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400+ Prevocalic R Words List for Speech Therapy

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As speech-language pathologists, we know that certain speech sounds can be more challenging for some individuals to produce than others. One such sound is the prevocalic r, which is the r sound that occurs at the beginning of a word or syllable. 

The production of this sound involves the coordination of the lips, tongue, and vocal cords, making it a complex sound to master.

I mean what speech therapist doesn’t love working on the pesky sound of /r/?!

If you are a speech therapist or parent looking for prevocalic r words to practice with your child or student then this blog post is just what you need! It has over 400 prevocalic r words that will help strengthen your child or student’s /r/ sound. 

Key Takeaways

  • Prevocalic r is a complex sound that can be challenging for some individuals to produce.
  • Correct production of prevocalic r is crucial for effective communication in the English language.
  • Speech-language pathologists can use a variety of techniques and strategies to teach and practice prevocalic r production.

What is a Prevocalic R?

A prevocalic r is a feature of the English language that refers to the pronunciation of the sound /r/ before a vowel in a word.

Articulation Therapy and Prevocalic R

When it comes to treating speech sound disorders, in the schools or in a private practice setting, the speech therapist will begin with a complete evaluation of the client’s speech sound system. 

During assessment, we collect a detailed case history and conduct a comprehensive evaluation of the client’s speech sound system, including an analysis of prevocalic r production. We also consider other factors that may be impacting speech production, such as oral motor skills, hearing, and language abilities.

Based on the assessment results, we develop an individualized treatment plan that targets the specific needs of the client. Treatment may involve direct therapy, where we work one-on-one with the client, or indirect therapy, where we collaborate with family members, teachers, and other professionals to support the client’s communication development.

This evaluation helps determine whether prevocalic R is the only intervention target or if other sounds are also in need of remediation. Once it has been determined that prevocalic R is a good intervention target, we can begin working on this sound specifically. 

Our primary goal is to help individuals achieve effective communication by improving their speech intelligibility and overall communication skills.

The speech therapist may use a variety of techniques and strategies to help the client produce prevocalic R correctly. These may include auditory bombardment, modeling, and shaping.

During therapy sessions, the speech therapist will provide feedback and guidance to the client as they practice producing prevocalic R in various words and phrases. 

It is important to note that progress in therapy can take time, and clients may need multiple sessions to master the sound.


Correct Sound Production

In the English language the r sound is one of the most difficult sounds as well as one of the last sounds to develop. There are two different ways a Speech Language Pathologist can teach tongue placement for r remediation. 

First, let’s review the two different variations for tongue movements for producing the correct r sound:

  • Retroflexed R
  • Bunched R

The two different tongue positions are very similar and vary in mid-tongue and tongue tip placements:

  • Teeth: The /r/ sound is made by having a slight gap between the teeth.
  • Lips: Lips should be in a neutral position and not rounded. (A rounded lip shape might lead to a w sound in place of an /r/ sound, such as “wed” for the word “red”.
  • Sides of the Tongue: Be sure to place the sides of the tongue and back of the tongue against the upper side of your teeth to allow for the passage of air to go down the center of the tongue.
  • Tongue Placement:
    • Retroflexed Tongue Position: Have the mid-tongue somewhat tense but not bunched up. Then place the tip of the tongue pointing up to the roof of their mouth just past the alveolar ridge.
    • Bunched Tongue Position: Have the mid-tongue bunched up near the roof of the mouth. Then place the tip of the tongue pointing down or straight.
  • Air: Then blow a skinny stream of air over the center of your tongue (you do not want the air to come out the sides of the tongue).
  • Voice: The next step is that the r sound is also a voiced sound so your voice box or vocal cords should vibrate. You can tell that their voice is turned on by touching your voice box on your neck and feeling it vibrate (the upper part of the throat).

Hardest Sounds

Please keep in mind that the r sound is a later developing sound and one of the hardest aspects is teaching the complexity of speech movements. 

