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BR Words Speech Therapy with Consonant Blends Word Lists

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BR Words Speech Therapy: Effective Strategies for Improved Articulation

Speech therapy plays a crucial role in the development of effective communication skills, especially for individuals experiencing difficulties with consonant blends. The ‘BR’ consonant blend can pose a unique challenge as it requires the coordination of lips, tongue, and breath. Early intervention is key to addressing these speech sound difficulties. At Speech Therapy Store, our focus is on equipping speech therapists and caregivers with knowledge and resources to support those facing challenges with the ‘BR’ blend! 

In this blog post, we will cover tips and tricks on how speech-language pathologists can address R blends, and the BR sound blend specifically. We will also provide a variety of resource types to use in your speech therapy. We have provided word lists of over 90 Initial BR Words at the word, phrase and sentence level as well as an interactive freebie to start working on the BR initial consonant blend in your therapy sessions today! We hope you love these free resources and that your therapy planning goes a little bit easier today because of this! 

Key Takeaways

  • Speech therapy is essential for those facing challenges with the ‘BR’ sound blend.
  • A tailored approach and the use of diverse educational resources can improve speech sound development.
  • Early and continuous intervention supports the refinement of communication skills.

Understanding Speech Sounds

In speech therapy, we focus on helping individuals articulate speech sounds accurately. A fricative sound and/or consonant blends, including ‘r blends,’ are particularly challenging for some. We aim is to deepen phonemic awareness and skillfully manage blend sounds.

Phonemic Awareness

Phonemic awareness involves the recognition and manipulation of sounds in spoken words. We often find that difficulties with speech sounds hinder effective communication. 

Consonant Blends and R Blends

Consonant blends consist of two or more consonants that, when combined, maintain their individual sounds. R blends, specifically, include br, cr, dr, fr, gr, pr, and tr.

  • Example of an ‘r blend’: The word “bright” combines the sounds /b/ and /r/ to form a blend before leading into the vowel sound.

Blends can be challenging because they require the seamless coordination of tongue, lips, and breath. Speech therapy exercises may involve practicing these blend sounds in isolation, slowly increasing complexity as proficiency develops.

  • Skills progression: Start with simple syllables like “br” or “cr” and progress to longer words, then sentences.

Speech-language pathologists employ a variety of strategies to reinforce the correct articulation of these speech sounds.


The Role of Speech Therapists

Speech therapists play an essential role in addressing speech and communication challenges. They employ targeted methods to facilitate the development and improvement of communication skills, especially in individuals who are experiencing speech-related difficulties.

Early Intervention Strategies

Our approach to early intervention focuses on identifying speech and language issues as swiftly as possible. This timely identification is crucial because it enables us to begin treatment during a critical period of a child’s developmental growth. We utilize the following early intervention strategies:

  • Screenings and Assessments: We conduct thorough assessments to determine the specific needs of each child.
  • Parent and Caregiver Education: We provide education to families to support speech and language development at home.
  • Individualized Therapy Plans: Each plan is tailored to the child’s unique needs, promoting optimal growth in communication skills.

Development of Communication Skills

Developing communication skills is at the core of our profession. Speech therapists aim to enhance a variety of communication abilities, including but not limited to:

  • Pronunciation and Articulation: Teaching correct production of sounds and improving clarity of speech.
  • Language Comprehension: Enabling better understanding of spoken and written language.
  • Expressive Language: This includes expanding vocabulary and sentence structure to express thoughts more effectively.

By carefully crafting therapy sessions to meet individual needs, we ensure that each person we work with is equipped with the tools necessary for effective communication.

To help students develop stronger articulation and communication skills with the consonant blend BR, we have created a set of 25 Flashcards to practice Initial BR at word, phrase, sentence and conversational level! 


initial br braid
initial br brave
initial br brake
initial br brush
initial br breeze
initial br braces
initial br breath
initial br brick
initial br branch
initial br broccoli
initial br broom
initial br brew
initial br bridge
initial br bread
initial br breed
initial br brook
initial br bright
initial br bride
initial br braille
initial br breakfast
initial br brother
initial br brown
initial br brunch
initial br broth
initial br brownie
initial br braid initial br brave initial br brake initial br brush initial br breeze initial br braces initial br breath initial br brick initial br branch initial br broccoli initial br broom initial br brew initial br bridge initial br bread initial br breed initial br brook initial br bright initial br bride initial br braille initial br breakfast initial br brother initial br brown initial br brunch initial br broth initial br brownie

Implementing Speech Therapy Activities

Incorporating speech therapy activities can significantly improve articulation of ‘BR’ words and phrases. By methodically practicing, we optimize speech development in a structured manner, focusing on improving clarity and speech fluidity.

