounds, P initial, medial, final, B initial, medial, F initial, medial, final, V initial, K initial, medial, final, G medial, medial, final, Z initial, medial, final, S initial, medial, final, S-Blends, TH initial, medial, final, SH initial, medial, final, R initial, medial, final, R-Blends, L initial, medial, final, J initial, medial, final, W Initial, N Final, and Articulation Reinforcers.


Articulation Flash Cards

Articulation flash cards are a common tool used in speech therapy to target the correct production of specific sounds in speech therapy sessions. Whether they are a digital version or a piece of paper, these cards typically feature images and words that emphasize a target sound, making them an effective tool in providing a visual aid to help individuals improve their articulation skills. We love using flash cards for articulation drills and for home practice to further our student’s language development.

  1. S-blends Articulation FlashCards Card Game and Find It Speech Therapy activity by A Gift of Speech is a great set of articulation cards that focus on S Blends. 
  2. Articulation Cards – Flashcards for Speech Therapy: /r/ +Vocalic /r/ +/r blends/ by Speeching of that is a highly rated set of prevocalic R flash cards including /er/, /ar/, /air/, /ire/, /ear/, /dr/, /br/ and /kr/.
  3. Interactive Articulation Flash Cards – FREEBIE! – Speech Therapy by Speech Room 121 – Lisa Syverson are highly rated interactive flash cards for the /m/ sound.
  4. /t/ and /d/ Articulation Cards and Worksheets – For Speech Therapy by Carrie Clark – Speech Therapy for Kids is a great set of flash cards and associated worksheets for the /t/ and /d/ sounds.
  5. Z Articulation Flashcards Distance Learning by Ms Lees Bees SLP and Reading Supplies is a highly rated set of 100 flashcards for the Z sound! These flashcards and clear and for initial, medial and final /z/.

BONUS: Make sure you visit our articulation lists posts so you can click on the individual sound you need and then enjoy the done for you interactive flash cards straight from your computer. No printing necessary! Here are a few examples to get you started: Initial R Flash Cards, Medial R Flash Cards, Final R Flash Cards, Initial ER Flash Cards, Medial ER Flash Cards, Final ER Flash Cards, Initial Z Flash Cards, Medial Z Flash Cards, Initial G Flash Cards and grab the rest here of our flash cards here.


Articulation Games

Articulation games are a fun and effective way to practice different sounds and grow language skills. Check out this list of resource types for easy articulation activities. These games are a simple way to help your students with articulation disorders have fun in your therapy room! We’ve found everything from a scavenger hunt to board games!

16 . I SPY /R/ Articulation by Speech Therapy Store is a fun and engaging set of I Spy Pages that focus on the /r/ sound. Scroll to the bottom of the blog post to enter your name and email and have this high quality pdf emailed right to you!

17. Dot to Dot Prevocalic R Game by Speech Therapy Store is a favorite game for elementary students as they practice their prevocalic R sound! Play one one one or in small groups! Scroll to the bottom of the blog post to enter your name and email and have this high quality pdf emailed right to you!

18. Articulation Fortune Tellers Oragami by Speech Therapy Store Shop is a $9 resource that has been a favorite for years! Have your students cut and fold the fortune tellers and have fun practicing their target sound. With over 20 sounds at initial, medial and final level, this resource has a fortune teller for everyone on your caseload. (also known as cootie catchers!) 

19. See it Say It Match It by Speech Therapy Store Shop is an $18 complete bundle of 57 playing cards for R & R-Blends, L & L-Blends, S & S-Blends, SH, CH, and TH sounds. This game has clear directions, engaging pictures, and has always been a favorite for our students! 

20. Articulation Tic Tac Toe by Speech Therapy Store Shop is an $8 bundle of Tic Tac Toe Boards for over 24 sounds at initial, medial and final level! This is a game you can laminate and play over and over with your students. It has clear directions and is so engaging. 

21. Go Fish by Speech Therapy Store Shop is a $12 complete bundle of all the sounds you need for your caseload! Each Go Fish Deck has 72 cards total, and helps students practice at initial, medial and final positions. This is another favorite that our students can’t get enough of.

22. Connect Four By Speech Therapy Store Shop is an $8 bundle that targets multiple sounds. This is a great game to play because it includes data tracking boards for the number of trials completed as the students play! 