Teaching the right way to place the child’s tongue can give you a hard time. 

That’s why it’s important to work closely with a licensed Speech-Language Pathologist to give you professional help to work with your child to find the right position for their tongue to produce a great sounding r sound.

R Speech Sounds

  • Prevocalic R – is when the r sound comes before a vowel sound, such as initial r words as in “red”. 
  • Vocalic R  Sound – is when the r sound comes after a vowel sound, such as: or, ar, er, ear, ire, air.

Target Words

When selecting target words and word lists, it’s important to consider the individual needs and abilities of the client. A speech-language pathologist can help identify appropriate target words and develop a plan for therapy sessions that is tailored to the client’s specific needs and goals.

Here’s a list of prevocalic articulation sounds for you to use in therapy or at home practice to work on your student or child’s new skill.

  • For Example: red, rain, rest, right, race, rat, ride, ruin, rope, rake, read, rode, root, ripe, racket, raspberry, recess, retreat, run, rubber

See full list of words, phrases, and sentences below.

Be sure to grab my one page freebie of prevocalic sounds below. Simply scroll to the bottom of this post and grab your free copy!

Need Medial or Final R Words?

See full list of 1220+ R words at the word level, phrase level, and sentence level here. Plus this list provides words in the initial position of words, medial r words, and final r words. (I’m hoping to have an r blend list coming soon!)


Need a Different Sound?

You won’t want to miss out on my complete growing list of all my articulation word lists!

Word Positions: R Words Speech Therapy 

Initial Position of Words

The initial position of the r sound is at the beginning of the word. For example, “rock” or “rain”.

Medial Position of Words

Some words have the r sound in the medial position of a word, such as “parrot”, “carseat”, and “pirate”.

Final Word Position

The final positions of words are when the target sound is at the end of the word. For example, “baker” or “tiger”.


Prevocalic R Words at Word Level

Some ways to practice include having your child or student say each prevocalic /r/ word one by one as they go through a list. 

Using a dot marker can also be a fun way to practice having your child put a dot under each prevocalic r sound. 

In addition, I’ve compiled an easy-to-download dot game of the prevocalic r sound below. Simply scroll down to the bottom of this post and download your free copy.

