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213+ S Blends for Speech Therapy

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Are you on a hunt for a list of s blends to practice with your child or student? 

Then this s blends word blog post is just what you need! 

This post has over 213 s blend words that will help strengthen your child or student’s s consonant blends. 

Let’s jump right in!


What are S Blend Words?

Okay first off let’s answer the question, “what is an s blend word anyways”? 

As a speech-language pathologist might tell you an s blend word is any word that starts with the letter s and is then followed by another consonant sound. 

When there are 2 or 3 consonants put together then we call those consonant clusters.

If that sounds confusing I promise it’s not. Let me explain. 

For example, the word “smell” is an s blend word because the initial s sound is then followed by another consonant sound, in this case, the letter /m/. 

Now if we removed the letter /m/ from the word “smell” we would be left with the word “sell”, which would be considered just a simple initial s word versus an initial s blend word.


Target Words – List of S Blend Words

Here’s a list of beginning blends with the s sound for you to use in your speech therapy session or at-home practice.

  • Blends with S Examples: smart, stack, swap, stomp, snort, slow, spoon, scrap, ski, snow, smile, swim, stand, slime, and small

See full list of words, phrases, and sentences below.

Be sure to grab my 67 paged freebie of s blends worksheet below. Simply scroll to the bottom of this post and grab your free copy of words with s blends!

Correct S Blend Production

When it comes to working on the correct production of the different s blend speech sounds you will simply want to focus on first producing the correct s sound and then adding on the additional consonant sound.

The /s/ initial sounds in the English language are made by lightly placing the tip of your tongue on the ridge right behind your upper front teeth.

Be sure to place the sides of the tongue against the upper side of your teeth to allow for the passage of air to go down the center of the tongue.

Then while smiling blow a skinny stream of air over the center of your tongue (you do not want the air to come out the sides of the tongue).

Many speech therapists often refer to the s sound as the “snake sound”. They will have their student pretend they are a snake making the ‘SSSS” snake sound first and then moving on to the next sound in the word.


What Are the S Blends in Speech?

The different s-blends in speech therapy are:

  • Sk/Sc: ski, scoop, skip
  • Sp: spatula, spot, spit
  • St: stop, stomp, still
  • Sl: sling, slot, slant
  • Sm: smirk, smart, smooth
  • Sn: snuggle, snip, snot
  • Sw: swipe, swing, swivel

As you might have noticed I’ve put the /sk/ blend and /sc/ blend in the same list because the letter “k” and the letter “c” make the same /k/ sound in the English language. 

However, this doesn’t apply to all words. Don’t you just love the English language?

For example, the word “scent” is not an initial s blend because in this case, the letter “c” is silent therefore making this word actually an initial /s/ word. 

So my example above applies when the letter “c” actually makes the /k/ sound following an initial s, such as in the word “score”.

Practice with S Blends Words List

Below I’ve gathered some word lists to help you to get started practicing with your child or student right away. 

Some ways to practice include having your child or student say each s blend word one by one as they go through a list. 

Using a dot marker can also be a fun way to practice having your child put a dot under each of the s blend words. 

In addition, I’ve compiled real-life photos in my s blend list to help your young readers work on their s blend words for speech therapy. Simply scroll down to the bottom of this post and download your free 67-paged copy.


SK/SC Words Speech Therapy

Here is a list of S blends for SK and SC blends.

SK/SC WordsSK/SC WordsSK/SC Words
scotch tapescuba diversculptor

SP, ST, SL Words Speech Therapy

Here is a list of S blends for SP, ST and SL.

SP WordsST WordsSL Words

SM, SN, SW Words Speech Therapy

Here is a list of S blends for SM, SN, SW.

SM WordsSN WordsSW Words
small talksnakeswam

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S Blend Articulation Phrases

When working on initial s blend production, it’s important to work on short phrases once your child or student has mastered the sound at the word level at or near 80% or higher accuracy.

Here is a list of s blend phrases to try:

SK/SC Blend Phrases Speech Therapy

Here is a list of SK/SC phrases:

SK/SC PhrasesSK/SC Phrases
scabbed kneekeep score
apple scalebig scorpion
yummy scallopsscotch tape the presents
itchy scalpfast scuba diver
arm scanimpressive sculptor
scar faceice skate
scaredy catbrand new skateboard
wavy scarffound a skeleton
scattered leavessketch artist
scavenger huntski black diamond
new scheduleskin tag
grade schoolskinny jeans
scold the dogsskip class
scoop ice creamlong skirt
bike scooterdinosaur skull
scope the spacesmelly skunk
blue sky
brave skydiver

SP/ST/SL Blend Phrases Speech Therapy

Here is a list of S blend phrases for SP, ST and SL.

