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93+ SW Words Speech Therapy {Free Blends PDF!}

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As a Speech-Language Pathologist consonant blends, such as initial s blends were always on my caseload every school year. That’s why I’m on a mission to provide you with articulation word lists for all speech sounds and free downloads hopefully making your therapy planning easier this year. This post includes over 93+ SW words for speech therapy.

SW Words Speech Therapy

Making easy-to-use resources for Speech-Language Pathologists is my passion! Below I’ve outlined target words, phrases, and sentences for practice as well as interactive flash cards and a free one-page printable with real-life photos (making it a great resource for adult speech therapy). Be sure to save this post so you can refer back to it often and easily use it for your next speech therapy session!


Phonological Processes

A phonological disorder is when a child’s speech makes multiple similar sound errors. 

Be sure to consult with certified speech therapists if your child is experiencing a phonological speech disorder.


Consonant Clusters

For example, consonant cluster reduction, a type of phonological process, is when a child or student reduces a cluster, two or three consonants together also known as consonant clusters down to just one consonant sound, such as the “sw” blend down to simply the w sound. 

For example, the word “swing” would become “wing”. 

Minimal Pairs

Using minimal pairs is a great idea when trying to work on phonological speech disorders such as in the example above of working on cluster reduction using s blend words.

For example, when using minimal pairs for cluster reduction with sw blends you could use the minimal pairs of “switch” and “witch”. 

While showing the child or student pictures of a switch vs. a witch and have them listen to hear the different sounds at the beginning of each word. 

You could lay out the two pictures for the words switch and witch and then ask the child to point to the picture of a switch or the picture of a witch. 

You could then move on to having the child be the teacher and tell you to pick up the correct words either the picture of the word  “switch” or “witch”. If you pick up the incorrect picture due to their sound errors you could point out the sound they are producing is for the other picture. 

The English language can be confusing and using visual picture cards and minimal pair words can help to identify the right sound.


Correct Production

Teach your child or student how to make the s sound or also known as the snake sound.

  • Tongue Tip: The /s/ sound in the English language is made by lightly placing the tip of your tongue on the roof of the mouth on the alveolar ridge right behind your upper front teeth.
  • Middle of the Tongue: Be sure to place the sides of the tongue against the upper side of your teeth to allow for the passage of air to go down the center of the tongue.
  • Air: Then while smiling blow a skinny stream of air over the center of the tongue (you do not want the air to come out the sides of the tongue).

Target Words

Here’s a list of sw articulation sounds for you to use with your speech students in therapy or for at home practice to work on your student or child’s new skill.

  • For Example: swing, sweep, swipe, sweat, sweet, switch, swan, swim, swab, swung, swap, swat, sway, swimsuit, sweater.

See full list of words, phrases, and sentences below.

Be sure to grab my one page freebie of sw sounds below. Simply scroll to the bottom of this post and grab your free copy!


Initial Blends of the SW Sound

The initial position of the sw sound is at the beginning of a word followed by vowel sounds. For example, “sweat” or “sweet”.

SW Words Speech Therapy: Word Lists

Below I’ve included sw words at the word, phrase, and sentence levels.

Articulation Practice at the Word Level

Some ways to get extra practice include having your child or student say each initial sw-blend one by one as they go through a list. 

Also, some young children might find it fun to use a dot marker and place a dot under each initial s blend they practice. 

In addition, I’ve compiled an easy-to-download one-page overview of the s sounds below. Simply scroll down to the bottom of this post and download your free copy.

Practice in Flash Card Mode Right Here from Your Computer!