  • 1 Syllable: ring, rich, red, rain, rock, rose, ray, ron, room, ram, rest, Ryan, rat, royal, rap, rage, rice, race, rush, Rome, ross, right, real, road, rad, run, row, roof, ride, rope, risk, rise, rum, rip, Rick, robe, rule, rep, rug, reach, rent, read, rod, rant, roll, rust, rob, rack, rough, Ruth, round, rhythm, ride, root, rag, ranch, ridge, raw, rot, ring, reign, rale, rim, rig, rave, rude, rub, reed, raft, rut, rear, rib, ritz, rye, rails, rouge, route, roe, rash, raid, reef, ruin, rocks, roar, roast, roach, rung, rein, rare, raise, ripe, rank, reek, role, roll, realm, rack, ruse, ramp, rink, runt, react, rasp, ratch, realy, reel, roost 
  • 2 Syllable: Rachel, river, Rio, range, russia, robbery, rhyme, running, respect, riddle, rodent, raven, reason, rocket, robbin, roman, ready, rodger, reading, rainbow, rasta, random, Riley, reindeer, rising, rhino, reagan, region, rapper, riot, rabbit, racing, research, reaction, relief, ripple, romance, rosa, ruler, reward, romeo, raining, really, return, resource, runner, ruby, recall, roster, robot, recess, reptile, rally, randy, russell, rubber, rascal, rocky, ringing, ribbon, realize, routine, recipe, rooster, rifle, respite, robber, rubish, raddish, resist, rebel, raffle, rapture, regret, rowing, rustic, racket, redneck, rugby, retail, report, reject, request, rover, rubble, rodeo, raptor, royalty, reveal, radar, release, rapid, riches, rumor, roommate, repeat, rhyming, rusty, racist, resort, rumble, recon, repent, raided, rampage, records, runway, ruthless, roller, reunion, review, realtor, rooky, resume, relay, radar, retire, redo, ranger, rescue, rhombus, rental, relax, raising, reaching, recipt, rejoice, reggae, replace, regard, railway, results, raccoon, regain, richness, rancid, ruckus, refuge, reverse, raging, riser, runoff, refuse, realty, rival, realness, rocking, rematch, richer, refund, raincoat, remorse, roaring, rutter, railing, rabi, reeling, reckless, racer, remark, repair, recieve, restless, rabid, raisin, ruining, rupture, risking, reset, ruling, rifling, reflux, railroad, rinsing, remain, reform, rower, roaming, rider, rusting, ringer, replay, reply, rambler, respawned, rumbling, rested, raiser, rockies, rebate, ransom, rasping, rover, rotor, regards, redness, roomie, remote, refresh, rinse, relate, rattle, restart, recount, refine
  • 3 Syllable: revenge, radio, remember, realty, republic, restaurant, recycle, radical, recycling, rainforest, receiver, register, resolve, religion, racism, relative, ration, raspberry, reminder, rebellion, Ramadan, radiant, Robinson, righteous, Russian, reflection, resistance, respectful, relentless, retina, remedy, recession, retriever, revival, rosary, rejection, reasoning, resentment, replica
  • 4 Syllable: relaxation, retirement, relationship, righteousness, renovation, revolution, reciprocal, resolution, responsible, reference, retribution, resurrection, reservation, republican, remembering, rambunctious, revelation, relatable, recovery, remarkable, reciprocate, ravioli, renewable, recreation, restoration, reproduction, radiator, rosemary, recognition, registration, rhinoceros, reliable, remodeling, reinforcement, relocation, regulation, requirement, reformation, resignation, repercussion, regurgitate, respirator, reasonable, regenerate, repairable, reversible

Prevocalic R Words Speech Therapy

1 Syllable2 Syllable3 Syllable
4 Syllable

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Short Sentences or Phrases

When working on prevocalic r sound production, it’s important to work on short phrases once your child or student has mastered the sound at the word level at or near 80% or higher accuracy.

Here is a list of prevocalic word phrases to try:

