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600+ G Words Lists for Speech Therapy Articulation

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If you’re a parent or a speech therapist in need of word lists for the g sound then you’ve come to the right place! Below are over 600 g words for speech therapy.

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Correct Production

The g sound is a back sound. It is made by placing the back of the tongue against the soft palate in the back of the mouth. 

If you’re wondering what the soft palate is, it is the little bit of soft roof area in the back of the mouth.

You can help your child practice by placing their tongue in the correct position against the soft palate using a tongue depressor. 

Once you’ve located the soft palate with the tongue depressor then place the back part of your tongue against the soft palate.

You can also have your child or student practice their tongue placement and tongue tip in front of a mirror.

The g sound is also a voiced sound so your voice box or vocal cords should vibrate. 

You can tell that their voice is turned on by touching your voice box on your neck and feeling it vibrate.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the g sound can be a hard g, such as before a consonant “glass” or before a back vowel (a, o, u) as in “goat” or at the end of a word like “log”. 

A soft g is when the “g” sound makes the /j/ sound when the g sound is followed by the vowels (e, i, or y) such as “giant” or a word of Greek origin that begins with the letters gy- such as the word “gymnastics”. 

Hard G and Soft G Free Posters by Make Take Teach – Want to learn more about the hard g and soft g? Be sure to grab these free posters to get you started. They are a perfect poster and have at your fingertips!

Speech Sound Visual Posters by A Perfect Blend – Wish you had a visual cue? Then be sure to print out these visual sound posters! Not only are they helpful, but they are super cute as well.


G Words Speech Therapy

If you’re a speech language pathologist or a parent of a child working on the g sound then you’ve come to the right place. Below are over 600 g word lists to practice the g sound. 

Not only is this list of g words perfect for at home practice, but speech-language pathologists can pull up this list anytime for a quick and easy speech therapy session.

Target Words

Here’s a list of g articulation sounds for you to use in therapy or at home practice to work on your student or child’s new skill.

  • For Example: go, goat, goal, gate, gutter, gas, hedgehog, eagle, finger, kangaroo, wagon, magnet, bug, log, dog, rug, egg, tag

See the full list of words, phrases, and sentences below.

You can also grab my one page freebie of g sounds below. Simply scroll to the bottom of this post and grab your free copy!


Word Positions: G Words Speech Therapy 

Initial Position of Words

The initial position of the g sound is at the beginning of a word. For example, “goat” or “got”.

Medial Position of Words

When the g sound is in the middle of a word it is in the medial position of a word, such as “hamburger”, “tiger”, and “dragon”.

Final Positions of Words

The final positions of words are when the target sound is at the end of a word. For example, “mug” or “dig”.

G Words Speech Therapy

For your unlimited use, I’ve gone ahead and gathered over 600 g words to work on your student’s or child’s speech. 

Word Level: G Words Speech Therapy

One way to practice is to have your child or student practice their target sound at the word level.

Below is a list of initial g words, medial g words, and final g words. Although the list isn’t always in alphabetical order it can be fun to mix and match.

In addition, I’ve compiled an easy-to-download practice printable or digital pages of the g sound below. Simply scroll down to the bottom of this post and download your free copy.

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Initial: G Words Speech Therapy

  • 1 Syllable: go, gag, gold, gas, gap, gun, gum, gut, guy, gain, gale, game, gasp, gate, gawk, gaze, gear, geek, gig, girl, goat, give, goal, goes, good, gone, gown, golf, gush, geese, gift, gills, goose, gorge, gourd, guard, guest, gulf, guilt, gulls, gunk, gust, gauze, guide, gold, gob, guess, gust, guts, gasp, guest, gulp, gear, gunk, ghost, gab, Gail, gash, gale, guest, gulp, guy, Gus, gauge, gong
  • 2 Syllable: gallop, gasses, gecko, giddy, gimpy, going, goofy, gooey, gumbo, gummy, gaggle, galore, garage, garlic, geyser, gibbon, giggle, girdle, goalie, goblet, goggle, gopher, gospel, gossip, govern, guitar, gallon, gamble, garbage, gargle, garden, garnish, gateway, gazelle, goodbye, gumball, gumdrop, guppies, gainless, garland, garment, goalpost, goatskin, goldfish, goodness, goodwill, gorgeous, gurgle, goldsmith, guestroom, guestbook, guidebook, given, golden, gator, girlfriend, gutter, guidance, giving, gobble, golf cart, gather, guppy, garfield, gallon, gourmet, gazette, guilty, galley, guideline, guzzle, go kart, gameboard, gadget, gala, Gilbert, gizzard, gimmick, goatee, Gordon, Gary, Gavin, goldfinch, gumption, guppy, gifted, Google
  • 3 Syllable: galaxy, gallery, gazebo, gorilla, gourmet, goulash, galactic, gasoline, giveaway, gondola, governor, gullible, gardening, gathering, godfather, godmother, guardian, guitarist, godparents, goldilocks, gooseberry, government, guarantee, governess, goalkeeper, getaway, guardianship, gardener, Gabriel, gigantic
  • 4 Syllable: gardenia, gazillion, gallivanted, guacamole, goldendoodle, guardianship

Practice in Flash Card Mode Right Here from Your Computer!

initial-g-gab initial-g-gas initial-g-gate initial-g-gail initial-g-gauge initial-g-game initial-g-gap initial-g-ghost initial-g-gaze initial-g-gash initial-g-geek initial-g-gift initial-g-gauze initial-g-gain initial-g-geese initial-g-gob initial-g-goes initial-g-gasp initial-g-gear initial-g-gold initial-g-go initial-g-gills initial-g-gig initial-g-goal initial-g-guest initial-g-gown initial-g-good initial-g-girl initial-g-goat initial-g-give initial-g-gulls initial-g-gone initial-g-gorge initial-g-guilt initial-g-gong initial-g-golf initial-g-gus initial-g-guide initial-g-gust initial-g-gulp initial-g-gulf initial-g-guess initial-g-gunk initial-g-guard initial-g-gut initial-g-gum initial-g-goose initial-g-gush initial-g-gourd initial-g-guy