Simple Words and Phrases

We start with basic ‘BR’ words to build a strong foundation. Using flashcards, we introduce target words such as “bridge,” “bread,” and “branch.” Through repetition and association, we strengthen articulation. Here is an example of how we organize our flashcard activity:

  • Flashcard: A visual representation of the word (e.g., a picture of a bridge). Plus the word at the word, phrase, sentence, and question level.

We pair these simple words with short phrases to expand vocabulary steadily. For instance, we use phrases like “under the bridge” and “making bread” We practice these frequently in session, ensuring mastery of each word and phrase before progress.

Sentence Level Practice

As our fluency progresses, we move onto sentence level practice. We construct sentences that incorporate our learned ‘BR’ words in a meaningful context. Example activities include:

  • Sentence Practice: We create sentences together like “The water goes under the bridge.” and “We are making bread.”
  • Answer a Question: I provide a WH question with a target ‘BR’ word, such as “When have you seen a bridge?” or “Who is someone who makes bread called?”

These activities are a fun way to practice your child or students speech skills. We emphasize clear articulation and normal speech rhythm throughout our practice to ensure the best outcomes.


BR Blend in Focus

In speech therapy, we often address the challenge of pronouncing the BR sound blend, which can be particularly difficult for children and individuals learning English as a second language. We’ll explore this consonant blend and provide resources for practice.

The Trickiness of the BR Sound

The BR sound blend is a consonant cluster that requires the lips to come together initially for the “B” sound, followed by a quick transition to the “R” sound, which depends on the positioning of the tongue. 

Mastery of the BR blend can be elusive because it involves coordinating breath control, lip movement, tongue placement, and vocal cords simultaneously. Plus the r sound is one of those late sounds to be mastered. So for our students, we emphasize the importance of consistent practice and provide clear guidance to help them produce the BR sound accurately.

Word Lists Featuring BR Blend

To facilitate practice, we’ve compiled a list of words of over 90 words that feature the BR blend in the initial position. These lists are a fundamental part of speech therapy as they allow for targeted practice. Below, you’ll find BR Words at the word, phrase and sentence level. 

  • 1 Syllable: breath, brain, bridge, bread, branch, brace, brave, brown, bright, brew, break, brush, Brooke, breathe, bro, broom, brand, bruce, bride, brook, breeze, brad, broke, brick, brunch, broad, brown, brief, b=Bridget, brake, bruise, broth, brink, brag, brie, brawl, broil, braid, breed, bridges, bribe, bricks
  • 2 Syllable: broken, Brian, brother, brainless, breathing, British, breakfast, brothers, brownie, Britain, Brooklyn, Bruno, brioche, breaking, Brazil, brewing, brightness, brittle, brigade, brightly, braille, breather, brutal, broker, bronze, braces, brainy, breezy, breaker, Bronco, braking, brochure, brooding, bracket
  • 3 Syllable: Brittany, bracelet, broccoli, brokenness, brotherhood, brunette, brilliance, breathtaking, breadwinner, bravery, bridesmaid, bribery, breakable, bravado

By practicing these lists, individuals can improve not only their pronunciation of the BR blend but also broaden their vocabulary, thus enhancing both their speech and language skills.

Some ways to practice include having your child or student say each initial /BR/ word one by one as they go through a list. Use positive reinforcement with stickers or have your students use a dot marker as they read the list! There are so many ways to practice this word list. Get creative with what will motivate your students!

In addition, we have created an interactive list of 20 BR Words to practice with images at word, phrase and sentence level! Download your freebie below!


Initial BR Words Speech Therapy

1 Syllable2 Syllable3 Syllable

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Short Sentences or Phrases

When working on initial BR sound production, it’s important to work on short phrases once your child or student has mastered the sound at the word level at or near 80% or higher accuracy.