Prevocalic R Words Speech Therapy in Phrases

1 Syllable2 Syllable3 Syllable
chicken roostrefine your workexact replica
engagement ringRachel wavedgets revenge
rich chocolateriver waterradio personality
red foxRio granderemember when
rain cloudswide rangereality is
rock concertRussia is coldrepublic party
red rosecharged with robberyrestaurant closed
ray of sunshinerhyme with cowrecycle your cans
Ron jumpedrunning fastradical idea
living roomwill respectrecycling truck
ram hornfigure out a riddleprotect the rainforest
rest uprodent of unusual sizereceiver was broken
Ryan smiledblack ravenregister for the party
rat crawledno reasonresolve the issue
royal bluebig rocketreligion was important
rap concertrobin hoppedracism is not allowed
felt rageroman soldiersmeet her relative
rice and chickenready to goration the bread
race this wayroger thatraspberry tart
rush hourcurled up readingappointment reminder
vacation to Romerainbow spread across the skyrebellion started
Ross wavedrandomly pickRamadan is tomorrow
right or leftRiley ranradiant skin
real dogSanta’s reindeerRobinson sailed
road worksun is risingrighteous laws
rad wavesrhino hornsRussian soldier
run fartherReagan whisperedreflection in mirror
row your boatcold regionresistance bands
roof workrapper concertrespectful boy
ride in carriot began yesterdayrelentless questions
rope swingrabbit ranretina burned
risk it allcar racingherbal remedy
rise and fallmore researchin a recession
rip paperbad reactiongolden retriever
Rick laughedfelt reliefrevival has started
cozy robewater rippleGrandma’s rosary
rule number oneromance storyrejection is painful
rep clothesrosa snappedreasoning with toddlers
washable rugnew rulerhold onto resentment
reach outreward for behavior
rent or ownRomeo andJuliet
read a bookraining hard
fishing rodreally excited
went on a rantreturn the favor
roll downresource guard
car had rustrunner was fast
rob a bankred ruby
clothing rackrecall that part
rough nightroster is up
Ruth brokerobot vacuum
round circlerecess is in 10 min
danced to the rhythmreptile at the zoo
Roller Coaster ridepep rally
root was deepRandy called
rag dollRussell painted
working ranchrubber band
ridge linehe is a rascal
rawhiderocky mountains
cucumber had already rotphone ringing
doorbell ringsblue ribbon
in reignI didn’t realize
hold the railstrict routine
tire rimrecipe card
rig on boatrooster crowed
rave reviewsrifle for sale
rude customerrespite services
seasoning rubrobber was caught
reed in pondrubbish is smelly
yellow raftcut the radish
in a rutresist the urge
rear endedrebel was caught
rib cagewon the raffle
Ritz crackersdo not regret
rye breadrowing a boat
broken railsrustic theme
rouge missiontennis racket
slow down on the routeredneck area
Mr. Roeretail sale
itchy rashrugby game
raid the pantrygreat report
reef cutreject that
the stain ruinedsend a request
threw rocksland rover
lion roarrubble fell down
roast for dinnerrodeo is at 9pm
roach crawledraptor ran
rung the towelfamily is royalty
rein ingender reveal
rare breed of dogon the radar
raise your handbook release
ripe fruitrapid heart rate
rank higherrags to riches
the trash reeksdon’t spread that rumor
role playednew roommate
roll the ballrepeat myself
new realmrhyming poem
rake the leavesrusty car
it was a ruseracist remark
bike rampbeautiful resort
ice rinklow rumble from thunder
puppy was a runtrecon mission
react badlyrepent from her wrongs
rasp in her voicerated well
rely on himled the rampage
reel in the linerecords show
runaway bride
ruthless remarks
roller blades
high school reunion
review this paper
realtor called
rookie played well
updated resume
relay the information
raiders won
retire early
redo my kitchen
ranger school
rescue mission
rhombus shape
rental property
relax at the beach
raising dogs
reaching out
forgot the receipt
happy and rejoice
reggae music
replace the broken watch
no regard
railway tracks
positive results
raccoon jumped
regain my strength
rancid smell
ruckus going on
is a refuge
reverse gear
raging with anger
early riser
water runoff
refuse to eat
works in realty
rival team
showed her realness
rocking chair
game rematch
richer or poorer
refund, please
blue raincoat
no remorse
roaring lion
broken rudder
hand railing
rabbi priest
reeling in the fishing line
reckless decision
was a racer
odd remark
car repair
receive a gift
restless and anxious
rabid raccoon
raisin for a snack
ruining her dress
cyst rupture
risking everything
need a reset
ruling was fair
fast reflex
railroad tracks
rinsing my hands
remain quiet
reform the soles
rower was strong
roaming around
horseback rider
rusting pipes
ringer was loud
replay that video
hit reply
respond to my message
rumbling tummy
well rested
razor burn
rockies are big
rebate on my phone
paid the ransom
rasping breathe
roving around
rotor was broken
in regards
redness came to her cheeks
roomie was fun
remote control
refresh the page
rinse your mouth
do you relate
rattle snake
hit restart
recount the tiles
4 Syllable
reversible shirt
relaxation is important
early retirement
good relationship
his righteousness
kitchen renovation
revolution started
reciprocal effort
great resolution
responsible child
use this as reference
feared retribution
resurrection was a surprise
reservation for dinner
republican vote
remembering details
rambunctious puppy
had a revelation
relatable story
recovery is possible
remarkable designs
reciprocate the effort
ravioli for dinner
renewable subscription
recreation and outdoors
restoration project
reproduction of art
radiator broke
rosemary leaf
facial recognition
registration process
rhinoceros at the zoo
reliable friend
remodeling project
positive reinforcement
relocation hardships
planning regulation
strict requirement
need a reformation
resignation from his job
severe repercussion
the dog might regurgitate
on a respirator
reasonable price
possible to regenerate
repairable tire

Sentence Level: Prevocalic R Words Speech Therapy

The next step after working at the word and phrase levels is to work on the prevocalic r sound at the sentence level.

