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1,211+ R Words Speech Therapy {Interactive Flashcards!}

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As a speech therapist, the number one consonant sound my students were working on was the r sound!  I was constantly in need of r words for speech therapy.

I’ve gone ahead and created word lists with over 1,211 words making your articulation therapy easier this school year!

R Words Speech Therapy

As Speech-Language Pathologists in the schools or private practice, we are always on the lookout for a great resource. 

Be sure to check out my interactive flashcards below that are perfect for your older students with real-life photos. 

And better yet there is no need for a credit card because they are all free!


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Correct Position

In the English language, the r sound is one of the most difficult sounds as well as one of the last sounds to develop. There are two different ways language therapists can teach tongue placement for r remediation. 

First, let’s review the two different variations of tongue movements for producing the r sound:

  • Retroflexed R
  • Bunched R

Both ways are very similar and vary in mid-tongue and tongue tip placements:

  • Teeth: The /r/ sound is made by having a slight gap between the teeth.
  • Lips: Lips should be in a neutral position and not rounded. (A rounded lip shape might lead to a /w/ in place of an /r/ sound, such as “wed” for the word “red”.
  • Sides of the Tongue: Be sure to place the sides of the tongue against the upper side of your teeth to allow for the passage of air to go down the center of the tongue.
  • Tongue Placement:
    • Retroflexed R: Have the mid-tongue somewhat tense but not bunched up. Then place the tip of the tongue pointing up just past the alveolar ridge.
    • Bunched R: Have the mid-tongue bunched up near the roof of the mouth. Then place the tip of the tongue pointing down or straight.
  • Air: Then blow a skinny stream of air over the center of your tongue (you do not want the air to come out the sides of the tongue).
  • Voice: The r sound is also a voiced sound so your voice box or vocal cords should vibrate. You can tell that their voice is turned on by touching your voice box on your neck and feeling it vibrate.

Types of R Sounds

  • Prevocalic R Sounds – is when the r sound comes before a vowel sound, such as an initial r word “red”. 
  • Vocalic R Sounds – is when the r sound comes after a vowel sound, such as: or, ar, er, ear, ire, air.

Target Words – List of Functional Words

Here’s an r word list for you to use in therapy or at home practice to work on your student or child’s new skill.

  • For Example: run, rest, ride, rake, root, parade, tarp, harp, worm, farm, soccer, wire, weather, faster, baker

See full list of words, phrases, and sentences below.

Be sure to grab my one page freebie of initial r words, medial r, and final r sounds below making your life easier since you won’t need to prep materials. 

Simply scroll to the bottom of this post and grab your free copy of a list of specific words!

Word Positions: R Words Speech Therapy 

Initial Position of Words

The initial position of the r sound is at the beginning of a word. For example, “rock” or “race”.

Medial Position of Words

Some words have the r sound in the medial position of a word, such as “scared”, “tired”, and “fork”.

Final Positions of Words

The final positions of words are when the target sound is at the end of a word. For example, “tiger” or “star”.


Initial R Words at Word Level

Some ways to practice include having your child or student say each initial /r/ word one by one as they go through a list. 

Using a dot marker can also be a fun way to practice having your child put a dot under each initial r sound. 

In addition, I’ve compiled an easy-to-download one page overview of initial r sounds below. Simply scroll down to the bottom of this post and download your free copy.

  • 1 Syllable: ring, rich, red, rain, rock, rose, ray, ron, room, ram, rest, Ryan, rat, royal, rap, rage, rice, race, rush, Rome, ross, right, real, road, rad, run, row, roof, ride, rope, risk, rise, rip, Rick, robe, rule, rep, rug, reach, rent, read, rod, rant, roll, rust, rob, rack, rough, Ruth, round, rhythm, ride, root, rag, ranch, ridge, raw, rot, ring, reign, rail, rim, rig, rave, rude, rub, reed, raft, rut, rear, rib, ritz, rye, rails, rouge, route, roe, rash, raid, reef, ruin, rocks, roar, roast, roach, rung, rein, rare, raise, ripe, rank, reek, role, roll, realm, rack, ruse, ramp, rink, runt, react, rasp, ranch, really, reel, roost 
  • 2 Syllable: Rachel, river, Rio, range, russia, robbery, rhyme, running, respect, riddle, rodent, raven, reason, rocket, robbin, roman, ready, rodger, reading, rainbow, random, Riley, reindeer, rising, rhino, reagan, region, rapper, riot, rabbit, racing, research, reaction, relief, ripple, romance, rosa, ruler, reward, romeo, raining, really, return, resource, runner, ruby, recall, roster, robot, recess, reptile, rally, randy, russell, rubber, rascal, rocky, ringing, ribbon, realize, routine, recipe, rooster, rifle, respite, robber, rubbish, radish, resist, rebel, raffle, rapture, regret, rowing, rustic, racket, redneck, rugby, retail, report, reject, request, rover, rubble, rodeo, raptor, royalty, reveal, radar, release, rapid, riches, rumor, roommate, repeat, rhyming, rusty, racist, resort, rumble, recon, repent, raided, rampage, records, runway, ruthless, roller, reunion, review, realtor, rookie, resume, relay, radar, retire, redo, ranger, rescue, rhombus, rental, relax, raising, reaching, receipt, rejoice, reggae, replace, regard, railway, results, raccoon, regain, richness, rancid, ruckus, refuge, reverse, raging, riser, runoff, refuse, realty, rival, realness, rocking, rematch, richer, refund, raincoat, remorse, roaring, rudder, railing, rabi, reeling, reckless, racer, remark, repair, receive, restless, rabid, raisin, ruining, rupture, risking, reset, ruling, rifling, reflux, railroad, rinsing, remain, reform, rower, roaming, rider, rusting, ringer, replay, reply, rambler, respond, rumbling, rested, raiser, rockies, rebate, ransom, rasping, rover, rotor, regards, redness, roomie, remote, refresh, rinse, relate, rattle, restart, recount, refine
  • 3 Syllable: revenge, radio, remember, realty, republic, restaurant, recycle, radical, recycling, rainforest, receiver, register, resolve, religion, racism, relative, ration, raspberry, reminder, rebellion, Ramadan, radiant, Robinson, righteous, Russian, reflection, resistance, respectful, relentless, retina, remedy, recession, retriever, revival, rosary, rejection, reasoning, resentment, replica
  • 4 Syllable: relaxation, retirement, relationship, righteousness, renovation, revolution, reciprocal, resolution, responsible, reference, retribution, resurrection, reservation, republican, remembering, rambunctious, revelation, relatable, recovery, remarkable, reciprocate, ravioli, renewable, recreation, restoration, reproduction, radiator, rosemary, recognition, registration, rhinoceros, reliable, remodeling, reinforcement, relocation, regulation, requirement, reformation, resignation, repercussion, regurgitate, respirator, reasonable, regenerate, repairable, reversible

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Practice in Flash Card Mode Right Here from Your Computer!

initial r race
initial r rage
initial r rice
initial r raven
initial r road
initial r rome
initial r rain
initial r ray
initial r rad
initial r rest
initial r rat
initial r robe
initial r royal
initial r red
initial r rock
initial r right
initial r ram
initial r roll
initial r ron
initial r rope
initial r room
initial r run
initial r rush
initial r rocket
inital-r-ring initial r race initial r rage initial r rice initial r raven initial r road initial r rome initial r rain initial r ray initial r rad initial r rest initial r rat initial r robe initial r royal initial r red initial r rock initial r right initial r ram initial r roll initial r ron initial r rope initial r room initial r run initial r rush initial r rocket

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Initial R Words Speech Therapy

1 Syllable2 Syllable3 Syllable4 Syllable

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Medial R Words at Word Level