23. Roll A Die by Speech Therapy Store Shop is an $8 bundle of a favorite game! With sounds for your whole caseload, students will roll a dice and practice the associated sound with the dice number. This is a great game to play in small groups or as individual practice!

24. Apple to Apple by Speech Therapy Store Shop is a $12 game that is played just like the original Apple to Apple game! Older elementary and middle school students love this game and this bundle has sounds for everyone in your caseload.

25. Coloring Decks by Speech Therapy Store Shop is a $14 bundle of over 20 sounds. Each sound has a playing card deck with 52 cards. Have your students color the cards and then bring back to your therapy room to play a multitude of fun card games! 

26. Bingo by Speech Therapy Store Shop is a $14 bundle of bingo cards with playing boards and sounds for everyone on your caseload. The pictures are engaging and the directions are clear. This is always a favorite in our therapy sessions!

27. FREE Speech Therapy Game – Articulation S Blends by The Elementary sLp – Kelly Workman is a great activity to play to practice S sound at word level and sentence level! 

28. K Articulation Cookie Game for Speech Therapy by Speechy Musings has an articulation target sound /k/ and is great for special education readers or non readers as well as speech therapy! 

29. FREE Search and Find Articulation Game for Speech Therapy | F Sound by Dean Trout’s Little Shop of SLP is a highly rated search and find game that can be printed in color or black and white!

30. SLP Articulation Dice Game for TH by SLP HELPS – Stephanie Tarrant Martin is a classic game to print and go for small groups or one on one practice! The printable picture is engaging and fun.

31. Speech Therapy Articulation Game for S blends | Rock Paper Scissors by Activity Tailor is a favorite for elementary aged students!

32. Frog and Pond Speech Therapy Game with Final G Articulation Cards by Speech Sprouts is an engaging and fun game to practice the final g sound with your students!

33. Freebie! R Sound Articulation Game: Hexagon Tile Connect for Speech Therapy by Harre SLP is a freebie to practice the /r/ sound in all positions!

34. HARRY POTTER ARTICULATION GAME FOR SPEECH THERAPY by Achieve Beyond is a favorite for middle school and high school students!

35. Would You Rather Winter Dice Game – Articulation Activity Speech Therapy FREEBIE by The Speechie Boat is a focus on /s/ and /z/ sounds in an engaging would you rather dice game.

BONUS! We have some great articulation game resources already compiled for you! Check out this post with some of our favorite articulation games! If you are looking specifically for board games then we have a post with the 29 Best Speeh Therapy Board Games. Here are some of the overall BEST Speech Therapy Games. Lastly, we have compiled some resources if you are looking for reinforcement games or teletherapy games!

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Articulation Digital Materials

In recent years, there has been a significant increase in the availability of digital materials for articulation therapy activities. Speech therapists can use these materials as a great way to leverage technology to engage individuals and provide interactive learning experiences with target speech sounds. Below we have compiled a list of some online and free articulation games! 

36.  FREE Interactive PDF for Speech Therapy – All in One by Speech Therapy Store is a complete interactive pdf that focuses on articulation for R, L, S, Z, SH, CH, TH sounds as well as language and social skills goals.

37. Spring Flower Bug Easter Earth Guess the Word Open Ended Articulation Reinforcer by Seldom Speechless is an interactive and open ended reinforcement activity for articulation drills!

38. FREE Articulation Carryover /R, S, Z/ by Beverly Pass is an interactive resource for carrier phrases focusing on the /r/, /s/ and /z/ sounds.

39. FREE! Articulation Tic-Tac-Toe: Producing /s/ in word initial position by Mua SLP is an interactive Tic Tac Toe game that focuses on the /s/ sound.

40. Articulation Memory Games- Initial R by Dick and Jane Go Digital is a highly rated digital memory game that focuses on initial R!

41. The Mystery Door Game – Initial, Medial, and Final /g/ DIGITAL, NO-PREP by Kale Speech Materials is a fun way to practice the /g/ sound digitally.

42. *Free*-Distance Learning-Interactive Google Slides Artic Vowel ‘uh’ in isolation by Living a Speechie Life is an interactive whiteboard game to practice the ‘uh’ sound in isolation.