For example, you could give your child or student a list of sentences to read aloud while they work on their prevocalic r sound. 

Another idea would be to give your child or student pictures with their prevocalic r sound in them and then have them create a sentence about those pictures.

Below is a list of sentences to use with your child or students.

Prevocalic R Words Speech Therapy in Sentences

1 Syllable2 Syllable
The chicken roost was attacked by coyotes.Please refine your work.
She loved her engagement ring.Rachel waved at her friend.
The rich man had lots of cars.The river water is contaminated.
I saw a red foxLet’s visit the Rio Grande River.
Rain clouds are rolling in.There is a wide range of options.
They are at a rock concert.Russia is a cold place.
Her nose is red from her cold and sniffles.He was charged with robbery.
A ray of sunshine came through the cloudsI need to rhyme with cow.
Ron jumped on the trampoline.He is running fast.
I have a new couch in my living room.I will respect the coupon code.
The ram horn was big.Let’s try to figure out this riddle.
Her coach told her to rest up.That is a rodent of unusual size.
Ryan smiled at school.The black raven flew overhead.
A rat crawled across the fence.There is no reason for that.
My favorite color is royal blue.There is a big rocket at the museum.
I am going to a rap concert.The robin hopped with a worm in its beak.
He felt rage.The Roman soldiers won many wars.
I ate rice and chicken for dinnerI am ready to go.
He is at the raceway.He said “Roger that”.
I am stuck in rush hour traffic.I am curled up reading.
Let’s go on vacation to Rome.She saw the rainbow spread across the sky.
Ross waved to Rachel.He will randomly pick a name.
Are you right or left handed?Riley ran towards his dad.
She wants a real dog.Santa’s reindeer prepared for the long journey.
There is road work.The sun is rising.
The surfer caught some rad waves.The rhino horns were long.
I will run farther than you.Reagan whispered to her friend.
Row your boat to the shore.This is a cold region.
There is roof work being done today.She went to a rapper concert.
Let’s ride in your car.A riot began yesterday.
She swung on the rope swing.The rabbit ran from the fox.
He will risk it all.The car is racing down the road.
The empire will rise and fall.I need to do more research.
The baby will try to rip the paper.I had a bad reaction.
Rick laughed at the joke.She felt relief at the news.
I want a cozy robe.The water rippled.
Rule number one is to listen.The romance story began in Italy.
He wore his rep clothes to work.Rosa snapped at her sister.
Thank God for this washable rug.My new ruler is blue.
You just need to reach out to her.The dog gets a reward for good behavior.
Do you rent or own your home?Romeo and Juliet is a timeless story.
We can read a book later.It is raining hard outside.
He forgot his fishing rod.I am really excited.
She went on a rant.She will return the favor.
The kids will roll down the grassy hill.The dog might resource guard his food.
The car had rust and did not start.The runner was fast.
They planned to rob a bank.She has a red ruby necklace.
The clothing rack is disorganized.I can’t recall that part.
It was a rough night for the new mom.The roster is up.
Ruth broke her finger playing basketball.I won a robot vacuum.
They formed a round circle and held hands.Recess is in 10 minutes.
They danced to the rhythm of music.My favorite reptile at the zoo is the python.
The kid is excited for his first rollercoaster ride.She cheers at the pep rally.
The tree roots ran deep into the ground.Randy called his mom.
She loves her rag doll.Russell painted a picture.
It is a working ranch.The rubber band broke.
The view from the ridge line is amazing.He is a rascal but sweet.
I gave my dog a rawhide bone.I want to see the Rocky Mountains.
The cucumber I needed had already rotted.The phone ringing startled her.
The dogs bark when the doorbell rings.I won a blue ribbon.
Pull in the reins on your horse.I didn’t realize she left.
She will hold the rail for balance.She keeps a strict routine.
I scraped my tire rim.My mom gave me this recipe card.
The rig on the boat was broken.The rooster crowed early.
The new cafe has rave reviews.He has all the paperwork for his rifle for sale.
The rude customer was asked to leave.My aunt works in respite services.
This is a new seasoning rub to try.The robber was caught and put in jail.
The duck swam through the reeds in the pond.Rubbish is smelly.
The yellow raft is inflatable.Please help me cut the radish.
Their relationship was in a rut.I will resist the urge for chocolate.
I rear ended the van in front of me.The state rebel was caught.
He broke his rib cage.I won the raffle!
He ate Ritz crackers.She does not regret her choice.