SW-Blend Words

sw sweet
sw swan
sw switch
sw swaddle
sw swim
sw sway
sw swimsuit
sw sweep
sw swag
sw switchboard
sw swish
sw sweatband
sw sweeten
sw swatter
sw sweetpea
sw sweater
sw swivel
sw sweaty
sw swollen
sw sweatshirt
sw swallow
sw swab
sw swing
sw swiss
sw Sweden
sw sweet sw swan sw switch sw swaddle sw swim sw sway sw swimsuit sw sweep sw swag sw switchboard sw swish sw sweatband sw sweeten sw swatter sw sweetpea sw sweater sw swivel sw sweaty sw swollen sw sweatshirt sw swallow sw swab sw swing sw swiss sw Sweden

SW Words Speech Therapy

  • 1 Syllable: sweet, swing, swag, swan, swear, switch, swim, swish, swift, swatch, swarm, swamp, sway, swig, sweep, swatch, swell, swear, swipe, Swiss, swine, swoosh, swap, sweets, swab, swoop, swoon, sworn, swept, sweeps, swapped, swarms, swob, switched
  • 2 Syllable: swimming, Swedish, sweater, swallow, sweetheart, swagger, Sweden, swelter, sweaty, sweetness, sweetpea, swerving, swiftly, switching swelling, sweetie, swirling, swollen, swimmer, swindle, swimsuit, swindling, swivel, swaying, sweeten, swiftness, swiping, sweetly, swerve, swarming, swooning, sweating, swatter, sweeping, sweeper, sweatband, switchback, swamped, swabbing, sweatshop, swaddle, switcher, sweatshirt, swinging, swallowed, sweepstakes, swapping, swearword, switchboard, sweatsuit, swatting
  • 3 Syllable: Switzerland, sweltering, swallowing, swaggering, sweetening, sweetener, swiveling, swallowtail
1 Syllable2 Syllable3 Syllable

Short Sentences or Phrases

When working on sw sound production, it’s important to work on short phrases once your child or student has mastered the sound at the word level at or near 80% or higher accuracy.

Here is a list of initial sw word phrases to try:

SW Words Speech Therapy in Phrases

1 Syllable2 Syllable3 Syllable
sweet fruitswimming in the lakefrom Switzerland
swing setSwedish decentsweltering heat
swag and decorsweater weatherswallowing her rice
white swanswallow firstswaggering ahead
swear an oathsweetheart dancesweetening the cookies
switch off the lightshad swaggeradds sweetener
swim practicevisit Swedenswiveling around
swish your mouth rinseswelter from the stormswallowtail bird
swift movementssweaty clothes
swatch of clothingsweetness from the icing
bees swarmsweetpea is her name
swamp landsswerving in the car
sway back and forthswearing to protect
take a swigmoves swiftly
sweep the floorswitching roles
ocean swellswelling finger
swear his allegiancecalls me sweetie
swipe her screenswirling in her dress
swiss cheeseswollen eye
swine smelledstrong swimmer
paper plane went swooshswindled others
swap meetnew swimsuit
loves sweetsswindling is bad
swab her mouthswivel chair
swoop downswaying back and forth
swoon at each othersweeten the tea
sworn into the militarymoves with swiftness
swept the floorswiping the screen
sweeps the porchspeaks sweetly
swapped cardsswerve to the right
swarms of beesis swooning
switched carssweating a lot
grabs the fly swatter
sweeping the floors
is a sweeper
sweatband on his head
roads switchback
swamped with work
swabbing his mouth
sweatshops are illegal
swaddle the baby
is a switcher
grey sweatshirt
swinging from the tree
swallowed her vitamins
won the sweepstakes
swapping jewelry
is not allowed to use swearword
switchboard has buttons
purple sweatsuit
swatting the bugs

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Sentence Level: SW Words Speech Therapy

The next step after working at the word and phrase levels is to work on the sw sound at the sentence level.

For example, you could give your child or student a list of sentences to read aloud while they work on their sw sound. 

Another idea would be to give your child or student pictures with their initial sw sound in them and then have them create a sentence about those pictures.

Below is a list of sentences to use with your child or students.