  • 1 Syllable: are, world, art, earth, words, ark, birth, arm, north, worth, march, bored, force, Charles, purse, worse, first, tired, birds, orb, worst, works, porch, urn, cards, nurse, torch, verse, berth, birch, curse, fired, burst, harsh, Jared, forth, perch, parts, terms, aired, girl, morse, corps, herb, blurred, starved, burnt, cords, marsh, parks, forks, marks, parch, learned, pierced, perks, lurch, herds, cares, yards, starred
  • 2 Syllable: party, forty, journey, ore, Sarah, courage, era, Ari, sorry, Paris, Karen, berry, carol, Aaron, arrow, quarter, cherish, early, thirsty, sparkle, worry, horse, worried, virus, current, perry, Larry, mercy, stories, curve, serve, coral, marry, carried, curry, curly, nerve, journal, siren, Korea, carry, karma, forte, large, charger, terrain, fairing, married, bearing, terrier, hurry, thermal, storage, barrier, xerox, carrier, hearing, Fargo, haircut, payroll, torrent, purge, ferry, soaring, barge, heron, moral, tourist, tardy, meerkat, sparrow, earring, blaring, derby, charter, mural, merit, merge, correct, warrant, terrace, spirits, eerie, wearing, corgi, courier, boarder, borax, flaring, parka, roaring, bearded, nearing, spartan, learner, clearance, heiress, fearing, viral, peril, corrupt, larva, feral, startle, snoring, furry, surreal, pairing, narrate, perfect
  • 3 Syllable: Georgia, important, dirty, Florida, Maria, imperfect, warrior, average, burrito, therapy, clarity, divergent, eternal, waterfall, advertise, rearrange, powerless, emerald, tourism, insurance, hibernate, charity, aftermath, anarchy, eagerness, tolerance, merrily, excursion, arthritis, adoring, Syria, hazardous, nevermore, afternoon, inference, assurance, Neverland, superstar, endurance, Everest, ignorance, dearest, interject, entertain, governess, recording, reservoir, gingerbread, alternate, leaderboard, absorbent, detergent, compartment, deserving, enforcing, interview, bittersweet, departure, heartbreaking, asteroids, algorithm, glorify, alerted, interests, observant, hairdresser, immersion, colorless, exporting, fingerprint, researching, governing, paperclip
  • 4 Syllable: America, inspiration, adversity, generator, reference, admirable, cooperation, measurement, adversary, temperature, respiration, notorious, encouraging, overrated, declaration, flabbergasted, diversity, hilarious, exploration, paparazzi, memorable, convertible, desirable, separable, supernova, naturally, separated, firecracker, materials, honorable, waterproofing, cooperative, asparagus, preparation, comfortably, triceratops, calibrating

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Practice in Flash Card Mode Right Here from Your Computer!

medial r herd
medial r - bird
medial r - art
medial r - herb
medial r - bored
medial r - burnt
medial r - earth
medial r - nurse
medial r -ark
medial r - tired
medial r - blurred
medial r -arm
medial r world
medial r -worth
medial r - purse
medial r - porch
medial r - march
medial r - north
medial r - Charles
medial r -worse
medial r - force
medial r -birth
medial r cards
medial r- first
medial r - words
medial r herd medial r - bird medial r - art medial r - herb medial r - bored medial r - burnt medial r - earth medial r - nurse medial r -ark medial r - tired medial r - blurred medial r -arm medial r world medial r -worth medial r - purse medial r - porch medial r - march medial r - north medial r - Charles medial r -worse medial r - force medial r -birth medial r cards medial r- first medial r - words

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Medial R Words Speech Therapy

1 Syllable 2 Syllable 3 Syllable4 Syllable

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Final R Words at Word Level

  • 1 Syllable: near, her, car, air, ear, star, for, hair, ever, war, pear, fear, bear, four, year, chair, clear, fair, cheer, dear, hear, door, oar, wear, deer, gear, jar, fir, fur, scar, pier, tour, hour, Blair, floor, player, layer, our, sour, spear, boar, prayer, rear, sir, blue, stir, choir, roar, mayor, smear, flair, dryer, peer, steer, heir, swear, pour, stair, buyer
  • 2 Syllable: silver, water, over, sugar, amber, father, tiger, monster, river, after, sister, power, teacher, anger, mother, winter, doctor, other, honor, under, better, wonder, number, yielder, lover, never, ginger, color, beaver, paper, pepper, Tyler, hunter, nuclear, summer, fever, clever, flower, booger, peter, lobster, daughter, later, easter, super, Taylor, mirror, Denver, whisper, liver, quarter, thunder, soldier, meter, murder, soccer, matter, panther, guitar, order, uber, Oscar, ember, finger, gangster, shiver, brother, dinner, counter, weather, tender, driver, corner, center, tractor, tower, roger, cider, gator, master, Hitler, chamber, glitter, leader, twitter, parker, stranger, offer, actor, reindeer, hyper, appear, hipster, cancer, carter, baker, danger, giver, litter, dumpster, acer, worker, otter, eager, rapper, cover, author, filter, further, trigger, younger, maker, helper, butter, closer, dollar, sweater, feather, toddler, supper, eater, linear, clover, trailer, laughter, burglar, jaguar, bitter, winner, tucker, bother, butcher, ruler, shelter, utter, turner, banter, slumber, neighbor, spider, cougar, dreamer, locker, timer, runner, beaker, ladder, alter, pitcher, stalker, liger, fighter, roster, terror, despair, cooler, shower, harper, miller, spencer, dagger, older, lower, Casper, hater, catcher, answer, copper, stroller, foster, factor, loser, hamster, labor, theater, farmer, swagger, joker, oyster, thriller, rubber, horror, glacier, heater, flutter, topper, strider, adder, feeder, elder, coaster, polar, charger, usher, scooter, grammar, earlier, quiver, trickster, letter, Walter, motor, powder, enter, solar, gender, chandler, chapter, owner, buster, cleaner, stealer, beater, poster, potter, reaper, poker, leather, sober, striker, altar, boulder, anchor, slater, sitter, rooster, glamour, goober, loner, solver, arbor, prosper, fiber, either, member, lighter, wither, fuller, saber, marker, user, robber, banner, fisher, lunar, victor, speaker, washer, weaver, temper, trainer, bummer, piper, hunger, server, parlor, crater, camper, antler, flavor, dozer, jester, dealer, rover, odor, hamper, falter, terrier, fluster, buster, chaser, hover, lawyer, warmer, barber, freezer, radar, favor, shoulder, toaster, clutter, booster, ponder, gutter, manor, liar, bagger, minor, happier, beggar, pioneer, partner, sewer
  • 3 Syllable: forever, Jupiter, together, calendar, November, remember, computer, October, anteater, dinosaur, September, warrior, Jennifer hamburger, character, December, maneuver, junior, Christopher, disaster, receiver, discover, register, predator, sunflower, another, professor, absolver, avenger, senior, cheerleader, manager, sleepover, treasurer, officer, narrator, metaphor, carpenter, abductor, Asperger, lavender, propeller, janitor, reminder, eraser, encounter, producer, messenger, surrender, juniper, grasshopper, volunteer, headhunter, container, punisher, disappear, circular, counselor, minister, vinegar, teenager, amateur, Oliver, disorder, bystander, diaper, senator, explorer, bartender, ancestor, achiever, retriever, grandmother, grandfather, crossover, challenger, spectator, deliver, equator, emperor, highlighter, governor, monitor, defender, survivor, superstar, consumer, empower, traveler, bipolar, beholder, heartbreaker, advisor, retainer, conqueror, daydreamer, admirer, decipher, nutcracker, customer, dictator, freshener, collector, conductor, rottweiler, auditor, inventor, cellular, wanderer, follower, bootlegger, reservoir, translator, adopter, bachelor, breadwinner, semester, believer, dishwasher, roadrunner, bulldozer, savior, beginner, beekeeper, godfather, jeweler
  • 4 Syllable: irregular, alligator, caterpillar, helicopter, generator, perimeter, elevator, alexander, spectacular, gladiator, appetizer, thermometer, diameter, familiar, cauliflower, numerator, firefighter, bodybuilder, entertainer, centimeter, radiator, calculator, behavior, astronomer, linebacker, operator, icebreaker, babysitter, superior, extinguisher, underwater, photographer, Madagascar, coriander, escalator, kilometer, caregiver, firecracker, salamander, coordinator, sanitizer, energizer, peacemaker, cheeseburger, lifesaver, troublemaker, entrepreneur, caretaker, fertilizer, examiner, altogether, supervisor, binocular, administer, candlemaker

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Practice in Flash Card Mode Right Here from Your Computer!

final r - fair
final r -bear
final r - chair
final r - wear
final r -pear
final r -fear
final r -year
final r -cheer
final r - oar
final r -for
final r -hair
final r - door
final r -car
final r - her
final r- four
final r -clear
final r -dear
final r -hear
final r -war
final r -star
final r deer
final r -ear
final r- air
final r gear
final r - fair final r -bear final r - chair final r - wear final r -pear final r -fear final r -year final r -cheer final r - oar final r -for final r -hair final r - door final r -car final r - her final r- four final r -clear final r -dear final r -hear final r -war final-r-near final r -star final r deer final r -ear final r- air final r gear

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Final R Words Speech Therapy

1 Syllable 2 Syllable 3 Syllable 4 Syllable
bearteacherJennifer diameter
ciderequator emperor
topper strider

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Short Sentences or Phrases

When working on the r sound production, it’s important to work on short phrases once your child or student has mastered the sound at the word level at or near 80% or higher accuracy.

