According to Kindy News the average child asks about 288 questions a day. That’s A LOT of questions. Kids ask questions to learn about their world and how things work. The typical question begins with a wh question word including simple who questions, what questions, when, where, why questions speech therapy, and how). Grab your wh questions for speech therapy to start practicing today.

Most kids begin asking what questions around the age of two in order to learn about an object, action, or idea.

Speech Therapy WH Questions

Who, what, where, when, why, and how? When children begin answering wh questions for speech therapy this can lead to a higher level of reading comprehension. Children asking wh questions for speech therapy are often trying to gain more information.

WH Question Speech Therapy

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How to Teach WH Questions for Speech Therapy

Use these speech therapy wh questions activities to have your students practice working on speech therapy questions.

  • WHO QUESTIONS: is used to identify a person.
  • WHAT QUESTIONS: is used to learn about an object, action, or idea.
  • WHEN QUESTIONS: is used to learn about a time of an event.
  • WHERE QUESTIONS: is used to learn about a location, person, or event.
  • WHY QUESTIONS: is used to learn about the reason for something happening.
  • HOW QUESTIONS: is used to learn the way something is done.

Free Wh Questions for Speech Therapy

Give your students more practice answering free wh questions for speech therapy! Download this speech therapy activities for wh questions freebie to get started today! Take a sneak peek of what’s inside below.

  • WH Questions Speech Therapy Poster
  • Real Photos
  • 18 Who Questions for Speech Therapy
  • 18 What Questions for Speech Therapy
  • 18 When Questions for Speech Therapy
  • 18 Where Questions for Speech Therapy
  • 18 Why Questions for Speech Therapy
  • 18 How Questions for Speech Therapy
  • 108 Questions Total for Speech Therapy
WH Questions for Speech Therapy

Teaching WH Questions Speech Therapy with Differentiated Version Included

In addition to the questions with real photo version, I have included the wh questions for speech therapy with no visual support.

This version provides more complex wh questions for speech therapy and can be used for those students who don’t need a visual to answer the speech therapy wh questions.

Use the additional blank space to have your students draw their own picture to best answer the wh questions for speech therapy!

List of Wh Questions for Speech Therapy

1.Who takes care of sick animals?
2.Who makes cupcakes?
3.Who teaches children to read?
4.Who brings food to your table?
5.Who saves people from a fire?
6.Who takes care of sick people?
7.Who drinks formula from a bottle?
8.Who keeps people safe while swimming?
9.Who goes to school?
10.Who cooks food at a restaurant?
11.Who protects people from bad guys?
12.Who takes dogs on walks?
13.Who paints pictures?
14.Who grows food for people?
15.Who brings people their mail?
16.Who cleans people’s teeth?
17.Who plays music?
18.Who drives a bus?
19.What color is the sky?
20.What do people burn to stay warm?
21.What do people use to call someone?
22.What do dogs eat?
23.What do people wear on their feet?
24.What machine cleans dishes?
25.What meal do people eat in the morning?
26.What color is grass?
27.What do bees make?
28.What do people wear to stay warm?
29.What keeps food cold?
30.What do people sit on?
31.What do people use to keep their teeth clean?
32.What machine cooks a cake?
33.What tells the time?
34.What do people need to drink?
35.What makes toast?
36.What do people drink out of?
37.When do people eat breakfast?
38.When do people sleep?
39.When does school start?
40.When is winter break?
41.When is Valentine’s Day?
42.When is New Years?
43.When do people brush their teeth?
44.When do people eat dinner?
45.When is your birthday?
46.When do people wake up?
47.When is Christmas?
48.When is summer?
49.When do people shower?
50.When do people put their PJs on?
51.When do flowers bloom?
52.When do leaves fall from trees?
53.When do people go swimming?
54.When does school end?
55.Where are clouds?
56.Where do people sleep?
57.Where do people swim?
58.Where do people make dinner?
59.Where do kids go to learn?
60.Where can people rent books?
61.Where do people go out to eat?
62.Where do people get gas?
63.Where do people buy groceries?
64.Where do people buy coffee?
65.Where do people go to play?
66.Where do people play tennis?
67.Where do people buy clothes?
68.Where do people get their teeth cleaned?
69.Where do people take their sick pets?
70Where do people get their hair cut?
71.Where do people buy pets?
72Where do people buy toys?
73.Why do people wear shoes?
74.Why do people drink water?
75.Why do people go swimming?
76.Why do kids go to school?
77.Why do people watch TV?
78.Why do people water flowers?
79.Why does it rain?
80.Why do people fly?
81.Why do people sleep?
82.Why do leaves fall?
83.Why do dogs bark?
84.Why do people run?
85.Why does it snow?
86.Why does a cat lick their fur?
87.Why do people get dressed up?
88.Why do people get a job?
89.Why do people wear mittens?
90.Why do people make a fire?
91.How do people tag someone?
92.How do people ride a horse?
93.How do people turn a TV on?
94.How do people make a snowman?
95.How do flowers grow?
96.How do people chop wood?
97.How do people tie their shoes?
98.How do people wake up on time?
99.How do people make a sandwich?
100.How do people ride a bike?
101.How do people bake cookies?
102.How do people take a picture?
103.How do people sweep the floor?
104.How do people dance?
105.How do people throw a ball? does a caterpillar become a butterfly?
107.How do people erase a mistake?
108.How does ice melt?

Conclusion: How to Target Wh Questions for Speech Therapy

Help your students learn how to answer wh questions for speech therapy activities with these fun wh-question cards. Simply cut out the wh questions for speech therapy printable and laminate and start having your students answering simple wh questions for speech therapy today.

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