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Initial: G Words Speech Therapy

1 Syllable2 Syllable3 Syllable
4 Syllable

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Medial: G Words Speech Therapy

  • 1 Syllable: clogged, wagged
  • 2 Syllable: angle, sugar, tiger, Megan, anger, vegan, penguin, kingdom, Logan, eagle, organ, gagging, biggest, ego, wagon, baggage, roger, finger, goggles, bargain, eager, singing, trigger, hanging, bagel, argue, bugle, piggy, legal, angus, begging, Belgium, ringing, longing, banging, rugby, disgust, luggage, digging, cowgirl, forgive, longest, sagging, buggy, jogging, suggest, hugging, seagull, nagging, snuggling, juggler, logging, legging, foggy, magma, snuggle, soggy, lagging, frugal, wiggle, muggy, slugger, hangout, snagged, hexagon, pentagon, mortgage, begun, began, flagged, burger, target, lego, dragon, yogurt, nuggets, kangaroo, doghouse, August, magnet, begin, cougar, again, ignore, pigtail, yoga, eggplant, eggshell, bagpipe, bigge, jigsaw, juggle, mongoose, pigpen, regard, drugstore, dugout, tugboat, youngest, Peggy, giggle, agave
  • 3 Syllable:  Abigail, elegant, bodyguard, caregiver, alongside, organic, recognize, raggedy, livingstone, designate, octagon, illegal, regular, polygon, meaningless, hamburger, navigate, negative, magazine, Oregon, Portugal, regardless, spaghetti, together, fingerprint, triangle, fingerpaint, kangaroo, marigold, megaphone, signature, Thanksgiving, Angela, Washington
  • 4 Syllable: irregular, alligator, segregation, orangutan, photography, origami, oregano, aggregation, tobogganing, unforgiving, protagonist, easygoing, navigator, kindergartner, disorganize, disregard, delegated, categorize, elegantly, altogether, obligation, significant
1 Syllable2 Syllable3 Syllable
4 Syllable

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Final: G Words Speech Therapy

  • 1 Syllable: ring, king, sing, dog, long, spring, thing, big, strong, pig, egg, bag, young, log, bug, gag, song, frog, swing, bang, swag, flag, rug, wrong, zig, zag, string, blog, wig, wing, leg, hug, sting, lung, dig, Mustang, rag, beg, fog, hog, hang, mug, wag, lag, sag, dug, fig, pug, nag, tag, slug, sang, jog, flag, tug, hung, jug, brag, slang, twig, cling, chug, plug, stung, snug
  • 2 Syllable: nothing, morning, ending, loving, dancing, being, building, going, cooking, along, walking, swimming, wedding, reading, feeling, missing, warning, clothing, meaning, burning, lightning, rising, drawing, camping, asking, turning, barking, Beijing coming, shopping, raining,,, fishing, changing, training, pudding, looking, breaking, setting, blowing, climbing, surfing, cuddling, sledding, Bulldog, searching, icing, landing, belong, talking, cleaning, sibling, painting, cooling, spelling, coating, among, growing, farming, hearing, saying, ticking, teaching, sitting, giving, sitting, sleeping, jumping, earring, greeting, Wyoming, coping, diving, streaming, lighting, boating, hiding, hotdog, parking, dumpling, shaking, drizzling, snuggling, Healing, combing, hurting, touching, poking, loading, spreading, during, boring, tying, Snoring, stopping, golfing, clapping, running, skipping, typing, racing, calling, dressing, texting
  • 3 Syllable: everything, amazing, demanding, anything, Thanksgiving, beginning, recycling, gathering, ladybug, bookkeeping, approaching, offering, challenging, accepting, believing, boomerang, bullfighting, breathtaking, recording, suggesting, programming, avoiding, succeeding, fluttering, strengthening, weakening, daydreaming, outgoing, approving, awaiting, surviving, disgusting, exhausting, imaging, adjusting, answering, performing, applying, threatening, woodworking, measuring, commanding, surprising, traveling, scaffolding, exclaiming, respecting, brightening, scheduling, attending, delighting, annoying
  • 4 Syllable: understanding, overwhelming, elevating, conditioning, hibernating, remodeling, operating, devastating, decomposing, condescending, housewarming, maneuvering, aggravating, finalizing, animating,, overeating, exercising, magnifying, peacekeeping, barbecuing, alternating, skyrocketing, disappearing, overturning, disappointing, developing
  • 5 Syllable: misunderstanding, accelerating, exaggerating, procrastinating, accompanying, administering
1 Syllable2 Syllable3 Syllable
4 Syllable5 Syllable

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Short Phrases

When working on g sound production, it’s important to work on short phrases once your child or student has mastered the sound at the word level at or near 80% or higher accuracy.


Here is a list of g word phrases to try:

Initial: G Words Speech Therapy in Phrases

1 Syllable2 Syllable3 Syllable
go nowfast gallopwhole galaxy
gag on foodgasses escapedart gallery
found goldgecko snuckworn down gazebo
need gasgiddy danceblack gorilla
large gapgimpy raccoongenerous pay
black gungoing fastgoulash tricks
chew gumgoofy kidgalactic ships
gut paingooey greengasoline spilled
tall guyordered gumbogiveaway winner
gain musclegummy beargondola stopped
gale-force windgaggle of ducksgovernor declared
play a gamechocolate galoregullible child
gasp for airgarage doorgardening tips
closed gatebowl of garlicfriends gathering
gawk at hergreat geyserhis godfather
gaze lovinglygibbon satcaring godmother
stuck gearloud giggleguardian protected
geek outgirdle tightenedlead guitarist
great giggoalie jumpedgodparents adopted
short girlwater gobletgoldilocks snuck
cute goatgoggles droppedgooseberry pie
give a high fivegopher poppedgovernment helps
score a goalgospel musicguarantee his work
goes by fastgossip hurtgoverness played
good guesswill governtall goalkeeper
all goneguitar stringgetaway trip
beautiful gownmilk gallonauthored Galatians
golf swingbig gambleguardianship belongs to
gush outgarbage cangardener bent down
geese flyinggargle and spitGabriel raised
gift givinggarden gnomegigantic ship
two gillssprinkled garnish
single goosegateway opened
cross the gorgebaby gazelle
big gourdwaved goodbye
on guardgumball fell
our guestgreen gumdrop
Gulf of Mexicoguppies swam
guilt about lyinggainless shop
gulls flygarland hung
gunk on canclean garment
gust of windgoalpost fell
white gauzegoatskin lay
guide bookgoldfish crumbs
gold coingoodness prospers
gob of gumher goodwill
guess an answergorgeous dress
big gustgurgle the water
gut paingoldsmith worked
gasp for airguestroom pillows
good guesssigned guestbook
big gulpforgot the guidebook
bike geargiven to her
gunk on cangolden rays of sunshine
scary ghostgator crawled
gab ongirlfriend broke up
Gail wavedgutter poured
small gashhis guidance
gale of windgiving out flowers
my guestgobble up
gulp of watergolfcart speeds
tall guygather the supplies
Gus drovelittle guppy
thermometer gaugeGarfield laughed
loud gonggallon jug
gourmet meal
gazette printed
guilty verdict
ships galley
brief guideline
quickly guzzle
gocart crashed
laid out the gameboard
kitchen gadget
fundraising gala
Gilbert ate
gizzard cooked
Silly gimmick
blonde goatee
Gordon smiled
Gary waved
Gavin jumped
goldfinch flew
some gumption
He gifted
Google search
4 Syllable
gardenia bloomed
gazillion gallons
gallivanted in front of
guacamole and chips
Goldendoodle slept
granted guardianship

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Medial: G Words Speech Therapy in Phrases

1 Syllable2 Syllable3 Syllable
clogged sinksharp angleAbigail said
wagged its tailwhite sugarelegant walked
male tigerbodyguard stood
Megan coughedcaregiver helped
calm her angeralongside her
vegan choicesorganic pear
penguin waddledrecognize the man
kingdom at warraggedy doll
logan ateLivingstone grew
bald eagledesignate a driver
organ stoppedoctagon shaped
gagging and chokingillegal parking
biggest wormregular water
large egolearned about polygon
wagon wheelmeaningless gift
baggage claimhamburger patty
roger sirnavigate the map
long fingersnegative thoughts
goggles foggedmagazine company
bargain hunterOregon state line
eager to pleasebeen to Portugal
singing and dancingregardless of the decision
trigger lockspaghetti dinner
hanging plantsbetter together
bagel with cream cheeseblue fingerprint
argue a lotred triangle
bugle was loudblue fingerpaint
piggy bankkangaroo hopped
legal to parkpicked a marigold
angus beefloud megaphone
begging hermessy signature
Belgium pretzelsThanksgiving food
ringing in my earsAngela is awesome
longing to godrove to Washington
banging on the door
rugby game
look of disgust
threw my luggage
digging in the dirt
cowgirl herded
choose to forgive
longest distance
banner was sagging
buggy drove
jogging in the morning
I suggest
hugging her dad
seagull flew
felt like nagging
snuggling her teddy bear.
juggler dropped the ball
logging company
leggings do not fit
foggy in the morning
magma spilled
want to snuggle
soggy towels
game is lagging
frugal spending
wiggle worm
muggy water
slugger threw
hangout tomorrow
snagged a chip
hexagon shape
Pentagon headquarters
mortgage payment
begun reading
began my walk
flagged down
juicy burger
aimed at the target
red lego
dragon breathe
strawberry yogurt
ordered nuggets
kangaroo hopped
built doghouse
August brings
magnet held
begin my career
cougar stalked
try again
ignore that
two pigtails
yoga class
cute the eggplant
eggshell cracked
bagpipe played
bigger sister
jigsaw puzzle
juggle the torches
mongoose fought
pigpen was dirty
in regards to
drugstore parking lot
sat in the dugout
tugboat pulled
youngest sister
Peggy laughed
giggled at the joke
agave plant grew
4 Syllable
irregular movement
alligator chomped
learned about segregation
orangutan swung
photography business
origami paper
oregano seasoning
aggregation of
went tobogganing
unforgiving landlord
protagonist lost
easygoing dog
navigator was lost
kindergartner ran
disorganized pantry
disregard the email
delegated his successor
categorize these statements
elegantly walked
altogether now
have an obligation
significant growth

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Final: G Words Speech Therapy in Phrases