Here is a list of initial r word phrases to try:

Initial R Words Speech Therapy in Phrases

1 Syllable 2 Syllable 3 Syllable 4 Syllable
engagement ringRachel wavedgets revengerelaxation is important
rich chocolateriver waterradio personalityearly retirement
red foxRio granderemember whengood relationship
rain cloudswide rangereality ishis righteousness
rock concertRussia is coldrepublic partykitchen renovation
red rosecharged with robberyrestaurant closedrevolution started
ray of sunshinerhyme with cowrecycle your cansreciprocal effort
Ron jumpedrunning fastradical ideagreat resolution
living roomwill respectrecycling truckresponsible child
ram hornfigure out a riddleprotect the rainforestuse this as reference
rest uprodent of unusual sizereceiver was brokenfeared retribution
Ryan smiledblack ravenregister for the partyresurrection was a surprise
rat crawledno reasonresolve the issuereservation for dinner
royal bluebig rocketreligion was importantrepublican vote
rap concertrobin hoppedracism is not allowedremembering details
felt rageroman soldiersmeet her relativerambunctious puppy
rice and chickenready to goration the breadhad a revelation
race wayroger thatraspberry tartrelatable story
rush hourcurled up readingappointment reminderrecovery is possible
vacation to Romerainbow spread across the skyrebellion startedremarkable designs
Ross wavedrandomly pickRamadan is tomorrowreciprocate the effort
right or leftRiley ranradiant skinravioli for dinner
real dogSanta’s reindeerRobinson sailedrenewable subscription
road worksun is risingrighteous lawsrecreation and outdoors
rad wavesrhino hornsRussian soldierrestoration project
run fartherReagan whisperedreflection in mirrorreproduction of art
row your boatcold regionresistance bandsradiator broke
roof workrapper concertrespectful boyRosemary leaf
ride in carriot began yesterdayrelentless questionsfacial recognition
rope swingrabbit ranretina burnedregistration process
risk it allcar racingherbal remedyrhinoceros at the zoo
rise and fallmore researchin a recessionreliable friend
rip paperbad reactiongolden retrieverremodeling project
Rick laughedfelt reliefrevival has startedpositive reinforcement
cozy robewater rippleGrandma’s rosaryrelocation hardships
rule number oneromance storyrejection is painfulplanning regulation
rep clothesrosa snappedreasoning with toddlersstrict requirement
washable rugnew rulerhold onto resentmentneed a reformation
reach outreward for behaviorexact replicaresignation from his job
rent or ownRomeo and Julietsevere repercussion
read a bookraining hardthe dog might regurgitate
fishing rodreally excitedon a respirator
went on a rantreturn the favorreasonable price
roll downresource guardpossible to regenerate
car had rustrunner was fastrepairable tire
rob a bankred rubyreversible shirt
clothing rackrecall that part
rough nightroster is up
Ruth brokerobot vacuum
round circlerecess is in 10 min
danced to the rhythmreptile at the zoo
rollercoaster ridepep rally
root was deepRandy called
rag dollRussell painted
working ranchrubber band
ridge linehe is a rascal
raw hiderocky mountains
cucumber had already rotphone ringing
doorbell ringsblue ribbon
in reignI didn’t realize
hold the railstrict routine
tire rimrecipe card
rig on boatrooster crowed
rave reviewsrifle for sale
rude customerrespite services
seasoning rubrobber was caught
reed in pondrubbish is smelly
yellow raftcut the radish
in a rutresist the urge
rear-endedrebel was caught
rib cagewon the raffle
Ritz crackersdo not regret
rye breadrowing a boat
broken railsrustic theme
rouge missiontennis racket
slow down on the routeredneck area
Mr. Roeretail sale
itchy rashrugby game
raid the pantrygreat report
reef cutreject that
the stain ruinedsend a request
threw rocksland rover
lion roarrubble fell down
roast for dinnerrodeo is at 9 pm
roach crawledraptor ran
rung the towelfamily is royalty
rein ingender reveal
a rare breed of dogon the radar
raise your handbook release
ripe fruitrapid heart rate
rank higherrags to riches
the trash reeksdon’t spread that rumor
role playednew roommate
roll the ballrepeat myself
new realmrhyming poem
rake the leavesrusty car
it was a ruseracist remark
bike rampbeautiful resort
ice rinklow rumble from thunder
puppy was a runtrecon mission
react badlyrepent from her wrongs
rasp in her voicerated well
rely on himled the rampage
reel in the linerecords show
chicken roostrunaway bride
ruthless remarks
high school reunion
review this paper
realtor called
rookie played well
updated resume
relay the information
raiders won
retire early
redo my kitchen
ranger school
rescue mission
rhombus shape
rental property
relax at the beach
raising dogs
reaching out
forgot the receipt
happy and rejoice
reggae music
replace the broken watch
no regard
railway tracks
positive results
raccoon jumped
regain my strength
rancid smell
ruckus going on
is a refuge
reverse gear
raging with anger
early riser
water runoff
refuse to eat
works in realty
rival team
showed her realness
rocking chair
game rematch
richer or poorer
refund, please
blue raincoat
no remorse
roaring lion
broken rudder
hand railing
rabbi priest
reeling in the fishing line
reckless decision
was a racer
odd remark
car repair
receive a gift
restless and anxious
rabid raccoon
raisin for a snack
ruining her dress
cyst rupture
risking everything
need a reset
ruling was fair
fast reflex
railroad tracks
rinsing my hands
remain quiet
reform the soles
rower was strong
roaming around
horseback rider
rusting pipes
ringer was loud
replay that video
hit reply
respond to my message
rumbling tummy
well rested
razor burn
Rockies are big
rebate on my phone
paid the ransom
rasping breathe
roving around
rotor was broken
in regards
redness came to her cheeks
roomie was fun
remote control
refresh the page
rinse your mouth
do you relate
rattle snake
hit restart
recount the tiles
refine your work

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Medial R Words for Speech Therapy in Phrases

1 Syllable 2 Syllable 3 Syllable 4 Syllable
we aren’tbirthday partyGeorgia state lineAmerica has many national parks
bug worldforty-nineimportant talkinspiration strikes
art piecelong journeydirty dishesadversity builds confidence
planet earthmining oreFlorida governmentrandom generator
spelling wordsSarah clappedMaria smiledin reference too
ark full ofcourage and strengthimperfect fruitsadmirable traits
gave birthnew erawarrior ranwith your cooperation
broken armam sorryaverage gradesmeasurement was incorrect
north starflight to Parisorder a burritothe adversary
worth moreKaren calledtherapy sessiontemperature rises
went to the marchberry smoothieneed clarityrespiration rate
bored girlCarol smileddivergent ideanotorious for
force the doorAaron raneternal paradiseencouraging friend
Charles jumpedarrow flew forwardhuge waterfalloverrated food
stolen pursequarter pound burgeradvertise your productbold declaration
worse casecherish the memoriesrearrange the couchesflabbergasted at the news
first thingearly startpowerless to helpdiversity at this school
tired bodythirsty and hungryemerald shinehilarious moment
birds chirpedadd some sparkletourism trapexploration of mars
orb of lightdo not worryinsurance policypaparazzi with cameras
worst ideahorse ridehibernate all wintermemorable day
it worksworried a lotcharity eventconvertible car
porch swingvirus spreadaftermath of tornadodesirable traits
black urncurrent newsanarchy was ruthlesslegos are separable
deck of cardsname was Perryeagerness to helpsupernova in space
good nurseLarry laughedtolerance levelnaturally curly hair
light the torchhave mercymerrily down the streamseparated the colors and whites
second versebedtime storiesfun excursionfirecracker attitude
wide bertharound the curvearthritis in her footforgot the materials
birch treeserve faithfullyadoring fanshonorable mention
curse wordscoral reefSyria for a meetingwaterproofing my shoes
fired upmarry mehazardous signscooperative animals
burst of energycarried awaynevermore will Iforgot the asparagus
harsh wordscurry and ricegreat afternoonpreparation for winter
Jared is my bestcurly hairgood inferencecomfortably walk
back and forthhas the nerveoffered assurancetriceratops roared
bird sat on a perchjournal promptPeterpan is in neverlandcalibrating the machine
lots of partssiren calledare a superstar
fair termsSouth Korealots of endurance
aired out my tirecarry onhike mt Everest
girl is happykarma came aroundignorance is not always bliss
morse codeit is his fortedearest friend
marine corpslarge dogrude to interject
herb tealost chargerentertain me
blurred visionrough terraingoverness smiled
people are starvedfairing wellrecording stopped
burnt my fingermarried mancanoe on the reservoir
cords are tangledbearing giftsgingerbread house
cat tails in the marshlittle terrieralternate view
play at parkshurry upleaderboard shows
forks and spoonsthermal jacketabsorbent material
marks on the wallstorage containerdetergent smells
learned Spanishwall as a barriersmall compartment
pierced her earxerox machinedeserving of
perks of the jobbaby carrierenforcing laws
lurch forwardhearing aidlong interview
herds of cowsFargo, North Dakotabittersweet goodbye
cares a lotfresh haircutearly departure
big yardsadd me to the payrollheartbreaking news
starred the emailwind blew with torrentasteroids collided
purge old toysalgorithm is off
ferry rideglorify him
bird is soaringthe dog alerted
huge bargemany interests
heron landedobservant child
moral of the storyhairdresser helped
tourist attractionimmersion of companies
tardy notecolorless pictures
meerkat peekedexporting pdf
sparrow flewtake my fingerprint
lost earringresearching for my paper
blaring noisegoverning bodies
derby racelost paperclip
charter school
beautiful mural
merit badge
merge together
correct me
warrant for arrest
terrace views
lifted her spirits
eerie night
wearing a new coat
corgi licked
courier office
news from the border
borax will
flaring up
parka coat
roaring lion
bearded dwarf
nearing the end
spartan race
fast learner
clearance rack
She is a heiress
fearing the worst
viral video
journey will have peril
corrupt leadership
larva ran down the volcano
feral cat
startle me
snoring loudly
furry friend
surreal experience
pairing nicely
narrate the story
perfect color

