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31+ What Questions for Speech Therapy + Wordless Videos

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Calling all speech pathologists! If you need what questions for speech therapy then you’ve come to the right place!

This blog post includes 31+ what questions along with a picture scene video making it one great activity to use for your in-person or your distance learning virtual speech therapy sessions.


Type of Question

First, let’s start with a quick overview of the 6 different question word types. 

The 6 wh word types are as follows:

  • Who is a question about a person. “Who is your doctor?”
  • What is a question about a thing. “What kind of cookie is that?”
  • When is a question about time. “When does school start?”
  • Where is a question about a place. “Where is your pencil?”
  • Why is a question about a variety or reasons. “Why are tired?”
  • How is a question about method (in what way), degree (to what extent), or condition. “How do you ride a bike?”

Easiest Questions

As a speech therapist, we know that there are different basic levels of wh questions ranging from simple wh questions, such as “what” and then moving on to the “who” and “where” or the more concrete questions.

The questions “when” and “why” are later developing questions with “why” being the most difficult to learn. 


Wh Question Goal Ideas

Does your child or student experience a speech delay and need special education to work on wh questions or their expressive language skills? Here are some ideas for a qualified Speech-Language Pathologist to use when working with a student working on different types of questions. 

  • Story or Reading Comprehension: Given a story, STUDENT will answer WH questions (i.e., who, what, when, where, why, how) with 80% accuracy in 4 out of 5 opportunities.
  • Activity or Assignment: Given an activity or assignment, STUDENT will answer WH questions (i.e., who, what, when, where, why, how) about that activity or assignment with 80% accuracy in 4 out of 5 opportunities.
  • Discussion or Conversation: Given a classroom discussion or conversation, STUDENT will answer WH questions (i.e., who, what, when, where, why, how) about that discussion or daily conversations with 80% accuracy in 4 out of 5 opportunities.

Developmental Goal

The ability to ask and answer questions is a key part of language development and of a child’s typical development. 

Developmental Milestones by Age:

  • 1 – 2 year olds: From the ages of one to two a child can begin to answer “where” questions by pointing to an object. For example, “Where is your teddy bear.” The child can then answer the “where” question by pointing to their teddy bear. 
  • 2 – 3 year olds: In this age group the average child can begin to answer “what” and “where” and “who” questions with more than just pointing. For example, “What animal likes ice?” “A polar bear.” At this age, children can also begin to ask these same question types. For example, “Where I going?” (This is my son’s favorite question right now whenever I put on his coat.”) Although it’s not a complete sentence, the child is appropriately using the “where” question to ask “Where am I going?”. At this age the child is also beginning to express their own wants when asked “what” questions, such as “What do you want for a snack?” the child might respond with, “I want a cookie”.

Task Cards

If you’re on the hunt for task cards then I’ve got good news for you!

I’ve put together a lot of questions, over 31 questions to be exact, all working on the “what” wh question type.

Using wordless videos along with picture choices is my favorite way to work on what questions.

How to get started practicing:

  1. Watch the wordless videos below of people doing different activities and then answer the “what” questions.
  2. Have your child or student pick the correct answer from the choices provided.
  3. I’ve provided similar questions giving your students multiple exposures to some of my favorite wh questions.
  4. Before you get started do you need a visual support explaining the typical question types? If you answered yes then be sure to grab my free visuals explaining the different question forms.

1. Boom Cards

What are they using to play the set of boom cards game?

A. pencil B. computer C. video game controller

2. TPT Store

What is this teacher using to buy resources online?

A. credit card B. coins       C. play money

3. Easy Ways

What is an easy way to make your friend smile?

A. make a silly face B. make dinner and dessert    C. go on a hike

4. Specific Events

What event is celebrated with cake and candles?

A. birthdays B. Valentine’s Day. C. Halloween

5. Distant Relatives

What family member is the young girl walking with?

A. her niece B. her grandmother C. her baby sister

6. Perfect Book

What do the parent and child do while reading?

A. point and smile B. rip the pages C. skip pages

7. Bingo Daubers

What do people use bingo daubers for?

A. to mark their cards B. to tear their cards in half C. to throw

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8. Kind of Questions

In what kind of questions is the answer a person?

A. where questions B. who questions     C. multiple choice questions

9. Variety of Pictures

What are we looking at the different pictures on?