I love rye bread.He is rowing a boat.
The fence had broken rails.Her house has a rustic theme.
This is a rogue mission.I broke my tennis racket.
The crash caused a slow down on the route.He said his cousin is a redneck.
Mr. Roe is a great teacher.There is a retail sale today.
The bug bite also caused an itchy rash.The rugby game was stressful.
The teenagers went to raid the pantry.He received a great report.
The reef cut his foot.The dog will reject that.
The stain ruined the carpet.I will send a request tomorrow.
The toddler threw rocks at the water.He got a new Land Rover.
A lion’s roar is very loud.Building rubble fell down onto the ground.
I will make a roast for dinner.The rodeo is at 9pm.
A roach crawled under the table.The raptor ran fast.
He rang out the wet towel.His family is royalty.
Please rein in that wild horse.They had a gender reveal.
That is a rare breed of dog.It is on the radar.
Please raise your hand before you speak.She is having a book release party.
Just pick the ripe fruit.She has a rapid heart rate.
He achieved a rank higher.His story is rags to riches.
You need to take out the trash because it reeks.Please don’t spread that rumor.
He played his character to practice.I need a new roommate.
He will roll the ball to his sister,I will not repeat myself.
The character entered a new realm in the game.I have to create a rhyming poem.
I need to rake the leaves.That is a rusty car.
It was a ruse.A racist remark will not be tolerated.
My dad built me a bike ramp.I like this beautiful resort.
The ice rink is closed today.There is a low rumble from thunder in the distance.
The black puppy was a runt.They are going on a recon mission.
He did react badly to the news.She did repent from her wrongs.
She is feeling better but still has a rasp in her voice.This restaurant is rated well.
She can rely on him.Who led the rampage?
It is time to reel in the line.The records show your attendance.
She was a runaway bride.
He ignored the ruthless remarks.
I asked for roller blades for my birthday.
I missed my high school reunion.
I need to review this paper.
The realtor called back.
The baseball rookie played well.
I gave them the updated resume.
He forgot to relay the information.
The Raiders won today!
I have a plan to retire early.
It is time to redo my kitchen.
He did not get into ranger school.
This is an important rescue mission.
He picked up a rhombus shape.
I own 4 rental properties.
Let’s go relax at the beach.
I grew up raising dogs and cats.
I will be reaching out via phone call.
I forgot to bring the receipt.
She will rejoice when they win.
I do not like reggae music.
I need to replace the broken watch.
He had no regard for the people around him.
I ran across the railway tracks.
She is hoping for positive results.
The raccoon jumped into the trash can.
I need to rest and regain my strength.
The rancid smell comes from the trash.
The ruckus going on is distracting.
She is a refuge.
I put the car into reverse gear.
She is raging with anger.
I am an early riser.
The water runoff goes to the stream.
He will refuse to eat anything with pickles.
My sister works in reality business.
The rival team lost the game.
She showed her realness
I bought a rocking chair
There was a game rematch.
They promised for richer or poorer.
I want a refund, please.
She wore a blue raincoat.
There was no remorse in his tone.
I ran from the roaring lion.
The boat has a broken rudder.
Hold the hand railing.
He spoke to his rabbi.
He is reeling in the fishing line.
That was a reckless decision.
His uncle was a racer.
She made an odd remark.
I should take my car in for a repair.
I did not expect to receive a gift.
He is feeling restless and anxious.
They set a trap for the rabid raccoon.
She wants raisins for a snack.
The mud is ruining her dress.
My cyst ruptured and hurt.
He is risking everything on this investment.
He needs a reset.
The ruling was fair.
He has a fast reflex.
We went to the railroad tracks.
I am rinsing my hands.
Please remain quiet.
I need to reform the soles.
The rower was strong.
The wolves are roaming around.
Her friend is a horseback rider.
We should replace the rusting pipes.
The ringer was loud.
Please replay that video.
I hit reply.
Please respond to my message.
He has a rumbling tummy.
I feel well rested.
I got a razor burn.
The rocky mountains are big.
I sent in a rebate on my phone.
He paid the ransom.
She has a rasping breath.
The robot is roving around the planet.
That rotor was broken.
In regards to that statement, I need an answer.
It was hot and redness came to her cheeks.
My roomie was fun.
I lost the remote control.
I need to refresh the page.
Do not forget to rinse your mouth.
Do you relate to that?
I hear a rattle snake.
It was fixed when she hit restart.
I should recount the tiles.