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Final R Words for Speech Therapy in Phrases

1 Syllable 2 Syllable3 Syllable4 Syllable
near sightedsilver medalforever togetherirregular heartbeat
her friendwater faucetJupiter has moonsalligator snapped
new carover the edgetogether for 5 yearscaterpillar crawled
cool airsugar and flournew calendarhelicopter flew
ear acheamber alertNovember is my favoritegenerator helped the power
star gazingfather of the brideremember whenperimeter of the field
for youtiger stripescomputer updateelevator went up
hair stylistmonster Inc.October brings fallAlexander yelled
war is overriver floodedanteater at the zoospectacular show
green pearafter the stormdinosaur bonesgladiator fought
fear spidersoldest sisterSeptember is my birthdayorder an appetizer
black bearpower outagewarrior callthermometer is broken
four years oldteacher of the monthcharacter at Disney5-foot diameter
year 2000anger managementDecember has Christmasfamiliar smell
dining room chairmother smiledmaneuver carefullybought cauliflower at the store
clear skieswinter breakjunior in high schoolfirefighter for Halloween
county fairdoctor appointmentChristopher smiledbodybuilder went to the gym
cheer teamother carroom is a disasterentertainer sang
dear grandmotherhonor rolldiscover new thingsone centimeter
hear youunder the deckregister is closedradiator broke
open doorfeeling betterpredator stalked its preyforgot my calculator
oar fell outwonder strucksunflower grew tallbest behavior
wear jeansnumber fiveanother choiceastronomer studied the stars
deer leapedsword yielderprofessor of mathematicslinebacker was tackled
hiking gearlover and fightersenior in high schoolcall the operator
jar of fruitnever have I evercheerleader for 6 yearsicebreaker games
fir treeginger alepromoted to managerbabysitter in ninth grade
thick furfavorite colorsleepover tomorrowsuperior feelings
scar on foreheadbeaver damtreasurer of the statefire extinguisher
pier 5paper clippolice officerprofessional photographer
college tourpepper and saltnarrator of the storyflight to Madagascar
in an hourTyler ranmetaphor for paincoriander smells nice
Blair calleddad was a hunterGrandpa was a carpenterescalator broke
new floornuclear warfareabductor was caughtkilometer long
football playersummer breakAsperger syndromecaregiver called
layer of cheesefever roselavender fieldsfirecracker launched
our houseclever ideapropeller was stucksalamander slept in the sun
sour creamflower childjanitor closetcoordinator of chaos
spear fishingpick a boogerreminder to orderhand sanitizer
boar destroyedPeter laughederaser fell off the standenergizer batteries
prayer at churchlobster rollencounter a problempeacemaker was helpful
rear endeddaughter and a sonproducer of the moviecheeseburger and fries
yes sirlater in the daycontact me on messengerlifesaver candy
car buyerEaster egg huntdecided to surrendertroublemaker child
stir the soupsuper great timejuniper smellsentrepreneur had goals
choir practiceTaylor high fivedgrasshopper buzzedfertilizer helped the grass
roar from the lionmirror reflectedvolunteer needs to wear redexaminer watched closely
running for mayorDenver will host the Olympicsheadhunter called mego altogether
smear the frostingwhisper, pleaseput the leftovers in a containersupervisor called me
flair and pizzazzliver failureearrings just disappearforgot my binocular
dryer brokequarter and 3 penniescircular shapeadminister called
peer pressurethunder and lightningcounselor advised mecandlemaker sold her candles
steer the carsoldier marchedminister prayed
heir to a fortunemeter was brokenadd vinegar
swear wordsmurder mysteryteenager shouted
pour syrupsoccer gameamateur artist
stair climbit does matterOliver ran
panther leapedrare disorder
guitar stringsbystander gave her report
order a pizzadiaper rash
Uber picked me uprun for senator
Oscar smiledexplorer took pictures of his adventures
ember flew awaybartender a good tip
1 fingerancestor is from Spain
original gangsterover achiever
shiver because it was coldretriever ran after the ball
brother and sistergrandmother smiled
dinner plansgrandfather clapped
new countercrossover the string
weather reportspectator sport
chicken tenderdeliver my package
driver educationcrossed the equator
turn a cornerorange highlighter
look at the centergovernor decreed
tractor supplybroken monitor
highest towerdefender position
roger thathe is a survivor
apple ciderhe is a superstar
gator in the lakeas a consumer
master bathroomempower people around you
Hitler was involved in ww2world traveler
go down to the chamberboy is a heartbreaker
glitter was everywhereadvisor gave bad advice
leader of the groupretainer is lost
Twitter is a social mediaconqueror took over
parker wavedshe is a daydreamer
he was a strangerdog admirer
accepted the offerdecipher the code
best actornutcracker show
saw 4 reindeercustomer service
hyper toddler jumpeddictator was cruel
appear in front of meair freshener
hipster sistercoin collector
cancer scaretrain conductor
Carter smiledrottweiler barked
baker was busyinventor was given credit
danger signcellular service
big giverdog is a wanderer
litter of kittensgained a follower
filled dumpsterbootlegger drove to Kentucky
Acer computerreservoir is low
hard workerhire a translator
otter swambachelor pad
eager to pleasebreadwinner of the family
rapper of the yearsemester long class
cover artistbeliever in handwashing
author and illustratordishwasher soap
water filterroadrunner darted across the street
ran furtherbulldozer drove through dirt
trigger warningbeginner level class
younger sisterbeekeeper suited up
dough makergodfather is my dad’s best friend
great helperjeweler repaired the ring
butter knife
edged closer
dollar bill
sweater weather
feather floated
toddler ran
what is for supper
big eater
linear looking house
4 leaf clover
trailer park
laughter is medicine
burglar alarm
jaguar leaped
bitter taste
winner gets a trophy
tucker him out
bother me
butcher shop
ruler and a pencil
animal shelter
utter disbelief
friendly banter
slumber party
asked my neighbor
spider crawled
cougar pounced
day dreamer
locker room
distance runner
beaker broke
ladder is in the garage
walk to the alter
pitcher is out of water
stalker was caught
was a fighter
hung up the roster
I felt terror
despair after the accident
big cooler
quick shower
Bryce Harper
Miller swung
Spencer jumped
dagger was lost
older man
lower the steps
Casper the friendly ghost
bug hater
catcher missed
answer the question
mining for copper
stroller broke
foster care system
factor the cost
loser is out of the tournament
new hamster
labor in vain
join the theater
farmer worked every day
had swagger
joker made me laugh
oyster and clams
movie is a thriller
rubber duck
horror movie
glacier is melting
heater in my room
wings flutter
duck feeder
respect your elder
use a coaster
polar bears
forgot my charger
brother to usher
scooter ride
grammar mistake
earlier today
quiver launched
he is a trickster
letter addressed to me
Walter waved
motor broke down
baking powder
enter the building
solar panels
gender neutral
chandler joked
chapter left
for sale by owner
buy cleaner
stealer was caught
poster ripped
potter by profession
grim reaper
won poker
leather jacket
sober since May
walked to the altar
boulder rolled
anchor dropped
baby sitter
rooster crowed
glamour and glitz
goober made me laugh
loner with just one friend
problem solver
prosper and win
add fiber to my diet
either one of those
member since 2005
the lighter helped
wither and died
light saber
marker lost its cap
product user
robber was caught
banner flew away
great fisher
lunar eclipse
Victor held up his sword
speaker was great
washer and dryer
basket weaver
mild temper
trainer and coach
bummer that I missed the event
felt hunger
server tripped
parlor was decorated for Christmas
crater was huge
new camper
deer antler
chocolate flavor
bull dozer
jester was funny
car dealer
Range rover
odor was bad
hamper for laundry
do not falter
Boston terrier
ball chaser
hover over me
lawyer won the argument
warmer weather
barber shop
ice cream in the freezer
radar caught the car
favorite flavor
pulled my shoulder
bread in the toaster
clutter makes me stressed
booster seat
ponder your actions
gutter cleaning
bad manors
he was a liar
grocery bagger
minor inconvenience
happier than ever
gave the beggar a dollar
pioneer woman
business partner
sewer drained