43. Open Ended Beach Adventure Game Board – BOOM CARDS by Speech Adventures SLP is a fun and interactive board game to practice any articulation sound.

44. Sound Listening Articulation Blends Sc Sk Free Product for Boom Cards by Chatter Box Charlie SLP Materials is a sound loaded game to practice SK articulation digitally.

45. Christmas Speech Therapy Digital 50 Trials for Articulation FREE by Ashley Rossi is digital game that uses a mini erasers to erase reindeer as a student goes through 50 trials. 

46. Winter Speech Therapy Activities Digital PDF Language Articulation FREE SAMPLE by Staci Crouse is a digital pdf with a fun winter theme to practice articulation goals with your students.

47. Free Dot Art for Articulation Speech Therapy: Tacos (Print and Digital) by Ausome speech is an interactive dot marker activity. There are many easy ways to practice articulation practice with no prep!

48. FREEBIE: Apple Picking Articulation Sort /K, G/- Digital Speech Therapy Activity by Sunflower SLP is an interactive activity that prompts students to sort the /k/ and /g/ sound as they pick apples.

49. Sensory Bin BOOM CARDS™ FREE SAMPLE for Speech Therapy: Articulation & Phonology by The Type B SLP is a fun and interactive sensory bin game that prompts students to sort sounds that pull out of the bins.

50. NO PREP R Blends Roll and Tell Articulation Worksheet for Speech Therapy by TheSecondarySpeechTherapist is an interactive Roll and Tell game!

JUST FOR YOU! Here is a great post filled with free therapy activities for digital distance learning! Also, don’t forget we have interactive word lists to practice at word level, phrase level and sentence level for all of our articulation posts!

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Holiday Themed

Holiday-themed speech therapy activities can be a fun and festive way to engage individuals while targeting specific speech and language goals throughout the entire year. There are so many creative ways for articulation therapy fun when we include holiday themed resources! Here are some holiday-themed speech therapy activities for all ages including older students, middle school students and early intervention caseloads! 


51. FREE Valentine’s Day Articulation for Speech Therapy by Teach Speech 365 is a fun articulation activity that targets sounds for everyone in your case load. 

52. Valentine’s Day Speech Therapy, Articulation and Basic Concepts, NO Prep by Language Speech and Literacy is a great no prep option!

53. K Valentine’s Day Articulation Quilt FREEBIE – Speech Therapy- Craft Activity by Small Town SLP is a highly rated color by sound activity!

54. Valentine’s Day Articulation Open Ended Printable Worksheets for Speech Therapy by Sarah C the SLP is a great activity for older students to practice open ended questions and articulation!

Bonus: Be sure to check out our complete Valentine’s Day themed activities for articulation and so much more!

St. Patrick’s Day

55. FREE St. Patrick’s Day Articulation Gold Coin Game Speech Therapy March by Sparkly Speechie is a fun game with a Golden coin theme to practice articulation of multiple sounds!

56. Free Saint Patrick’s Day Articulation Coloring Trials for Speech Therapy by Jennie’s Speech Room is a fun and interactive color by sound worksheet that younger students love!

57. St. Patrick’s Day Articulation Pack /S,R,L/- Speech Therapy by Shelley SLP is an engaging activity that targets /s/, /r/, and /l/ articulation.

58. St. Patrick’s Day Articulation Pack SH, CH, TH – Speech Therapy by Shamrock Speech is a freebie that includes 72 trials of /sh/, /ch/, and /th/ sounds. 

Bonus: You won’t want to miss our complete St.Patrick’s Day resource list including articulation and many other skills.

4th of July

59. Fourth of July Articulation Activities for Speech Therapy: T & D Sounds by The Speech Spot creation is a highly rated articulation activity for the /t/ and /d/ sounds.

60. FREE Fourth of July Articulation Activity Worksheet Speech Therapy: Vocalic OR by The Speech Spot Creations is a print and go worksheet with an independence day theme.

61. 4th of July Thumbprint ART freebie + articulation sample pages by Panda Speech is a favorite for early elementary students! Make thumbprint designs as they practice articulation sounds.