1 Syllable2 Syllable3 Syllable
diamond ringcosts nothingeverything fell
kings crownthis morningamazing drive
sing loudlyterrible endingdemanding toddler
dog walkloving youwant anything
long roaddancing all aroundThanksgiving dinner
springtimebeing shortbeginning of the race
that thingbuilding blocksrecycling bin
big stonegoing fargathering of friends
strong lioncooking dinnerladybug flew
pink pigalong the waybegan bookkeeping at
egg drop soupwalking towards youapproaching the bear
brown bagswimming leisurelyoffering dinner
young zebrawedding daychallenging course
broke logreading booksaccepting a job offer
bug bitefeeling greatbelieving in yourself
gag if I eat picklesmissing youboomerang glide back
song writerwarning signbullfighting ring
frog leapedall black clothingbreathtaking views
swing on the porchmeaning of thatrecording artist of the year
bang my headburning a candlejust suggesting you stop
with swaglightning struckstudied programming
flag into the airis risingavoiding sugar
rug was dirtydrawing with crayonssucceeding in school
wrong directioncamping and hikingfluttering wings
zig to the rightasking questionspracticed strengthening my
zag to the leftturning aroundfeel myself weakening
cut the stringis barkingdaydreaming while in school
start a blogto go to Beijingoutgoing email
wore a wigcoming homeapproving look
one wingshopping spreeawaiting my uber
hurt my legraining outsidesurviving on beans and rice
hug youfishing geardisgusting kitchen sink
bee stingchanging ideasexhausting day
punctured lungtraining starts earlyimaging
dig into your pastchocolate puddingadjusting
Mustang raced bylooking goodanswering the phone
old ragbreaking down wallsperforming arts
beg yousetting upapplying to a job
fog liftedblowing a kissthreatening voice
hog ran wildclimbing treestalented at woodworking
hang on the wallsurfing in the morningmeasuring cup
mug of coffeecuddling with my blanketcommanding tone
wag its tailgo sleddingsurprising my mom
lag in this videoBulldog barkedtraveling soccer team
made it sagsearching for treasurescaffolding collapsed
dug a holeicing on the cakesounds exclaiming
fig treelanding the planerespecting me
pug barkedbelong to youbrightening up
nag metalking loudlyscheduling conflict
play tagstarted cleaningwill be attending
slug inched forwardsibling rivalrydelighting in her accomplishments
sang in the showerpainting a picturesister is annoying
jog in the morningcooling the house
flag polespelling bee
tug of warthick coating of chocolate
hung up the pictureamong us
jug of watergrowing vegetables
brag about his winbegan farming
slang terminologyhearing aid
twig brokesaying yes
cling to my familyticking her
chug that waterteaching about exponents
plug your earssitting down
slap stunggiving away shoes
felt snugwas sleeping
jumping up
earring fell
warm greeting
Wyoming state
coping strategies
diving class
streaming videos
lighting struck
boating accident
hiding spot
hotdog stand
parking lot
dipped my dumpling
shaking hands
drizzling outside
snuggling up
healing well
combing her hair
ankle is hurting
touching the water
poking up
loading dock
spreading butter
during the afternoon
boring tv show
tying a knot
snoring loudly
show stopping
golfing tournament
clapping hands
running a race
skipping down the street
typing a sentence
racing around the bend
calling my grandma
dressing up
was texting
4 Syllable5 Syllable
am understandingterrible misunderstanding
overwhelming thoughtsaccelerating speeds
he is elevatingexaggerating the truth
air conditioninghe is procrastinating
hibernating bearaccompanying his wife
remodeling my kitchenadministering first aid
operating table
devastating news
decomposing leaves
condescending tone
housewarming party
maneuvering around
aggravating behavior
finalizing this invoice
good at animating
start overeating
exercising tomorrow
magnifying glass
peacekeeping treaty
barbequing ribs
alternating ideas
skyrocketing prices
disappearing act
overturning the bill
disappointing news
developing ideas

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Sentence Level: G Words Speech Therapy

After working at the word and phrase levels next it’s time to work on the g sound at the sentence level.

You can work on the sentence level by having your child or student read from a list of sentences or you could give your child or student a picture with their g sound in them and then have them create a sentence about their picture.

Below is a list of sentences that you can use with your child or students.