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Sentence Level: R Words Speech Therapy

The next step after working at the word and phrase level is to work on the r sound at the sentence level.

For example, you could give your child or student a list of sentences to read aloud while they work on their r sound. 

Another idea would be to give your child or student pictures with their r sound in them and then have them create a sentence about those pictures.

Below is a list of sentences to use with your child or students.

Initial R Words Speech Therapy in Sentences

1 Syllable2 Syllable
She loved her engagement ring.Rachel waved at her friend.
The rich man had lots of cars.The river water is contaminated.
I saw a red fox.Let’s visit the Rio grande river.
Rain clouds are rolling in.There is a wide range of options.
They are at a rock concert.Russia is a cold place.
Her nose is red from her cold and sniffles.He was charged with robbery.
A ray of sunshine came through the clouds.I need to rhyme with cow.
Ron jumped on the trampoline.He is running fast.
I have a new couch in my living room.I will respect the coupon code.
The ram horn was big.Let’s try to figure out this riddle.
Her coach told her to rest up.That is a rodent of unusual size.
Ryan smiled at school.The black raven flew overhead.
A rat crawled across the fence.There is no reason for that.
My favorite color is royal blue.There is a big rocket at the museum.
I am going to a rap concert.The robin hopped with a worm in its beak.
He felt rage.The roman soldiers won many wars.
I ate rice and chicken for dinnerI am ready to go.
He is at the race way.He said, “roger that”.
I am stuck in rush hour traffic.I am curled up reading.
Let’s go on vacation to Rome.She saw the rainbow spread across the sky.
Ross waved to Rachel.He will randomly pick a name.
Are you right or left-handed?Riley ran towards his dad.
She wants a real dog.Santa’s reindeer prepared for the long journey.
There is road work.The sun is rising.
The surfer caught some rad waves.The rhino horns were long.
I will run farther than you.Reagan whispered to her friend.
Row your boat to the shore.This is a cold region.
There is roof work being done today.She went to a rapper concert.
Let’s ride in your car.A riot began yesterday.
She swung on the rope swing.The rabbit ran from the fox.
He will risk it all.The car is racing down the road.
The empire will rise and fall.I need to do more research.
The baby will try to rip the paper.I had a bad reaction.
Rick laughed at the joke.She felt relief at the news.
I want a cozy robe.The water rippled.
Rule number one is to listen.The romance story began in Italy.
He wore his rep clothes to work.Rosa snapped at her sister.
Thank goodness for this washable rug.My new ruler is blue.
You just need to reach out to her.The dog gets a reward for good behavior.
Do you rent or own your home?Romeo and Juliet is a timeless story.
We can read a book later.It is raining hard outside.
He forgot his fishing rod.I am really excited.
She went on a rant.She will return the favor.
The kids will roll down the grassy hill.The dog might resource guard his food.
The car had rust and didn’t start.The runner was fast.
They planned to rob a bank.She has a red ruby necklace.
The clothing rack is disorganized.I can’t recall that part.
It was a rough night for the new mom.The roster is up.
Ruth broke her finger playing basketball.I won a robot vacuum.
They formed a round circle and held hands.Recess is in 10 minutes.
They danced to the rhythm of the music.My favorite reptile at the zoo is the python.
The kid is excited about his first rollercoaster ride.She cheers at the pep rally.
The tree roots ran deep into the ground.Randy called his mom.
She loves her rag doll.Russell painted a picture.
It is a working ranch.The rubber band broke.
The view from the ridge line is amazing.He is a rascal but sweet.
I gave my dog a raw hide bone.I want to see the rocky mountains.
The cucumber I needed had already rotted.The phone ringing startled her.
The dog’s bark when the doorbell rings.I won a blue ribbon.
Pull in the reigns on your horse.I didn’t realize she left.
She will hold the rail for balance.She keeps a strict routine.
I scrapped my tire rim.My mom gave me this recipe card.
The rig on the boat was broken.The rooster crowed early.
The new cafe has rave reviews.He has all the paperwork for his rifle for sale.
The rude customer was asked to leave.My aunt works in respite services.
This is a new seasoning rub to try.The robber was caught and put in jail.
The duck swam through the reeds in the pond.Rubbish is smelly.
The yellow raft is inflatable.Please help me cut the radish.
Their relationship was in a rut.I will resist the urge for chocolate.
I rear ended the van in front of me.The state rebel was caught.
He broke his rib cage.I won the raffle!
He ate Ritz crackers.She does not regret her choice.
I love rye bread.He is rowing a boat.
The fence had broken rails.Her house has a rustic theme.
This is a rouge mission.I broke my tennis racket.
The crash caused a slowdown on the route.He said his cousin is a redneck.
Mr. Roe is a great teacher.There is a retail sale today.
The bug bite also caused an itchy rash.The rugby game was stressful.
The teenagers went to raid the pantry.He received a great report.
The reef cut his foot.The dog will reject that.
The stain ruined the carpet.I will send a request tomorrow.
The toddler threw rocks at the water.He got a new land rover.
A lion’s roar is very loud.Building rubble fell down onto the ground.
I will make a roast for dinner.The rodeo is at 9 pm.
A roach crawled under the table.The raptor ran fast.
He rung out the wet towel.His family is royalty.
Please rein in that wild horse.They had a gender reveal party.
That is a rare breed of dog.It is on the radar.
Please raise your hand before you speak.She is having a book release party.
Just pick the ripe fruit.She has a rapid heart rate.
He achieved a rank higher.His story is rags to riches.
You need to take out the trash because it reeks.Please don’t spread that rumor.
He role played his character to practice.I need a new roommate.
He will roll the ball to his sister.I will not repeat myself.
The character entered a new realm in the game.I have to create a rhyming poem.
I need to rake the leaves.That is a rusty car.
It was a ruse.A racist remark will not be tolerated.
My dad built me a bike ramp.I like this beautiful resort.
The ice rink is closed today.There is a low rumble from the thunder in the distance.
The black puppy was a runt.They are going on a recon mission.
He did react badly to the news.She did repent from her wrongs.
She is feeling better but still has a rasp in her voice.This restaurant is rated well.
She can rely on him.Who led the rampage?
It is time to reel in the line.The records show your attendance.
The chicken roost was attacked by coyotes.She was a runaway bride.
He ignored the ruthless remarks.
I asked for roller blades for my birthday.
I missed my high school reunion.
I need to review this paper.
The realtor called back.
The baseball rookie played well.
I gave them the updated resume.
He forgot to relay the information.
The Raiders won today!
I have a plan to retire early.
It is time to redo my kitchen.
He did not get into ranger school.
This is an important rescue mission.
He picked up a rhombus shape.
I own 4 rental properties.
Let’s go relax at the beach.
I grew up raising dogs and cats.
I will be reaching out via phone call.
I forgot to bring the receipt.
She will rejoice when they win.
I like reggae music.
I need to replace the broken watch.
He had no regard for the people around him.
I ran across the railway tracks.
She is hoping for positive results.
The raccoon jumped into the trash can.
I need to rest and regain my strength.
The rancid smell comes from the trash.
The ruckus going on is distracting.
She is a refuge.
I put the car into the reverse gear.
She is raging with anger.
I am an early riser.
The water runoff goes to the stream.
He will refuse to eat anything with pickles.
My sister works in the realty business.
The rival team lost the game.
She showed her realness.
I bought a rocking chair.
There was a game rematch.
They promised for richer or poorer.
I want a refund, please.
She wore a blue raincoat.
There was no remorse in his tone.
I ran from the roaring lion.
The boat has a broken rudder.
Hold the hand railing.
He spoke to his rabbi.
He is reeling in the fishing line.
That was a reckless decision.
His uncle was a racer.
She made an odd remark.
I should take my car in for a repair.
I did not expect to receive a gift.
He is feeling restless and anxious.
They set a trap for the rabid raccoon.
She wants raisins for a snack.
The mud is ruining her dress.
My cyst ruptured and hurt.
He is risking everything on this investment.
He needs a reset.
The ruling was fair.
He has a fast reflex.
We went to the railroad tracks.
I am rinsing my hands.
Please remain quiet.
I need to reform the soles.
The rower was strong.
The wolves are roaming around.
Her friend is a horseback rider.
We should replace the rusting pipes.
The ringer was loud.
Please replay that video.
I hit reply.
Please respond to my message.
He has a rumbling tummy.
I feel well rested.
I got razor burn.
The rocky mountains are big.
I sent in a rebate on my phone.
He paid the ransom.
She has a rasping breath.
The robot is roving around the planet.
That rotor was broken.
In regard to that statement, I need an answer.
It was hot and redness came to her cheeks.
My roomie was fun.
I lost the remote control.
I need to refresh the page.
Do not forget to rinse your mouth.
Do you relate to that?
I hear a rattle snake.
It was fixed when she hit restart.
I should recount the tiles.
Please refine your work.
3 Syllable4 Syllable
In the end, she gets revenge.Relaxation is important.
He is a radio personality.I saved for early retirement.
My papa starts stories with, “remember when..”.They have a healthy and good relationship.
The reality of the situation is not good.The righteousness of the king was seen by his people.
He votes for the republic party.I am doing a full kitchen renovation.
My aunt’s restaurant is closed.He was surprised when a revolution started.
Do not forget to recycle your cans.It is a reciprocal effort.
It seems like a radical idea.The new tv has great resolution.
The recycling truck is green.She is a responsible child.
We need to protect the rainforest.Please use this as a reference.
The receiver was brokenHe feared retribution.
I will register for the party.The resurrection was a surprise.
They did resolve the issue.We made a reservation for dinner.
For him, religion was important.The republican voting turnout was a shock.
Racism is not allowed here.I am not great at remembering details.
He is excited to meet her relative.She has a rambunctious puppy.
People are hungry, but we still need to ration the bread.He had a revelation.
I made a raspberry tart.They all shared a relatable story.
Here is your appointment reminder.I know that recovery is possible.
This is how the rebellion started.The new car has a remarkable design.
Ramadan is tomorrow.She wants to see reciprocated efforts.
She has radiant skin.I am making ravioli for dinner.
Robinson sailed across the ocean.This is a renewable subscription.
These are good and righteous laws.I like recreation and the outdoors.
The Russian soldier marched.The restoration project is a success.
I saw my reflection in the mirror.The reproduction of her art is illegal.
I wear resistance bands when working out.The radiator broke.
Her son is a respectful boy.I picked a rosemary leaf.
The toddler asks relentless questions.The facial recognition is broken.
The bright sun made her retina burn.The registration process is simple.
She used a herbal remedy for her cold.I saw a rhinoceros at the zoo.
The economy is in a recession.She is a good and reliable friend.
We got a golden retriever puppy.I am taking on a remodeling project.
A revival has started.Positive reinforcement is best.
Grandma’s rosary hangs up there.Relocation can cause financial hardships.
Rejection is a painful thing.They are planning new regulations and rules for this building.
It is hard reasoning with toddlers.Your ID is a strict requirement.
Do not hold onto resentment.The company needs a reformation.
He built an exact replica.He turned in a resignation from his job.
Her choices have severe repercussions.
If he eats grass, the dog might regurgitate it.
She is on a respirator.
This is a reasonable price.
It might be impossible to regenerate this.
The nail in my tire is repairable.
He is excited about his new reversible shirt.