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Correct Production – Effective R Therapy

Do you have any r kids who are struggling with the incorrect production of the r sound? 

If so, here are a handful of new strategies that therapists have had great success with helping their speech students produce the tricky sound of R. 

Start with one simple program below and if that doesn’t work you can keep working through the different strategies until you find one that your student finds success with.

You can even grab a tongue depressor to use as a tactile cue to help correct speech errors.

Different Ways to Practice

Finally, there are many different ways to practice prevocalic r. These can include tongue twisters, reading aloud, singing, and other exercises. By practicing in different ways, students can become more comfortable with the sound and learn how to produce it more naturally.

Overall, teaching prevocalic r can be challenging, but with the right techniques and practice, students can learn to master this important sound.

Prevocalic R Words Speech Therapy Ideas

Below are some therapy materials that you might find helpful when it comes to working on prevocalic r with your clients.

It is important to have materials that are easy access and can be used in a variety of settings. This may include materials that can be printed out and used in therapy sessions or materials that can be accessed through a digital platform. We have found that having a variety of materials that are easy to access and use has been essential in our practice.

Boom Cards

Boom Cards are digital task cards that can be accessed through a computer, tablet, or smartphone. They are a fantastic way to have a little speech therapy fun while engaging your clients in a fun and interactive way. We have found that Boom Cards are particularly helpful when working on prevocalic r because they provide visual cues and immediate feedback.


Great Book

Using books in therapy is a great way to engage clients in a fun and entertaining way. There are many great books available that can be used to target prevocalic r. 

For Example:

The Little Old Lady That Wasn’t Afraid of Anything by Linda D. Williams and Megan Lloyd is one of the best children’s books out there. This story follows a little old lady who goes on a walk through the forest looking for herbs, nuts, and seeds and on her way home meets various clothing items that try to scare her, but she keeps telling them that she is not afraid of anything! This book is great for your older children who wouldn’t be afraid of scary clothing items following a lady home. 

Digital Version:


  • R Sound – ran, rocked

Get the complete list of children’s books for speech therapy.


Flip Book

A flip book is a tool that can be used to target a variety of speech sounds, including prevocalic r. It consists of a series of pages with different word lists that can be flipped through to practice different sounds. We have found that flip books are particularly helpful when working on prevocalic r because they provide a visual representation of the sound and allow clients to practice in a structured way.


Digital Downloads

There are many digital downloads available that can be used to target prevocalic r. These include worksheets, flashcards, and games. We have found that digital downloads are particularly helpful when working with clients who are learning remotely or who need additional practice outside of therapy sessions.