Initial: G Words Speech Therapy in Sentences

1 Syllable
It’s time to go now.
Don’t gag on your food.
They found gold in the dirt.
He needs gas.
Don’t fall down the large gap.
He owns a black gun.
She likes to chew gum.
He is having gut pain today.
That guy is really tall.
He wanted to gain more muscle.
There was gale force wind at their house.
They played a game at school.
She had to gasp for air.
The gate is closed now.
They tried not to gawk at her new car.
He wanted to gaze lovingly into her eyes.
The gear is stuck and won’t move.
They wanted to geek out about their new video game.
Her mom got a great gig as an actress.
The short girl couldn’t reach the cabinet.
Look at the cute goat.
Give someone a high five.
They scored a goal.
Time goes by fast when you’re having fun.
That is a good guess.
The food was all gone.
She wore a beautiful gown.
He is working on his golf swing.
The water started to gush out of the faucet.
Look at the geese flying in the air.
She loves gift giving to her friends.
The shark has two gills.
There is a single goose in our yard.
They wanted to cross the gorge.
They bought a big gourd for dinner.
The man is on guard.
Be our guest.
The hurricane started in the Gulf of Mexico
She had feelings of guilt about lying.
The gulls flew over the ocean.
There is gunk on the can.
A gust of wind blew the leaves.
There was clean gauze in the first aid kit.
He is a tour guide.
There were gold coins in the treasure chest.
He spit his gob of gum.
She guessed on the last answer.
The big gust of wind blew over a tree.
She called the doctor about her gut pain.
The swimmer took a gasp of air.
It was a good guess
She was thirsty and took a big gulp.
The bike gear broke.
There is gunk on the can.
She dressed up as a scary ghost.
She could gab on and on.
Gail waved to her friend.
She had a small gash on her arm.
The gale blew through the grass.
My guest slept well.
The teacher took a gulp of water.
He was a tall guy.
Gus drove a truck.
Use a thermostat to gauge the temperature.
The loud gong had an echo.
2 Syllable
The horse had a fast gallop.
The gasses escaped the chamber.
The gecko snuck behind a rock.
She did a giddy dance.
The gimpy raccoon hid behind a tree.
He was going fast.
The goofy kid laughed.
The gooey green slime dripped down the bowl.
I ordered gumbo for lunch.
I ate a gummy bear.
The gaggle of ducks waddled by.
There was chocolate galore in the candy factory.
The garage door was blue.
She handed me a bowl of garlic.
The great geyser lifted into the air.
The gibbon sat on a rope.
The loud giggle came from her.
The girdle tightened more.
The goalie jumped and blocked the shot.
She drank from her goblet of water.
The goggles dropped into the sewer.
The gopher popped his head up.
Gospel music came from the cathedral.
The gossip hurt her feelings.
He will govern his people.
The guitar string broke.
The gallon of milk was expired.
She took a big gamble on him.
The garbage can spilled.
She did a quick gargle and spit after brushing her teeth.
The garden gnome had a green hat.
She sprinkled garnish on the dish.
The gateway opened for us.
The baby gazelle stayed near her mother.
I waved goodbye to my sister.
The gumball fell onto the ground.
The green gumdrops are for the gingerbread house.
The guppies swam in the pond.
The gainless shop was closing.
The garland hung on the fireplace.
The clean garment is on the hanger.
The goalpost fell in the storm.
The goatskin lay over the basket.
I vacuumed up goldfish crumbs.
She reminded me that goodness prospers.
Her goodwill affected us all.
Sarah picked a gorgeous dress.
I gurgled the water.
The goldsmith worked on the jewelry.
She picked new guest room pillows.
He quickly signed the guestbook.
I forgot to bring the guidebook.
The bracelet was given to her.
The golden rays of sunshine were bright.
The gator crawled up the hill.
His girlfriend broke up with him.
The gutter poured out rainwater.
His guidance was helpful.
She was giving out flowers.
He just wanted to gobble up his food.
The golf cart speeds up the hill.
She will gather the art supplies.
The little guppy swam away.
Garfield laughed at the dog.
The gallon jug was filled with apple juice.
She ate a gourmet meal.
The Gazette printed a false news story.
She was given a guilty verdict.
The ship galley was below deck.
Email me a brief guideline.
I will quickly guzzle the drink.
The gocart crashed into the rail.
He laid out the gameboard.
I had never seen that kitchen gadget.
We arrived at the fundraising gala.
Gilbert ate a chip.
The gizzards cooked on the stove.
Her silly gimmick made us laugh.
His blonde goatee stood out.
Gordon smiled at the bird.
Gary waved at his friend.
Gavin jumped on the trampoline.
The goldfinch flew to its nest.
He has some gumption.
He gifted her the car.
Google search the location.
3 Syllable
The whole galaxy is filled with stars.
The art gallery opened yesterday.
The worn-down gazebo needs repairs.
The black gorilla swung from the branch,
The babysitter was offered generous pay.
Your goulash tricks won’t work today.
The galactic ships arrived.
The gasoline spilled all over the road.
The giveaway winner was given her new tv.
The gondola stopped briefly as the people unloaded.
The governor declared an emergency.
The gullible child fell for his older sister’s lies.
I need gardening tips.
Her friends began gathering around the table.
His godfather officially adopted him when he was 5.
The caring godmother held the baby.
Her guardian protected her.
The lead guitarist started his solo.
The godparents adopted her.
Goldilocks snuck down the stairs.
The gooseberry pie was delicious.
The government helps with funding.
I can’t guarantee his work.
The governess played with the toddler.
The tall goalkeeper jumped.
A getaway trip was planned for February.
Paul authored a letter to the Galatians.
Guardianship belongs to that man.
A gardener bent down to pull weeds.
Gabriel raised his hand.
The gigantic ship blew its horn.
4 Syllable
The gardenia bloomed beautifully.
A gazillion beads spilled.
She gallivanted in front of him.
She ordered guacamole and chips
My Goldendoodle slept on a pillow.
She was granted guardianship of the dog.

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Medial: G Words Speech Therapy in Sentences