SW Words Speech Therapy in Sentences

1 Syllable2 Syllable3 Syllable
She eats some sweet fruit.I am going swimming in the lake.He is from Switzerland.
They play on the swing set.He is of Swedish descent.The sweltering heat is unbearable.
The are given swag and gifts at the conference.It is sweater weather.She is swallowing her rice.
The white swan swims across the lake.He needs to swallow first before he talks.He begins swaggering ahead.
He swears an oath to his country.He was invited to the sweetheart dance.She is sweetening the cookies.
Remember to switch off the lights.He had swagger.He adds sweetener to his coffee.
He is late for swim practice.He wants to visit Sweden.He starts swiveling around toward me.
Swish your mouth rinse and then spit.The swelter from the storm was big.The swallowtail bird flies.
The animal moves with swift movements.He changes out of his sweaty clothes.
She takes a swatch of clothing.She loves the sweetness of the icing.
The bees swarm around the hive.Her dog’s name is Sweetpea.
The swamp lands have crocodiles.It is dangerous to be swerving in the car.
They dance and sway back and forth.He is swearing to protect his country.
He takes a swig of water.He moves swiftly.
She is told to sweep the floor.They are switching roles at their jobs.
The ocean swell rises.Her swelling finger hurts.
He will swear his allegiance.My grandma calls me sweetie.
She makes a swipe on her screen.She is swirling in her dress.
I love swiss cheese.My swollen eye hurts.
The swine smelled bad.He is a strong swimmer.
My paper plane went swoosh.He swindled from others.
They organized a swap meet.She wants to buy a new swimsuit.
She loves sweets.Swindling is bad.
The doctor will swab her mouth.I have a swivel chair at my desk.
The bird makes a swoop down.They dance by swaying back and forth.
They swoon at each other.She uses sugar to sweeten the tea.
He is sworn into the military.The cheetah moves with swiftness.
I swept the floor.He is swiping at the screen.
She sweeps the porch.She speaks very sweetly.
They swapped cards.The car swerves to the right.
The swarms of bees were big.He is swooning.
I came home to switch cars.He is sweating a lot.
She grabs the fly swatter.
She is sweeping the floors.
He is a chimney sweeper.
He wears a sweatband on his head.
The mountain roads have switchbacks.
She is swamped with work.
The doctor is swabbing his mouth.
Sweatshops are illegal.
He wears his grey sweatshirt.
The monkey is swinging from the tree.
She swallowed her vitamins.
She won the sweepstakes.
The girls love swapping jewelry.
She is not allowed to use swearwords.
The large switchboard has buttons.
She wants to wear her purple sweatsuit.
She is swatting at the bugs.

Need Other S and S-Blend Sounds?


Need A Different Sound?

Do you have students with other sound disorders? Then you’ll want to check out my complete growing list of all my articulation word lists!

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SW Words Speech Therapy Ideas

Video Game

Are you looking to add some fun and engaging activities to your therapy sessions? 

Video games are a great way to reinforce practice while working on your students’ sounds. 

Here are a few favorites:

Variety of Home Practice Sheets

Feeling like you don’t have enough time or like your child is making slow progress on their initial sw sound? 

Here is a list of parent-friendly print materials that can be used for 5 minute therapy ideas to send home for at home practice. 

  • S-Blends Coloring Sheets by Zamora Gissell is a fun and interactive coloring of the s blend worksheets! Send this home as an easy activity for students to color and practice at home. 
  • FREE Initial S Blends Drill Worksheet by the Speech Shop Creations is a great list of SW articulation words, and other S blends to send home with students to drill and practice outside of therapy. 

Different Levels

Need to practice your initial sw blends at the word level, phrase level, sentence level, or conversation level? Below we have compiled 93+ SW words, phrases and sentences to practice with! Use our flashcards with questions to practice SW articulation at a conversational level!

Here are a few other resources you might find helpful:

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Language Therapy

Do you have students who are also working on language therapy? Why not work on their therapy goals while you also work on their initial sw blends?

Check out these ideas below:


No Prep Resources

Who doesn’t love no prep worksheets? Here are a few of my favorite no prep materials!

Therapy Room

Are you a speech therapist looking for initial sw words to practice with your clients? 

Here are a couple of fun worksheets and games that you can use during your therapy sessions to work on the sw sound.


In Conclusion: SW Words Speech Therapy

We hope you have found this article helpful for working on your child or student’s sw articulation disorder. 

Be sure to grab your freebie of 20 words as a simple way to start practicing your child or student’s articulation therapy 5 minutes a day!

Good luck!

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