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Medial R Words for Speech Therapy in Sentences

1 Syllable2 Syllable
We aren’t brother and sister.It was a fun birthday party.
She lives in a dream world.She is forty-nine.
The art piece is expensive.It will be a long journey.
We celebrate planet earth on earth day.They are mining ore.
I know my spelling words.Sarah clapped for her friend.
Noah had an ark full of animals.They fought with courage and strength.
She gave birth to twins.This is a new era.
She has a broken arm.She said that she is sorry.
Look for the north star.It is a long flight to Paris.
The watch looks like it is worth more.Karen called and left a message.
They went to the march.My favorite flavor is a berry smoothie.
She is a bored girl.Carol smiled at her friend.
Do not force the door open.Aaron ran down the field.
Charles jumped off the diving board.The arrow flew forward.
They found the stolen purse.He ordered a quarter pound burger.
The pain is getting worse.They will cherish the memories.
The first thing on the list is to sweep.It is an early start.
She has a tired body.I feel thirsty and hungry.
The birds chirped in the morning.Add some sparkle to it.
The orb of light grew brighter.She was told not to worry.
This is the worst food.We went on a horse ride.
The lawn mover still works.She felt worried a lot.
She loves her porch swing.The virus spread quickly.
The black urn is on the mantle.The current news is filled with covid updates.
They played with a deck of cards.My new friend said his name was Perry.
She is a good nurse.Larry laughed loudly.
Go and light the torch.The king decided to have mercy on the subjects.
I forgot the second verse in the song.Her dad reads her bedtime stories.
The boat gave the rocks a wide berth.The car slowed around the curve.
I planted a birch tree.He served faithfully for 5 years.
I will not say curse words.They dived into the coral reef.
She is angry and fired up.I wondered if she wanted to marry me.
The dog had a burst of energy.She got carried away when telling her story.
He used harsh words and hurt my feelings.I ordered curry and rice to eat.
Jared is my best friend.I pulled back my curly hair.
The decision is back and forth.I could not believe that he has the nerve.
A bird sat on a perch.We get a new journal prompt every day.
There are lots of missing parts.The siren called to the sailors.
We agreed to fair terms.South Korea has great food.
I aired out my tire.After the mishap, they still will carry on.
The little girl is happy.Karma came around for her.
I know morse code.Sword welding is his forte.
He joined the marine corps.She has a large dog.
I added honey to my herbal tea.I can’t find the lost charger.
Glasses correct my blurred vision.The mountain goat climbed through the rough terrain.
People are starved and looking for food.The new ship is fairing well through the storm.
I burnt my finger on the stove.He was a married man with 2 kids.
These cords are tangled.They came bearing gifts.
I went to pick cat tails in the marsh.She has a little terrier dog.
The kids love to play at parks.We need to hurry up before we miss the flight.
I cleaned the forks and spoons.I put on a thermal jacket.
He cleaned the marks on the wall.That is a dirty storage container.
I am excited to have learned Spanish.They used the wall as a barrier.
I pierced her ear.We need to order a new xerox machine.
There are many perks to the job.I will clean the baby carrier.
The car lurched forward suddenly.He has a hearing aid.
I see herds of cows.They lived in Fargo, North Dakota.
He cares a lot.He just got a fresh haircut.
These houses all have big yards.They need to add me to the payroll.
I starred the email to respond later.The wind blew with torrent and strength.
The mom began to purge old toys.
This was my first ferry ride.
A bird is soaring overhead.
The huge barge pulled into port.
A heron landed on the beach.
They understood the moral of the story.
This was a tourist attraction.
Her mom wrote a tardy note for her.
The meerkat peeked out of its hole.
A sparrow flew into the tree.
She lost an earring.
The truck made a blaring noise.
He won the derby race.
The charter school was new.
She painted a beautiful mural.
He was awarded a merit badge.
The lanes will merge together.
She began to correct me, but then stopped.
There was a warrant for arrest.
The terrace views are beautiful.
The news lifted her spirits.
It was a dark and eerie night.
I am excited to be wearing a new coat.
The corgi licked the peanut butter.
The courier office was late.
The news from the border was not good.
Borax will be able to clean that.
My excema is flaring up.
The parka coat kept her warm.
The roaring lion was heard far away.
The bearded dwarf ran into the mountain.
We are nearing the end of our road trip.
The spartan race was hard to finish.
He is a fast learner.
I loved the clearance rack at this store.
She is a heiress to a great fortune.
He knew he was fearing the worst.
The viral video has millions of views.
This long journey will have peril and risk.
The corrupt leadership brought them down.
The larva grew into flies.
The feral cat jumped from the tree.
The noise startled me.
He was snoring loudly.
My furry friend is a cat.
The vacation was a surreal experience.
The wine and cheese are paired nicely.
A famous voice will narrate the story.
Blue is the perfect color for her.
3 Syllable4 Syllable
We crossed the Georgia state line.America has many beautiful national parks.
They had an important talk.I love to paint when inspiration strikes.
I need to load the dirty dishes.Adversity builds confidence.
The Florida government closed the school.The random generator chose her name to win.
Maria smiled at her sister.In reference to your phone call, I forgot to write down your name.
The imperfect fruits are still yummy.She has some admirable traits.
The warrior ran ahead.We will move forward with your cooperation.
I normally receive average grades.The measurement was incorrect
I want to order a burrito for dinner.The adversary lost.
It was a good therapy session.The temperature rises in the summer.
I need clarity to make this decision.Her respiratory rate was high.
The divergent idea wasn’t helpful.He is notorious for running fast.
It felt like an eternal paradise.You are an encouraging friend.
We hiked that huge waterfall.That restaurant has overrated food.
You should advertise your product.He made a bold declaration.
I will rearrange the couches.We are all flabbergasted at the news.
She felt powerless to help.There is lots of diversity at this school.
The emerald ring had a beautiful shine to it.That was a hilarious moment.
This place is a tourism trap.The exploration of mars was a great success.
I need to update my insurance policy.The paparazzi with cameras showed up.
Bears will hibernate all winter.It was a memorable day.
I am going to a charity event.I bought a convertible car.
The aftermath of the tornado was destruction.The dog has desirable traits.
The anarchy was ruthless.These legos are separable.
The toddler has an eagerness to help.The telescope saw a supernova in space.
His tolerance level is high.I have naturally curly hair.
We rowed merrily down the stream.I separated the colors and whites for laundry day.
This has been a fun excursion.She has a firecracker attitude.
She has arthritis in her foot.He forgot the materials.
The adoring fans clapped.The honorable mention was awarded last night.
We flew to Syria for a meeting.I am waterproofing my shoes.
Watch out for the hazardous signs.The cooperative animals listened well.
Nevermore will I eat that.I forgot the asparagus for dinner.
It has been a great afternoon.We turned the heat on in preparation for winter.
The football players had a good interference.I can comfortably walk in these shoes.
He offered assurance that I was making the right decision.The triceratops roared.
Peterpan is in neverland.We need to start calibrating the machine.
You are a superstar!
The runner had lots of endurance.
I want to hike mount Everest.
Ignorance is not always bliss.
She is my dearest friend.
It is rude to interject.
The movie was not entertaining to me.
The governess smiled at the little girl.
The recording stopped suddenly.
There is a canoe on the reservoir.
We built a gingerbread house.
He offered an alternate view.
The leaderboard shows that he is winning.
That is an absorbent material.
The detergent smells fresh.
The small compartment has hair ties.
You are deserving of love!
The police are enforcing laws.
It was a long interview.
This is a bittersweet goodbye.
The plane had an early departure.
I heard some heartbreaking news.
The asteroids collided in space.
The algorithm is off.
They will glorify him for his wisdom.
The dog was alerted of the seizure.
I have so many interests.
The observant child watched the teacher.
My hairdresser helped with my hair.
The immersion of companies was successful.
The colorless pictures looked great.
I am exporting the pdf now.
They will take my fingerprint.
I am still researching for my paper.
The governing bodies will advise us.
I lost my paperclip!