62. FREEBIE! QUICK PRINT CUT & PASTE 4TH OF JULY ARTICULATION – /S/ Blends by Twin Speech Language and Literacy is a fun cut and paste activity to practice S blends. 



63. Halloween Speech Therapy Pop Up Craft: Articulation and Language by Texas Speech Mom is an engaging craft for elementary aged students!

64. Halloween Fortunes for Speech Therapy by Speech Therapy by Courtney Gragg is a highly rated origami freebie for elementary aged students. This freebie targets vocalic /r/ with 8 Halloween themed origami print outs – instructions on how to fold included! 

65. Halloween Vocalic R What’s Wrong Picture Scene by Two Sisters Therapy – Nicole Absher is a highly rated, no print, no prep Halloween scene that is interactively used on smart devices! Students love this Halloween themed articulation practice.
66. Halloween Articulation Word Searches – R and S Sounds by Communication Window is a set of engaging, Halloween themed word searches that are ready to print and go!

Bonus: Be sure to check out our complete Halloween themed activities for articulation and so much more!


67. FREE Thanksgiving – Fall – Autumn Articulation – S/Z/R Speech Therapy by Communication Window is a great way to practice /s/z/r articulation with a fall theme. 

68. Thanksgiving Speech Therapy FREEBIE – Cut and Say Articulation – D Sound by Red Rose Speechies is an engaging cut and paste activity. 

69. Thanksgiving Turkey Articulation Worksheets Freebie by Ms. Toni’s Speech Tools is a print and go bundle of worksheets to color for articulation practice.  

70. FREE Thanksgiving Themed No Print Uncover a Win Articulation Speech Game by Simply Speaking SLT is an interactive whiteboard game for articulation practice!

Bonus: Want even more Thanksgiving articulation and more resources? Be sure to check out our list of over 141 Thanksgiving freebies!


71. FREE Christmas Articulation Speech Therapy No Prep Activities by Two Sisters Therapy – Nicole Absher is a great set of activities and worksheets with a fun christmas theme!

72. Christmas Tree Decorating Speech Therapy /f, v/ | Articulation Therapy by The Giggle SLP is an engaging craft that prompts students to decorate a tree as they practice their /f/ and /v/ sounds.

73. NO PREP FREEBIE: Christmas “SH” Articulation Stocking Craft for Speech Therapy by Speech by Madison is a highly rated christmas activity to practice articulation in your speech room!

74. Christmas/Holiday Speech Dots – Articulation Craftivity for Speech Therapy by Miss V’s Speech World is a great activity that uses dot markers or pom poms as your student decorate a gingerbread man! 

Bonus: You won’t want to miss our complete Winter resource list including articulation and many other skills.

New Years

75. FREE New Year Speech Therapy Craft | language and articulation activity by Speech Dreams is a great print and go craft for articulation with a new years theme!

76. New Year’s Articulation Freebie! By Speech is Sweet is a great printable for articulation practice. Students color and practice target words.

77. FREE LEAP YEAR (FROG) ARTICULATION SMASH MATS, SPEECH THERAPY by SLP Britt is a smash mat for new years and a leap year!

78. CH & J Articulation Boom Cards™ – Chinese New Year is an interactive set of boom cards for the Chinese New Year!

PRO TIP! Our students have always loved incorporating holiday themes into our lessons. This trick boosts engagement and makes therapy sessions so much more fun. So, just for you, here are some compiled lists of some of our favorite speech therapy activities for Halloween, Thanksgiving, New Years, Valentines Day and St. Patricks Day! Enjoy!

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My articulation students always love themed speech therapy activities. They are such a fun way to practice articulation words and can be especially engaging for both older students or early intervention students. 

79. Summer-Themed Speech Therapy FREEBIE: Articulation Lists, Open-ended Sheets by Twin Speech Language and Literacy is a great freebie with a summer theme to practice articulation.

80. Food Themed Language and Articulation Workbook for Speech Therapy NO PREP by Speechie Studio is a food themed workbook to work on articulation practice with your students.

81. Articulation Speech Therapy Theme Lesson Plan-Monster FREE-EASY DIY Instructions by SparklySpeechie is a fun monster themed activity to practice articulation. 

82. FREE Speech Therapy Activities for Articulation and Language | Pasta Theme by Fun in Speech is a set of activities with a pasta theme!