1 Syllable
There is a clogged sink in the kitchen.
My dog wagged its tail.
2 Syllable
The ramp had a sharp angle.
The cookies need 1 cup of white sugar.
The male tiger snuck up to his prey.
Megan coughed loudly.
She took a deep breath to calm her anger.
The restaurant had no vegan choices
penguin waddled
The kingdom was at war.
Logan ate a sandwich.
The bald eagle landed in its nest.
His organ stopped functioning properly.
I was gagging and choking on my pasta.
I picked the biggest worm to fish with.
His large ego was his downfall.
The wagon wheel fell off.
I met him at baggage claim.
He answered his captain with “Roger sir.”
The baby’s long fingers held mine.
His goggles fogged up.
My papa is a bargain hunter.
We are eager to please.
The toddlers were singing and dancing in the yard.
He put on a trigger lock.
My hanging plants are my favorite decor.
She ordered a bagel with cream cheese.
They argue a lot.
The bugle was loud.
She put a penny in her piggy bank.
It is legal to park in this spot.
He ordered an angus beef burger.
The toddler was begging her for a lollipop.
I love Belgian pretzels.
There was a ringing in my ears.
He was longing to go to the concert.
The child was banging on the door.
I won my rugby game.
She has a look of disgust.
The handle broke when he threw my luggage.
My dog won’t stop digging in the dirt.
The cowgirl herded the herd of cows back.
I choose to forgive.
The longest distance was 5ft apart.
The banner was sagging after the wind storm
The buggy drove through the sand
I prefer to go jogging in the morning.
I suggest you call her back.
She stepped back from hugging her dad then waved goodbye.
The seagull flew over the water.
She felt like she was nagging too much.
The baby looked cute while snuggling her teddy bear.
The juggler dropped the ball.
The logging company went out of business.
My leggings do not fit anymore.
It was foggy in the morning.
The magma spilled over the edge of the volcano.
I want to snuggle my puppy.
I dropped the soggy towels near the pool’s edge.
He lost because his game was lagging.
The budget made sure she stuck to her plan of frugal spending.
The toddler is a wiggle worm.
The muggy water settled after the storm.
The slugger threw his first pitch.
We can hangout tomorrow.
I snagged a chip from the bag.
I handed her the hexagon shape.
He worked at the Pentagon headquarters.
I just made my last mortgage payment.
She sat down and began reading.
I started my music and began my walk.
I flagged down my friend in the hallway.
I am craving a juicy burger.
I aimed at the target.
He stepped on a red lego.
The dragon’s breath was smokey.
I love strawberry yogurt.
Max ordered nuggets at the drive-thru.
The kangaroo jumped.
He built a doghouse for his lab.
August brings the start of school again.
The magnet held the picture up.
I will begin my career as a nurse soon.
The cougar stalked his prey.
I will try again.
I think you should ignore that advice.
Her mom brushed her hair and gave her two pigtails.
I was late for the yoga class.
I cut the eggplant and added it to the sauce.
The eggshell cracked in the container.
The bagpipe played in the parade.
I am bigger than my sister.
He finally finished the jigsaw puzzle.
He needed more practice before he would juggle the torches.
The mongoose fought off the predator.
The pigpen was dirty.
In regards to the invitation, I have to decline.
The drugstore parking lot was busy.
He sat in the dugout and waited to bat.
The tugboat floated down the stream.
The youngest sister played soccer.
Peggy laughed with her friend.
Bella giggled at the joke.
My agave plant grew large.
3 Syllable
Abigail said she would be late.
She elegantly walked down the steps.
His bodyguard stood in front of him
Her caregiver helped wash her hair.
The car pulled up alongside her.
I bite into my organic pear.
She didn’t recognize the man with a beard.
My raggedy doll is 50 years old.
Doctor Livingstone traveled to South Africa.
I will designate a driver for tomorrow night.
The bead is an octagon shape.
It is illegal to park there.
I asked the waiter for regular water.
We learned about polygons in math class today.
The meaningless gift was thrown away.
I covered my hamburger patty with ketchup.
I will navigate the map while you drive.
I pushed away my negative thoughts.
I got a job at a magazine company.
We crossed the Oregon state line and knew our destination was close.
I have never been to Portugal.
Regardless of the decision, I will still call you.
I want a spaghetti dinner.
The chairs looked better together.
He stamped my fingerprint on the passport.
The sign was a red triangle.
Josh wiped his blue fingerpaints on the wall.
A kangaroo hopped in front of me.
She picked a marigold for her mom.
The loud megaphone echoed in the stadium.
The singer gave his messy signature to his fan.
Thanksgiving food is my favorite part of the holiday.
Angela is awesome at roller skating.
She drove her truck to Washington.
4 Syllable
The irregular movement reminded me of a dance.
An alligator chomped at a fish.
I learned about segregation in school.
An orangutan swung from the branches.
My photography business is starting to grow.
The origami paper was folded with care to become a crane.
Sarah sprinkled oregano seasoning into the soup.
The geese formed a large aggregation in the sky.
Jared went tobogganing in Canada.
The unforgiving landlord posted the eviction notice.
The protagonist found his biological parents at the end of the story.
My easy-going dog lay at my feet while I read.
The navigator was lost at sea.
The kindergartner ran into his classroom.
She couldn’t find the chips in the disorganized pantry.
Please disregard the email.
He delegated his successor while on his deathbed.
I will categorize these statements into true or false.
She walked elegantly in her new heels.
Let’s go altogether to the store.
I have an obligation I can’t deny.
She saw significant growth in the students’ skills.

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Final: G Words Speech Therapy in Sentences