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Final R Words for Speech Therapy in Sentences

1 Syllable2 Syllable
He is near sighted and wears glasses.He won a silver medal.
This is her best friend.Turn off the water faucet.
She got a new car.I will not look over the edge.
I love the cool air of fall.I went to the store for sugar and flour.
He has an ear ache.They sent out an amber alert.
Star gazing is fun.The father of the bride smiled
This present is for youThe tiger stripes help it hide.
I need a new hair stylist.His favorite movie is Monster Inc.
The war is over.The river flooded.
She picked a green pear.We have to clean up the wreckage after the storm.
He has a fear of spiders.My oldest sister is tall.
The black bear caught a fish.There is a power outage.
She is four years old.She won teacher of the month.
I am excited for the new year!He is in anger management.
The dining room chair broke.My mother smiled at me.
The clear skies made for a gorgeous day.I love winter break.
The county fair starts this weekend!My doctor is running late.
She is on the cheer team.I bought another car.
My dear grandmother is my best friend.She made honor roll.
She can hear you.The cat hid under the deck.
The door swung open door.I am feeling better.
The oar fell out of the boat.She is wonder struck.
You need to wear jeans tomorrow.He held up the number five.
The deer leaped through the field.He is a sword yielder.
I remembered my hiking gear.She is a lover and fighter.
I grabbed a jar of fruit.They played never have I ever.
That is a big fir tree.I bought ginger ale.
The dog has thick fur.My favorite color is blue.
She has a scar on her forehead.The beaver dam broke.
I will meet you at pier 5.I lost the paper clip.
She scheduled a college tour.She added pepper and salt to dinner.
I will call in an hour.Tyler ran up to his friend.
Blair called me last night.My dad was a hunter.
I want a new floor.Nuclear warfare is dangerous.
He is a football player.I am excited for summer break.
I added an extra layer of cheese.Her fever rose last night.
This is our house.He had a clever idea.
I forgot sour cream.She is a flower child.
They went spear fishing.She went to pick a booger from her nose.
The boar destroyed the shrubs.Peter laughed at the joke.
They said a prayer at church.I ordered a lobster roll.
My car was rear ended.This is my daughter and my son.
He said yes sir to his dad.We will go to the park later in the day.
He is a car buyer.They went on an Easter egg hunt.
Please go stir the soup.It was a super great time.
I am late for choir practice.Taylor high-fived her friend.
The roar from the lion was loud.The mirror reflected me.
Who is running for mayor?Denver will host the Olympics.
Smear the frosting on all the cupcakes.The library has a sign that says whisper, please.
She has flair and pizzazz.Her dog had liver failure.
The dryer broke.I found a quarter and 3 pennies in the couch.
I will not peer pressure my friends.There was lots of thunder and lightning.
Steer the car to the left.The soldier marched onward.
She is heir to a fortune.The meter was broken.
Do not say swear words here.My book is a murder mystery.
He will pour syrup all over his pancakes.We are late for the soccer game.
I fell off the stair climber.It does matter.
The panther leaped from the tree.
I got new guitar strings.
I want to order a pizza.
Uber picked me up.
Oscar smiled at her.
An ember flew away.
I have 1 broken finger.
He was the original gangster.
I felt a shiver because it was cold.
They are brother and sister.
We have dinner plans tomorrow.
They installed the new counter.
What is the weather report?
I ate a chicken tender for dinner.
I have to take driver education again.
They turned a corner.
Look at the center of the picture.
We went to a tractor supply store.
That is the highest tower.
He said, “roger that”.
I drank apple cider.
There is a gator in the lake.
We renovated the master bathroom.
Hitler was involved in ww2.
Go down to the chamber of secrets.
Glitter was everywhere after the party.
You are the leader of the group.
Twitter is a social media.
Parker waved at her friend.
He was a stranger to me.
We accepted the offer.
He won best actor.
I saw 4 reindeer.
The hyper toddler jumped on the couch.
The bear seemed to just appear in front of me.
My hipster sister is great.
She had a cancer scare.
Carter smiled and waved.
The baker was busy at her shop.
The danger sign was broken,
He is a big giver at Christmas time.
The litter of kittens is so cute!
The filled dumpster was taken away.
I have an Acer computer.
She is a hard worker.
The otter swam in the seaweed.
She is eager to please.
He won rapper of the year.
That is a great cover artist.
I am an author and illustrator.
We need a new water filter.
He ran further than anyone.
This comes with a trigger warning.
She is my younger sister.
I got a dough maker.
You are a great helper.
I like this butter knife.
He edged closer.
I lost my dollar bill.
I love sweater weather.
The feather floated down.
The toddler ran away.
He was a big eater.
It was a linear looking house.
I found a 4 leaf clover.
I live in a trailer park.
They say laughter is medicine.
My burglar alarm went off.
The jaguar leaped down.
This tea has a bitter taste.
The winner gets a trophy!
We ran the puppy to tucker him out.
The sound will bother me.
I need to run to the butcher shop.
He forgot his ruler and a pencil.
I got my dog from the animal shelter.
I was in utter disbelief.
The friendly banter tampered off.
I am excited for this slumber party!
I asked my neighbor for an egg.
The spider crawled up the garage wall.
The cougar pounced on its prey.
She is a day dreamer.
I forgot my hoody in the locker room.
She is a distance runner.
The beaker broke in chemistry class.
The ladder is in the garage.
I will walk to the alter.
This pitcher is out of water.
The stalker was caught.
He was a fighter.
The coach hung up the roster.
I felt terror.
I felt despair after the accident.
The big cooler holds more.
He took a quick shower.
Bryce Harper plays baseball.
Miller swung the bat.
Spencer jumped on the trampoline.
The magic dagger was lost.
He is an older man now.
Lower the steps so I can reach them.
Casper is a friendly ghost.
She is a bug hater.
The catcher missed the ball.
She would not answer the question.
They are mining for copper.
My stroller broke last week.
I grew up in the foster care system.
I forgot to factor in the cost.
The loser is out of the tournament.
I just got a new hamster.
I will not labor in vain.
She decided to join the theater.
The farmer worked every day.
He had swagger.
The joker made me laugh.
We ordered an oyster and clams.
The movie is a thriller.
The baby loved her rubber duck.
I watched a horror movie last night.
That glacier is melting.
I put an extra heater in my room.
The birds wings flutter.
My papa built a duck feeder.
I was taught to respect my elder.
Use a coaster for your drink.
My favorite animal is a polar bear.
I forgot my charger.
I asked my brother to be an usher.
They went on a scooter ride.
The paper had one grammar mistake.
I went to get coffee earlier today.
The quiver launched forward.
He is a trickster.
The letter was addressed to me.
Walter waved to me.
The motor broke down.
I bought some baking powder.
When you enter the building, turn left.
We invested in solar panels.
It was a gender neutral top.
Chandler joked with his friends.
I have only one chapter left.
The car is for sale by owner.
We need to buy a cleaner.
The stealer was caught.
Her poster ripped in the wind.
She is a potter by profession.
The grim reaper is just a story.
He won the poker game.
I got a new leather jacket.
He has been sober since May.
She walked to the altar.
The boulder rolled down the hill.