  • R Activities I Spy Game by Speech Therapy Store – If you’re looking for an amazing freebie and a great resource then you’re in the right spot. I’ve created a fun and engaging I Spy activity that any student is sure to love!
  • R Word Search by Speech Therapy Store – Here is a fun and engaging Word Search that your students are sure to enjoy.
  • 43+ Best R Speech Therapy Activities by Speech Therapy Store – You won’t want to miss out on this list of just over 43 different activities for working on the r sound in therapy. 

Home Practice

As speech-language pathologists, we understand the importance of home practice for our clients. 

When working with children’s speech, we know that consistent practice is key to improving their skills. Without regular practice, children may struggle to retain what they have learned in therapy sessions. This is why we encourage parents to work with their child at home, in addition to attending therapy sessions with us.

Home practice allows children to practice their skills in a comfortable and familiar environment. By practicing at home, children can work on their speech skills at their own pace, without the pressure of a therapy session.

We recommend that parents practice with their child for at least 10-15 minutes per day, 3-5 times per week. This can include practicing specific words or phrases that contain the prevocalic /r/ sound, as well as reading books or engaging in other activities that promote speech development.

It is important to note that every child is different, and what works for one child may not work for another. That is why we work closely with parents to develop a home practice plan that is tailored to their child’s individual needs.

In conclusion, home practice is an essential component of speech therapy for children who struggle with the prevocalic /r/ sound. By practicing at home, children can reinforce what they have learned in therapy and make progress towards their speech goals. As speech-language pathologists, we are committed to working with parents to develop effective home practice plans that meet the unique needs of each child.

  • R Sound Articulation Lists by Speech Therapy Store – Grab my one page freebie of initial r words, medial r, and final r sounds with real-life photos perfect for older students working on the word, phrase, and sentence levels.
  • Interactive Flash Cards by Speech Therapy Store – Have fun using our interactive r flash cards right from your computer! We’ve included 25 flash cards for the initial r, medial r, and final r for a total of 75 interactive flash cards to use with your students or clients right from your computer. 

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In Conclusion: Prevocalic R Words Speech Therapy

We hope you have found this article helpful for working on your child or student’s prevocalic r sound. 

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are some activities to teach prevocalic r?

    There are many fun and engaging activities that can help teach prevocalic r. Some examples include tongue twisters, word games, and singing songs that emphasize the r sound. You can also use visual aids such as mirrors or videos to help children see how their mouth moves when producing the r sound.

    How can I improve my child’s prevocalic r pronunciation?

    Consistent practice and repetition are key to improving prevocalic r pronunciation. Encourage your child to practice saying words with the r sound every day, and provide positive feedback and reinforcement when they make progress. You should also work with a speech therapist to help guide your child’s practice.

    What are some common postvocalic r words?

    Postvocalic r refers to the r sound that comes after a vowel in a word. Some common postvocalic r words include “car,” “bird,” and “star.” It is important to note that postvocalic r can be pronounced differently depending on the dialect or region.

    What is the difference between prevocalic r and postvocalic r?

    Prevocalic r refers to the r sound that comes before a vowel in a word, while postvocalic r refers to the r sound that comes after a vowel in a word. The two sounds can be pronounced differently and require different techniques for proper pronunciation.

    Are there any online resources for teaching prevocalic r?

    Yes, there are many online resources available for teaching prevocalic r. Some examples include speech therapy websites, YouTube videos, and educational apps. It is important to ensure that the resources are reputable and evidence-based before using them for practice.

    How can I incorporate prevocalic r practice into daily routines?

    Incorporating prevocalic r practice into daily routines can be easy and fun. You can encourage your child to say words with the r sound during mealtime, playtime, and even while reading books. You can also make a game out of finding words with the r sound in everyday objects or signs. Consistent practice and repetition are key to improving prevocalic r pronunciation.

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