1 Syllable
The diamond ring was beautiful
I placed the king’s crown on his head.
Bella sings loudly.
I need to take my dog on a walk.
The long road was windy and dark.
I love springtime.
What is that thing?
The big stone had bugs under it.
The strong lion roared.
That pink pig is so cute.
I ordered egg drop soup.
My brown bag broke.
A young zebra was just born at the zoo.
He broke the log with an ax.
Her bug bite is itchy.
Bob will gag if he eats pickles.
Sarah dreamed of being a songwriter.
That frog leaped so far.
I want a swing on my porch.
I didn’t mean to bang my head.
He walked on stage with swag.
The flag rose into the air.
The rug was dirty.
He turned in the wrong direction and was lost.
The motorcycle took a zig to the right.
The race car made a sharp zag to the left.
I cut the string with sharp scissors.
I will start a blog.
My grandma wore a wig.
The bird had one hurt wing.
She hurt her leg playing soccer.
I can’t wait to hug you!
Dan put ice on his bee sting.
She punctured her lung in a car crash.
I won’t dig into your past.
A wild mustang raced through the open fields.
Throw that old rag away.
I won’t beg you.
The fog finally lifted over the beach.
A black hog ran wild through the trees.
His picture will always hang on the wall.
I love my mug of coffee in the morning.
My dog started to wag his tail.
There is a lag in this video.
The storm made the banner sag downwards.
The dog dug that hole!
A fig tree grows in the backyard.
A little pug barked at me.
Please don’t nag me.
The kids love to play tag.
The slug inched slowly forward.
My sister sang in the shower.
I jog in the morning.
Put the flag on the flag pole.
Tug of war is a dog’s favorite game.
He hung up the picture.
Sam chugged the whole jug of water.
He loves to brag about his win.
I do not understand this slang terminology.
A twig broke under my foot.
I will cling to my family in times of need.
Please chug that water.
Plug your ears if it is too loud.
Her slap across his face stung badly.
Those blue jeans felt snug.
2 Syllable
It costs nothing to be kind.
She can come over this morning.
The book had a terrible ending.
Loving you is easy.
She was dancing all around the room.
Being short has its advantages.
Building blocks are his favorite toy.
That child is going too far away from his parents.
Cooking dinner is fun for me.
I’m thankful for the friends I have made along the way.
I am walking towards you right now.
My grandma loves swimming leisurely in her pool.
She always dreamed of her wedding day.
Let’s start reading these books tomorrow.
I am not feeling great.
Missing you makes me so sad.
That is a warning sign.
Wear all black clothing tomorrow.
What is the meaning of that word?
Burning candles gives me a headache.
Lightning struck near my house.
The tide is rising.
She started drawing with crayons.
Let’s go camping and hiking tomorrow.
The kid won’t stop asking questions.
I am turning around right now.
The dog is barking loudly.
Want to go to Beijing next year?
I am coming home next weekend.
She regretted the shopping spree.
It is finally raining outside.
His fishing gear was packed in the car.
She kept changing her mind.
Your training starts early in the morning.
I devoured some chocolate pudding.
He is looking good and healthy.
The wrecking ball began breaking down walls.
I am setting up the game right now.
The baby loves blowing a kiss.
Tom ran outside and began climbing trees in his yard.
Want to go surfing in the morning?
I can’t sleep without cuddling with my blanket.
Let’s go sledding in the snow.
The bulldog barked at the cat outside.
Those pirates are searching for treasure.
I prefer chocolate icing on my cake.
The pilot began landing the plane.
Does this necklace belong to you?
He started talking loudly as the room filled with more people.
We should have started cleaning already.
The sibling rivalry in sports was intense.
I relaxed while I started painting a picture.
The air conditioner isn’t cooling the house down.
I won the spelling bee.
She dipped the chocolate in a thick coating of chocolate.
Is there a doctor among us?
Stacy is growing vegetables in her garden.
He began farming with his dad.
My hearing aid helps me.
I started saying yes, then changed my mind.
Her dad was tickling her.
I am teaching my students about exponents.
You should be sitting down when the show starts.
She is giving away shoes.
He was sleeping when she called.
Sara started jumping up and down in excitement.
My earring fell off.
I shook his hand and gave a warm greeting.
I was accepted at Wyoming State University.
She used her coping strategies when she was anxious.
I signed up for a diving class in Hawaii.
He was streaming gaming videos.
The lighting struck close to that tree.
He was hurt in a boating accident.
She found the best hiding spot for hide and seek.
I ordered us food at that hotdog stand.
There was not a spot left in the parking lot.
I dipped my dumpling in soy sauce.
My hands are shaking because of my nerves.
It started drizzling outside.
During a snowstorm, we love snuggling up with hot chocolate.
Is your knee healing well after your fall?
Her mom was combing her hair.
My ankle is hurting.
I don’t want my towel to be touching the water.
The gopher is poking its head up.
The truck backed into the loading dock.
She was spreading butter on her pancakes.
I am normally free during the afternoon.
That is a boring tv show.
He taught me about tying knots.
He was snoring so loudly.
It was a show stopping dress.
He won the golfing tournament.
The baby started clapping her hands.
I started running the race.
He is skipping down the street.
I am typing a sentence.
The car was racing through the streets.
I am calling my grandma later.
The siblings love dressing up as firefighters.
I am texting you the information.
3 Syllable
Everything fell off the shelf.
It is an amazing drive to the mountain house.
The demanding toddler threw a fit.
I do not want anything from the coffee shop.
Thanksgiving dinner will be hosted by Lauren this year.
I fell at the beginning of the race.
The recycling bin is empty.
I am hosting a gathering of friends.
A ladybug landed on my arm.
I began bookkeeping at 20 years old.
I began carefully approaching the bear.
He is offering to host dinner.
It was a challenging obstacle course.
I am accepting a job offer from Amazon.
You have to start believing in yourself.
The boomerang soared back to me.
The bullfighting ring was crowded.
The hike had breathtaking views.
Taylor Swift was the recording artist of the year
I am just suggesting you stop yelling.
I studied programming in college.
Heather is avoiding sugar.
I am proud to see you succeeding so well in school.
The fluttering wings of the moth caught the wind.
I practiced strengthening my core.
I feel myself weakening the farther I run.
She was daydreaming while in school and missed an important lesson.
The outgoing email wouldn’t be sent.
He gave her an approving thumbs up.
I was awaiting my uber when I saw a crash.
We do not know how long he was surviving on the island.
The disgusting kitchen sink needs to be scrubbed.
It has been a long and exhausting day.
The imaging is clear.
She was adjusting her seatbelt.
He stopped answering the phone.
She got into the performing arts school.
I am applying for a job.
He had a threatening voice as he made his demands.
He is talented at woodworking.
I grabbed the measuring cup from the drawer.
His commanding tone was alerting.
I am surprising my mom with flowers.
I joined a traveling soccer team.
The scaffolding collapsed in the storm.
His scream was exclaiming.
It’s important that you are respecting me.
Her smile began brightening up when she saw her friends.
There is a scheduling conflict.
Mary will be attending the party.
Hayley was delighting in her accomplishments.
His little sister is annoying.
4 Syllable
I am understanding.
I take a deep breath when I have overwhelming thoughts.
He is elevating his position within the company.
The air conditioning just broke.
Do not wake up a hibernating bear.
I am remodeling my kitchen.
She saved his life on the operating table.
When she heard the devastating news, she cried.
These decomposing leaves will make great mulch next year.
His condescending tone made her defensive.
The housewarming party was a success.
The motorcyclist was maneuvering through the traffic.
The aggravating behavior made her step back.
I am finalizing this invoice.
The artists at Disney are good at animating.
When I am stressed, I sometimes start overeating.
Let’s plan on exercising tomorrow morning.
He held the magnifying glass down to look at the ant.
The peacekeeping treaty was broken and war began.
I am barbecuing ribs for dinner.
Our shifts are alternating weekends off.
The skyrocketing prices of gas are alarming.
The magician’s disappearing act fooled everyone.
He is overturning the bill.
She cried when she heard the disappointing news.
I am investing in developing real estate.
5 Syllable
It was a terrible misunderstanding.
The accelerating car speeds down the highway
She was exaggerating the truth to make her point.
He is procrastinating so much that he may not finish his work.
Paul is accompanying his wife to the formal dinner.
The fireman began administering first aid to the wounded lady.

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G Words Speech Therapy Ideas

Here is a list of ideas to work on the g sound!


Favorite Board Games

Do you enjoy using fun and engaging activities in your therapy sessions? 

Board games are a great way to reinforce practice while working on your students’ sounds. 

Some fan-favorite board games to try are Jenga, Connect Four, or Tic Tac Toe to name a few. 

Boom Cards

Boom Cards can be another fun and engaging way to strengthen your child or student’s articulation skills.