Here is a list of initial BR word phrases to try:


Initial BR Words Speech Therapy in Phrases

1 Syllable2 Syllable3 Syllable
see her breathbroken footBrittany is her
brain busterBrian ranmade a bracelet
walk on the bridgemy brotherbrilliant idea
make breadbrainless ideaeats broccoli
branch brokebreathing hardfeels brokenness
knee braceBritish teajoined a brotherhood
brave boyforgot breakfastbrunette hair
brown bearthree brothersknown for their brilliance
bright sunate a browniebreathtaking view
cold brewBritain decentis the breadwinner
break the iceBrooklyn bridgebravery shown
paint brushBruno is my dogis a bridesmaid
Brooke smiledbrioche breadused bribery
deep breathewaves are breakingbreakable bond
my brotravel to brazilhas bravado
use the broombrewing coffee
brand newbrightness from the sun
Bruce wavedbrittle ice
happy bridebrigade formed
bubbling brookshined brightly
cold breezereads braille
Brad jumpedloud breather
broke my armbrutal storm
brick sidewalkis a broker
have brunchbronze medal
broad shouldershas braces
brown eyesbrainy character
brief statementbreezy day
Bridget danceddeal breaker
brake lightsdrives a Bronco
have a bruisestarts braking
broth souplost the brochure
on the brinkbrooding over there
brag about her winmoved up the bracket
brie cheese
hippo brawl
broil the topping
braid her hair
breed of dog
designs bridges
bribe her
lay down bricks

Sentence Level: Initial BR Words Speech Therapy

The next step after working at the word and phrase levels is to work on the initial BR sound at the sentence level.

For example, you could give your child or student a list of sentences to read aloud while they work on their initial BR sound. 

Another idea would be to give your child or student pictures with their initial BR sound in them and then have them create a sentence about those pictures.

Below is a list of sentences to use with your child or students.


Initial BR Words Speech Therapy in Sentences

1 Syllable2 Syllable3 Syllable
She can see her breath.I have a broken foot.Brittany is her friend.
It was a brain buster.Brian ran to the field.I made a bracelet.
They walk on the bridge.My brother plays soccer.That is a brilliant idea.
I will make bread.It was a brainless idea.He eats broccoli with dinner.
The branch broke last night.He is breathing hard.She feels brokenness.
I use a knee brace.I drink British tea.He joined a brotherhood.
He is a brave boy.I forgot my breakfast.She has brunette hair.
The brown bear ate berries.I have three brothers.They are known for their brilliance.
The bright sun rose.She ate a brownie.It is a breathtaking view.
I drink a cold brew coffee.They visited Great Britain.He is the breadwinner.
They played break the ice.I looked at the Brooklyn Bridge.They showed bravery.
I held my paint brush.Bruno is my dog.She is a bridesmaid.
Brooke smiled at her friend.I love brioche bread.He used bribery.
She needed to breathe.The ocean waves are breaking.It was a breakable bond.
This is my little bro.They will travel to Brazil.He has bravado.
They use the broom to sweep.I am brewing coffee.
She has brand new shoes.The brightness from the sun was blocked by a cloud.
Bruce waved at his teammates.The brittle ice might crack.
She is a happy bride.The brigade formed quickly.
They play by the bubbling brook.The lights shined brightly.
There is a cold breeze.She reads braille.
Brad jumped into the pool.He is a loud breather.
I broke my arm last summer.There was a brutal storm.
I walk on the brick sidewalk.He is a broker at the bank.
I love to have brunch food.She won a bronze medal.
He has broad shoulders.He has braces.
She has brown eyes.He was a brainy character.
They made a brief statement.It is a breezy day.
Bridget danced in class.That is a deal breaker.
I see the brake lights.She drives a Bronco.
I have a bruise.He starts braking.
I made a broth soup.I lost the brochure.
They are on the brink of winning.She is brooding over there.
She will brag about her win.I moved up the bracket.
She eats brie cheese.
They watched the hippo brawl.
It says to broil the topping.
She can braid her hair.
That is a breed of dog.
He designs bridges.
She will bribe her.
l will lay down bricks.

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Effective Speech Therapy Resources

We understand the importance of selecting the right materials for successful speech therapy. Below we have gathered some of our favorite and highly rated resources to incorporate in your BR articulation therapy sessions! These resources are designed to engage and enhance the learning experience for those working on BR words. 

