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Do you want to spend less time searching for materials and more time doing the things you love?

This curriculum is for a Speech-Language Pathologist, Special Education Teacher, Life Skills, or Transition Teacher working in the middle school or high school setting who wants a done-for-you conversational skills lesson plan with monthly modules for the entire school year.

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Here's what's inside the curriculum:

  • Age-appropriate materials for older students including real-life photos and real-life scenarios for teens and young adults to practice functional conversational skills instead of using materials with childish-looking graphics or materials that include primary topics such as playground, recess, or even toys. 
  • A step-by-step program to teach conversational skills with a done-for-you weekly lesson plan for an entire school year instead of spending hours scrolling through Google, Pinterest, or TPT for therapy ideas and materials on a weekly or daily basis.
  • Materials that work with a wide age range and are differentiated at multiple skill levels instead of materials that are too developmentally low for your students to engage with or are too developmentally high for your beginner students to even access. 
  • A program that is a no-prep ready to implement solution with a simple tap of the print button or the opening up of your favorite PDF reader instead of finding the time to learn and prepare the materials yourself.
  • Materials that you know will work for both in-person or teletherapy instead of finding materials you like only to find out later they are not compatible with online learning.
  • A program that is reasonably priced and budget-friendly instead of those extremely expensive programs because you are most likely using your own money and let's face it we are sadly no millionaires in speech. 

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