Here are a few favorite boom cards to work on the g sound: 

  1. Free Articulation Boom Cards for /g/ – Speech Therapy by Teaching Talking – Use these digital articulation activities to practice the ‘g’ sound.
  2. FREE Boom Cards and Printable Coloring Activity: Spring Early Developing Sounds by Bluebird Speech – Use this freebie as a fun and ready to use interactive activity that students can use on any device.
  3. Boom Digital Cards Articulation K,G Sounds by Badger State Speechy – In this free set, you receive 1 set of Boom Cards for sorting k,g and t,d words by their beginning sounds. Students have the option of pressing the sound button to hear the words. This set is done in a fun apple-picking theme!
  4. Free Initial G Sound Digital Pet Accessory Articulation Activity by Lil Mae’s Speech – This is a fun, free and interactive articulation activity where students say the speech sound located at the bottom of the page. To reinforce the sounds, students get to pick a pet accessory once completed!
  5. FREE PREVIEW Hard G Initial Sound Digital BOOM Cards by ZenGee Classroom – Students use “Gary the Guinea Pig” to to practice the hard ‘g’ sound. This is perfect for pre-emergent and emergent readers who need targeted practice with an isolated sound to increase phonemic awareness.

SEE ALSO: Free Articulation Games for Speech Therapy

Velar Fronting

Velar fronting is when a back sound such as the /g/ sound is made in the front of the mouth, such as the /d/ sound.

For example, your child or student might say the word “date” for the word “gate”.

If your child or student is velar fronting or in other words using the /d/ sound in place of the /g/ sound a great way to work on reducing the velar fronting is to use minimal pairs. 

By using minimal pairs the child then practices the two sounds side by side and practices hearing and producing the different sounds. 

Typical and Atypical Phonological Processes and Age Ranges by Speech Therapy Store – If you want to learn more about phonological processes, such as velar fronting and what ages these processes are typical and what processes are atypical then be sure to check out my chart.

Here is a freebie to work on velar fronting:

  1. No Prep K & G Articulation Fronting Game Boards by No Prep Speech Mom – These are fun board games for students to practice velar fronting /d/ for /g/.

SEE ALSO: 279+ Free Speech Therapy Digital Materials

Minimal Pairs

If your child or student is velar fronting or replacing the g sound with the d sound these minimal pairs activities are perfect for you! 

Here are some different ways to work on velar fronting using minimal pairs.

  1. Phonological Process Freebie: Velar Fronting Minimal Pair Match Up by Speech in the Sand – Play this fun matching game to work on /g/ and /d/ velar fronting. The first pages are for the sound /k/ and /t/, but simply keep scrolling and you will find the /g/ and /d/ minimal pairs.
  1. Articulation Activity Go Fish D and G Minimal Pairs Speech Therapy by Speechies and Cream – Play a fun game of go fish using fun underwater characters to work on the g and d minimal pairs.
  1. Minimal Pairs for Fronting of K and G Sounds by The Speech Chicks – This freebie includes 8 /g/ and /d/ minimal pair words with pictures. 

Picture Cards

 If your child or student is working on a single sound using picture cards is a great way to get multiple practices and exposure to a single sound. 

Here are a few picture cards to get you started:

  1. Scroll to the bottom of this post and grab your free copy of printable and digital g practice picture cards. 
  1. Use our ready to go digital flash cards above to get started right from your computer!
  1. Fronting & Backing Minimal Pairs (/k/ /t/ and /g/ /d/) by Rachel’s Speech Goodies – Use these minimal pairs flashcards to target the phonological process of fronting/backing (/k/ and /t/ & /g/ and /d/ in both initial and final positions. There are 4 pages of kid-friendly picture cards and 1 page with the word lists.
  2. Articulation Practice Card /G/-FREE! Distance Learning by A Green and Gold Speech Therapist – This freebie includes practice sets of 30 pictures that include the /g/ sound in initial, medial and final positions. Included is a list of activities in varying levels of difficulty.
  3. Letter Sound Picture Cards by Just Ask Judy – This is a free set of letter/ sound picture cards, perfect for introductory lessons in preschool or kindergarten. Each card has a lowercase letter and a key picture representing the sound the letter stands for.

Language Skills

Do you have a group of students who need both language therapy and articulation for the g sound?

If so, here are a few ideas to do language skills alongside g articulation therapy.

  1. Speech Therapy Articulation Fortune Teller Origami by Speech Therapy Store – Not only can you work on the g sound as well as a ton of other sounds it’s fun! Have your language students work on following directions, requesting materials (scissors, paper, etc.), and practice taking turns.
  1. Free Speech Therapy Activities for Articulation & Language by Fun in Speech – Grab some shaving cream and have some fun! There are pages for the g sound as well as pages for synonyms, categories, and rhyming!
  1. Dough Articulation: K, G, F, S by Jenna Rayburn Kirk from Speech Room News – Have some students work on their G sound while others can play along while working on following directions, making requests (supplies, colors, etc.), as well as working on categories, such as what category are a dog, frog, and pig in?

Auditory Bombardment

Sometimes the first thing a language therapist or speech-language pathologist might do to work on a new sound for a child with an articulation disorder at the elementary school level would be to work on auditory bombardment. 

Auditory bombardment is when you say words with only speech sounds that the child or student is struggling with and provide correct production examples. 

For example, if the child is working on the g sound you might read a list of 20 g words to the child so they can hear the correct production of that sound repeatedly. 

See the list of g words above and start by saying 20 words to your child or student while producing the correct g sound to model and allow them to hear the correct production over and over again.

This is simply a listening activity for the child or student to give them the opportunity to hear the correct production of the sound they are struggling to produce themselves.

In Conclusion: G Words Speech Therapy

We hope you have found this article helpful for working on your child or student’s g sound. 

Be sure to grab your freebie of 20 words to start practicing 5 minutes a day!


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