BR Articulation Games

  1. Dinosaur R Blends Articulation Speech Activity by Fun Early Learning is a fun game with a dinosaur theme to practice initial r blends!
  2. Gumball Articulation for BR and PR by One SLP in a Pod is a set of PR and BR cards. Use these to play a variety of card games as your student works on their consonant sound blends.
  3. R blends (br, cr, dr, fr, gr, tr, pr) CONNECT 4: digital/PPT version by Ol Sol New World is a fun game to practice the tricky sound of BR. 

FOR YOU! Our Speech Therapy Store Shop has some highly rated articulation games! Our Articulation Bingo includes 4 Boards with R Blends! (as well as R, S and L blends and at all levels!) Check it out! 


No Time?

Check out these worksheets for no prep practice of BR words! 

  1. Pirate Articulation: R-Blends by School SLP is a set of 5 works sheets to add to your lesson plans! These are print and go, and great for independent work.
  2. Speech Combo Dice Game by Just Peachy Speech with Jenny is a no prep dice game with a printable worksheet. This is a fun game for early readers or for 1st grade all the way to middle school.

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Multimedia and Interactive Resources

  1. R blends (br, cr, dr, fr, gr, tr, pr) CONNECT 4: digital/PPT version by Ol Sol New World is a fun game to play with your middle school and high school students! This game is interactive and easy to load and go!
  2. Break The Ice – Maze Game for r-blends Freebie by The Speech Banana – TPT is one of the great prek-12 resources! Use this for all your caseload as they play an engaging break the ice style game and practice initial r blends.

Just For You! Our interactive word list of 20 Initial BR Words at word, phrase and sentence level is a free download for you! Check out our extensive library of other Free R blend word lists too!


Older Students

  1. Articulation Cards – Flashcards for Speech Therapy: /r/ +Vocalic /r/ +/r blends/ by Speeching of That is a clear cut set of flashcards designed for middle school students to drill R blends including BR. These are also highly rated to use for special education groups!
  2. R-blends Articulation Dominoes by SpeechLanguage Literacy is a domino style game with R blends designed for middle school and high school students!

Early Intervention

  1. Five Green and Speckled Frogs – /r/ blends (black & white) FREEBIE by Speech Fun for Kids is a top tpt sellers with this engaging frog game to practice r blends. Young students love this game and it is one of the way to practice the trick sound of br.
  2. Articulation Screen for Initial Consonant Blends by Baby Chatter Early Speech is a highly rated consonant sound screener for early intervention.

In Conclusion – BR Words in Speech Therapy

Initial consonant blends such as BR are common in a speech therapists caseload. We hope you feel better prepared with free resources and an understanding of how to address this consonant blend! We wish you the best in your therapy sessions and are always here to help you with ideas and resources to make your therapy planning fun, effective and easier! 

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    Frequently Asked Questions – BR Words Speech Therapy

    In our experience, addressing common inquiries aids in clarifying how BR words integrate into speech therapy and the specific approaches that enhance learning and articulation.

    How can worksheets enhance BR words practice in speech therapy?

    Worksheets are essential tools that provide repetitive practice in a structured format. They help children identify, differentiate, and articulate BR words, reinforcing the sounds through written and visual prompts.

    What are some common BR blend words used in speech therapy?

    Common BR blend words often used include ‘break’, ‘branch’, ‘brand’, ‘brave’, and ‘broom’. These words provide a range of difficulty to help gradually improve articulation of the BR sound.

    Can you provide examples of BR words suitable for first graders?

    For first graders, we choose simpler BR words like ‘brag’, ‘brat’, ‘bread’, ‘brick’, ‘brush’, and ‘bunny’. These words typically align with their reading level and vocabulary.

    Why is the BR sound important in speech development?

    The BR sound is a common consonant blend and mastering it is important for clear speech. It helps in forming accurate phonetic patterns and fluency that are crucial in the developmental stages of a child’s speech.

    What techniques are effective for teaching BR blends to children?

    We use various techniques including imitation, minimal pairs, and games. Using visuals, like mouth position cards, or interactive exercises, such as ‘say and do’ activities, also helps children learn the BR blend effectively.

    How do BR word exercises benefit speech therapy outcomes?

    BR word exercises reinforce the correct articulation of the BR sound, improving speech clarity. Consistent practice with these exercises helps children speak more confidently and reduces mispronunciations in everyday communication.

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