FOR YOU! We also love themed resources! Here are some compiled lists of our favorite activities for your speech therapy sessions! Back To School Activities, Fall Activities, Winter Activities, Spring Activities, End of the Year Activities, Weather Themed Activities and Ocean Themed Activities. 

Articulation Worksheets

Using articulation worksheets is a common practice in speech therapy to help individuals practice and reinforce specific speech sounds. They are often easy prep or no prep activities and are a fun way to target articulation practice in an easy and fun way. We have compiled a list of some of the best articulation worksheets for you to use at a moment’s notice! 

83. One Page S Articulation Worksheet for Speech Therapy by Anna D SLP is a clear and fun worksheet to practice the S sound.

84. Freebie SH Articulation Worksheets for Speech Therapy by Talking with Rebecca is a clear and engaging worksheet that focuses on the SH sound.

85. FREE F Sound Articulation Worksheets for Speech Therapy by PlayingSpeech is a highly rated worksheet for the F sound!

86. Ocean Dot Paint Worksheets for Speech Therapy FREEBIE – Articulation & Language by GreenTea Speech Room is a dot marker worksheet with an ocean theme!

87. K Articulation No Prep Worksheet for Speech Therapy by Anna D SLP is a no prep worksheet for the /k/ sound.

88. FREE One Page Articulation Worksheets For Speech Therapy P SOUND by PlayingSpeech is a print and go worksheet for the P sound.

89. FREE Fall Articulation Practice Worksheet for Speech Therapy: TH Sound by The Speech Spot SLP is a colorful and engaging worksheet with a fall theme.

90. Back to School Articulation Worksheets Freebie | Speech Therapy Homework by Ms. Toni’s Speech Tools is a great worksheet for back to school!

Articulation Books

There are several articulation books specifically designed for targeting particular sounds in speech therapy. They can be very helpful for speech therapists when helping improve a child’s speech. These books often include activities, exercises, and stories that target specific speech sounds. Here are some great game companions to go with the books you use in your speech therapy sessions! 

91. Articulation Reading Passages and Conversation by Speech Therapy Store Shop is a $24 bundle with over 240 pages of reading and conversational level passages with both student and teacher versions. There are 6 stories per sound with 2 stories at the initial level, 2 stories at the medial level, and 2 stories at the final level.

92. Sound Loaded Book List for Articulation Speech Therapy by SpeechSprouts is a sound loaded book for articulation practice!

93. FREEBIE! Articulation flip book- ‘sn’ blend for speech and language therapy by Katrina Bevan is a book to make with your students to practice the sn sound.

94. THE PRESCHOOL SLP: /n/ Articulation Coloring Flip Book w/ Speech Sound Cues by The Preschool SLP is a coloring flip book for younger students!

95. Articulation Mini Book: S Blends (Freebie) by MRSTslp is a great freebie book for students to practice multiple targets of s blends.

96. Articulation Activities for R and L Speech Sounds Easy Print for Parents by Ashley Egger is a comic book for students to color and load with r and l sounds.

BONUS! We have found interactive books to be so fun in our therapy sessions! Here is a list of the best interactive books to use in your speech therapy session!

Articulation Homework

Homework assignments are a simple way to help your articulation students meet their articulation goals. Assigning articulation homework helps reinforce newly learned skills and encourages consistent practice in order to grow effective communication.

97. Complete Homework Bundle by Speech Therapy Store Shop is a $25 complete interactive bundle with 600 pages of articulation homework! With sounds for your whole caseload, have students practice their articulation weekly at the word, sentence and conversation level.

98. Summer Homework Bundle – by Speech Therapy Store Shop is a $14 homework bundle that includes calendars for daily articulation practice, weekly language worksheets and weekly social skills practice for the months June-August. 

99. Speech Therapy Homework Worksheets FREE SAMPLE Articulation Language Pragmatics by Stacey Crouse is a preview of homework samples for articulation practice for older students. 

100. R Articulation Cards for Speech Therapy Activities & Drill Sheets – FREE! By Ashley Rossi is a set of cards for students to practice and drill with at home! 



We hope this list helps you find some great articulation materials for your therapy room! 

If you’re working on creating articulation goals for any of your students be sure to check out our complete articulation goal bank!

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