The anchor dropped into the sea.
They hired a baby sitter.
A rooster crowed early in the morning.
She loves glamour and glitz.
The goober made me laugh.
He was a loner with just one friend.
The dog was a problem solver.
I hope you prosper and win.
I need to add fiber to my diet.
I will eat either one of those.
I have been a Costco member since 2005.
My lighter helped start the fire.
The flower might wither and die without water.
l got a light saber.
My marker lost its cap.
I am a product user.
The robber was caught.
The banner flew away.
You are a great fisher.
I watched the lunar eclipse.
The victor held up his sword.
The speaker was great.
I ordered a new washer and dryer.
She was a basket weaver.
She had a mild temper.
He is a trainer and coach.
It is a bummer that I missed the event.
She had hunger pains.
The server tripped on the chair.
The parlor was decorated for Christmas.
The crater on that planet was huge.
They bought a new camper.
The deer antler fell off.
I like the chocolate flavored smoothie.
The bull dozer pushed dirt.
Jester was funny.
He works as a car dealer.
I bought a new Range rover.
The odor was bad.
This hamper is for laundry.
Do not falter as you hike that mountain.
My Boston terrier is so cute.
The dog is a ball chaser.
I don’t like when you hover over me.
The lawyer won the argument.
I can not wait for warmer weather.
I went to the barber shop for a haircut.
Put the ice cream in the freezer.
The police radar caught the car.
Cherry is my favorite flavor.
I pulled my shoulder lifting weights.
Put the bread in the toaster, please.
This clutter makes me stressed.
The toddler needs a booster seat.
You should ponder your actions.
I have a gutter cleaning scheduled.
He has some bad manners.
He was a liar.
My first job was a grocery bagger.
This is just a minor inconvenience.
I feel happier than ever.
She gave the beggar a dollar.
The pioneer woman washed the clothes.
You are my business partner.
The sewer drained slowly.
3 Syllable4 Syllable
We will be forever together.She has an irregular heartbeat.
Jupiter has many moons.The alligator snapped.
They were together for 5 years.The caterpillar crawled on the leaf.
I got a new calendar.A helicopter flew above us.
November is my favorite month.The generator helped power the building.
Remember when we went to the park?The perimeter of the field is marked.
My computer needs an update.The elevator went up 12 floors.
October brings fall colors.Alexander yelled at his big sister.
I saw an anteater at the zoo.That was a spectacular show!
They dug for dinosaur bones.The gladiator fought with all his strength.
September is my birthday month.I want to order an appetizer.
The warrior let out a call.That thermometer is broken.
Mickey is my favorite character at Disney.The circle has a 5 foot diameter.
December has Christmas.The candle has a familiar smell.
He will maneuver carefully through the cones.I bought cauliflower at the store.
I am a junior in highschool.I was a firefighter for Halloween.
Christopher smiled at me.The bodybuilder went to the gym.
This room is a disaster.The entertainer sang loudly.
It is good to discover new things.I measured one centimeter.
This register is closed.The radiator broke.
The predator stalked its prey.I forgot my calculator.
The sunflower grew tall.He was on his best behavior.
He does not have another choice.The astronomer studied the stars.
I am a professor of mathematics.The linebacker was tackled.
She is a senior in high school.Please call the operator.
I coached and was a cheerleader for 6 years.I like icebreaker games.
He was promoted to manager.I was a babysitter in ninth grade.
They planned a sleepover for tomorrow.She felt she had superior feelings.
He is the treasurer of the state.The fire extinguisher is under the sink.
My uncle is a police officer.She was a professional photographer.
You are the narrator of the story.I got a flight to Madagascar.
She tried to think of a metaphor for pain.This coriander smells nice.
Grandpa was a carpenter.The escalator broke.
The abductor was caught.It is a kilometer long.
He was diagnosed with Asperger syndrome.The caregiver called earlier.
We ran through lavender fields.A firecracker launched unexpectedly.
The boat propeller was stuck.A salamander slept in the sun.
The janitor closet is locked.She felt like a coordinator of chaos.
I wrote down a reminder to order more paper.I will use hand sanitizer.
The eraser fell off the stand.The energizer batteries are strong.
We will not encounter a problem.The peacemaker was helpful.
The producer of the movie was named Sam.I ordered a cheeseburger and fries.
You can contact me on messenger.I like lifesaver candy.
The team decided to surrender.He is a troublemaker child.
Juniper smells good to me.The entrepreneur had goals.
The grasshopper buzzed.The fertilizer helped the grass grow.
The volunteer needs to wear red.The examiner watched closely.
A headhunter called me for a job.Let’s all go altogether.
I put the leftovers in a container.My supervisor called me.
My earrings might disappear.I forgot my binocular set.
It was a circular shape.The administrator called yesterday.
My counselor advised me.The candlemaker sold her candles for $10.
The minister prayed.
Add vinegar and baking soda.
The teenager shouted.
She was an amateur artist.
Oliver ran to his mom.
It is a rare disorder.
The bystander gave her a report.
The baby had a diaper rash.
He will run for senator.
The explorer took pictures of his adventures.
The bartender got a good tip.
My ancestor is from Spain.
He is an over achiever.
The golden retriever ran after the ball.
My grandmother smiled.
The grandfather clapped loudly.
Crossover the string to make a stitch.
This is a spectator sport.
Deliver my package to the front door.
He crossed the equator in his sailboat.
I always use an orange highlighter.
The governor declared a state of emergency.
The broken monitor was useless.
I play a defender position in soccer.
He is a survivor.
He is a superstar.
As a consumer, I like this product.
Empower people around you.
She is a world traveler.
That boy is a heartbreaker.
The advisor gave bad advice.
My retainer is lost.
The conqueror took over.
She is a daydreamer.
I am a dog admirer.
It is tricky to decipher the code.
I am going to the nutcracker show!
The customer service is great.
That dictator was cruel.
This air freshener smells great.
He was a coin collector.
The train conductor honked the horn.
The rottweiler barked at me.
The inventor was given credit.
My cellular service is bad here.
That dog is a wanderer.
She gained a follower.
The bootlegger drove to Kentucky.
The water in the reservoir is low.
We need to hire a translator.
This is his bachelor pad.
She is the breadwinner of the family.
This is a semester long class.
I am a believer in handwashing.
We need to buy more dishwasher soap.
The roadrunner darted across the street.
The bulldozer drove through the dirt.
This is a beginner level class.
The beekeeper suited up to protect himself.
My godfather is my dad’s best friend.
The jeweler repaired the ring.

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Boom Cards

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Auditory Discrimination

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Own Progress

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Speech Therapy Activities

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Articulation Cards

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Here are a couple of r-blend resources if you have students working on r-blends as well.

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In Conclusion: R Words Speech Therapy

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