A. a phone B. a computer C. photo album

10. Questions People

What is the reason this dog would question people?

A. left alone B. forgot to be fed C. chained up 

11. Last Time

What big event is happening for these students?

A. graduation B. testing      C. prom

12. Not Elementary School

What grade levels do you think this student is in?

A. college B. elementary C. middle school

13. Average Child

What is the average child’s age in Kindergarten?

A. 10 years old B. 5 years old C. 16 years old

14. Basic Questions

What is a situation that this man would have to answer basic questions?

A. job interview B. skiing C. baking

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15. Question Cards

What is this question card about? 

A. the flu shot B. the end of COVID  C. rules at the doctors

16. Enough Time

What does the dad make sure he has enough time to do at bedtime? 

A. read B. brush teeth C. rock the baby to sleep

17. Difficult Questions

What is this lady feeling about having to answer a difficult question?

A. confident B. upset C. happy

18. Great Way

What is a great way to celebrate? 

A. balloons   B. going on a walk C. playing video games

19. Consistent Activity

What consistent activity does she do every morning? 

A. drink coffee B. go run C. yoga

20. Body Parts

What body part does the girl touch the soccer ball with? 

A. hand B. foot C. head

21. Classroom Teachers 

What subject is this teacher teaching?

A. math B. art C. chemistry

22. Older Kids

What activity did the older kids just complete?

A. go-kart racing B. built sandcastles C. soccer

23. Last Year

What paperwork is this person filling out from last year?

A. health forms B. taxes     C. resume

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24. Bingo Chips

What color of bingo chips are they using? 

A. yellow and black B. black and white C. pink and white

25. Community Helpers

What kind of community helpers are these?

A. nurses B. firefighters      C. policemen

26. Picture of a Boy

What is this boy doing?

A. swinging B. running C. painting

27. Action Words

What is the child jumping on? 

A. the bed B. a trampoline      C. a diving board

28. Non-Fiction Texts

What are the students looking at?

A. science textbook B. fairytale book      C. a pamphlet

29. Current Needs

What are these people doing to show what they think society needs?

A. protesting B. serving others    C. fighting with each other

30. Pictures of People

What are the girls using to take a picture?

A. phone B. camera     C. disposable camera

31. Child’s Day

What kind of day are the girls having?

A. a fun day B. a bad day     C. a boring day

32. Root of the Problem

What is the root of the problem in this video? 

A. the driver isn’t looking at the road B. the driver is too young to drive   C. the car is broken

33. Conversational Skills

What good conversational skills does the group demonstrate? 

A. interrupting one another B. taking turns sharing their ideas   C. not talking

Question Activities

Do you need different types of wh questions, such as who, what, when, where, why & how? Then be sure to check out the following resources:

Or if you’re looking for yes or no questions then be sure to check out my yes or no questions freebie resource here.

Question Cards

If you want a quick question cards overview page grab your free copy here.

Fisher Price

Here are a few of my favorite Fisher Price resources that are perfect for working on wh-questions!

Imaginary play is perfect for working on wh-questions. Use any of the Fisher-Price toy sets below to work on wh-questions.

For example:

  • Who: Who is this? (while holding up a person)
  • What: What do I need to cut the apple?
  • When: When should the boy go to sleep?
  • Where: Where did the sheep go? (Take items from the toy sets and place them in different or unexpected places and have the child tell you where they found them.)
  • Why: Why is the baby sleeping?
  • How: How do you cut a kiwi?

Fisher Price People

Fisher-Price Little People Community Heroes, Figure Set Featuring 5 Character Figures for Toddlers and Preschool Kids Ages 1 to 5 Years

Fisher Price Fruit

Learning Resources New Sprouts Bushel of Fruit - 10 Pieces, Ages 18+ months Toddler Learning Toys, Pretend Play Food for Toddlers, Kitchen Toys

Fisher Price Play House

Fisher-Price Little People Big Helpers Home

Fisher Price Farm

Fisher-Price Little People Animal Friends Farm, toddler playset with animal figures for ages 1 to 5 years [Amazon Exclusive]

Language Disorders

If you have other language students who need other speech therapy activities then be sure to check out my complete language skills resources.

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Do you Have Language Goals?

Yes! You can check out my complete list of language goals here!

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