SP PhrasesST PhrasesSL Phrases
space shuttlestab proof vestslam the door
spacecraft namesstable healthslanting tree
black spadestack of booksslap of water
spaghetti saucestadium sportsslash a tire
Spain flagstaff employeessled downhill
Spanish dictionarystand on stagesleep walking
spare ribsstain removersleeves rolled up
spark plugstainless steelsleigh ride
sparkler candleclimb stairsslice of pizza
chirping sparrowstale breadslick ice
spatula setstalled carslid down
speak and spellstand up deskplay on the slide
spear throwerstars in spaceslim chance
spearmint gumstare downwet slime
special Olympicsstart uparm sling
speckled eggstartle reflexslingshot shot
across a spectrumstate of Washingtonslipped on ice
types of speechstation wagonfuzzy slippers
speed of lightstatue of Libertycut a long slit
spell checkstay tunedslithered down
spend moneysteady handssliver of cheese
spice rackrare steakdog slobber
spider-mansteal foodsloped downhill
blood pressure spikecloud of steamfit into the slot
spill the beanssteel woolthree-toed sloth
spin the wheelsteep hillslouch down
spiral staircasesteer the boatslow lane
spirit animalstenciled walla traffic slowdown
spit onstep backslug bug
spoiled kidstereo equipmentslushy snow
sponge cakepopsicle stick
spooky housebee sting
eat with a spoonlong-tailed stingray
sports clipmake a big stink
stained spotfour stitches
female spousechicken stock
water spoutstomach pain
spy kidsbuilt of stone
sat on the stool
stop giggling
easy storage
white stork
wind storm
cook with a stove
technical stuff
stumble across the stage
tree stump

SM/SN/SW Blend Phrases Speech Therapy

Here is a list of S Blend phrases for SM, SN and SW.

SM PhrasesSN PhrasesSW Phrases
eat s’moreslight snackthroat swab
smack into the carstring snaggedswaddle the baby
small dogsnail mailswallow a mouthful
make small talkvenomous snakeswam in the water
look smartfinger snapturned into a swamp
holding a smartphonesnatch a cookieswan dive
smash a windowsneak up onswap places
smear with dirtsneaker shoesswarm of bees
smells badhe sneezedsway to the music
smidge tallersnickerdoodle cookiesswear to tell the truth
winning smilesniffing flowersbreak out in a sweat
side smirksnip the roseswear a sweater
Mr. Smithsnooping aroundSweden flag
smitten with the boysnooze in bedsweep the floors
smoke in the airsnore at nightsweet candy
smoky baconsnorkel and flippersfoot swelling up
he smooched hersnort when laughingswim practice
smooth roadsnotty noseride the swing
chocolate smoothiepig snouthit the switch
smudged with dirtwhite snowswivel chair
snuggled upswollen thumb

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Sentence Level: Speech Therapy S Blends

The next step after working at the word and phrase levels are to work on the initial s blend sound at the sentence level.

For example, you could give your child or student a list of sentences to read aloud while they work on their s blend sound. 

Another idea would be to give your child or student pictures with their s blend sound in them and then have them create a sentence about those pictures.

S Cluster Words in Sentences

Below is a list of sentences to use with your child or students.

SK/SC Blend Sentence List

SK/SC SentencesSK/SC Sentences
His knee had a scab.The scorpion crawled across my hand.
She weighed the tomatoes on the scale.The scotch tape ripped.
They put cooked scallops on their tacos.He wants to be a scuba diver when he grows up.
Their scalps were itchy.The sculptor loved his job.
He got an arm scan after he broke his arm.She loves to skate.
She has a scar on her left arm.The skateboard broke.
The children were scared of the clown.They touched the skeleton.
She wore a blue scarf.She sketched the dog.
He raked up the scattered leaves from the yard.The ski park is now open.
They went on a scavenger hunt.His skin is dry.
Her schedule was changed.The cat is skinny.
He starts school tomorrow.They skipped class.
His mom scolded him for dropping the plate.She wore a skirt.
She wanted two scoops of ice cream.They examined the skull.
He got a new scooter for his birthday.The skunk was too close for comfort.
He needed to scope the lay of the land.The sky is blue.
She scored a goal at soccer practice.The skydiver jumped out of the plane.

SP Blends Sentence List

SP SentencesSP Sentences
He went to space.The spider is fast.
The spacecraft launch was successful.He put spikes on his bike helmet.
He drew a spade card.He accidentally spilled the milk.
The spaghetti was amazing.She wanted to spin the wheel.
He wants to visit Spain someday.The spiral staircase is beautiful.
She wants to learn Spanish.He drew a picture of his spirit animal.
The spare tire is flat.The baby spit up his milk.
He needs spark plugs.The apple spoiled.
She lit the sparkler.The sponge is dirty.
The sparrow flew in the air.Her costume is spooky.
She flipped the eggs with the spatula.She ate her yogurt with a spoon.
The baby is learning to speak.She played three sports.
The asparagus spear is rotten.There is a spot of juice on the carpet.
The spearmint gum is on sale.She wanted to find a spouse.
The store is having a special with 50% off everything.He drank out of the water spout.
The egg is speckled.He wants to become a spy someday.
She drew a rainbow spectrum.The boy was nervous to give a speech.
The car was speeding.She spelled the word correctly.
He wanted to spend the night at his friend’s house.She added more spice to the latte.

ST Blends Sentence List

ST SentencesST Sentences
The cactus stabbed my finger.The pot of water was steaming.
The horse is in his stable.There is a steel plate on the road.
She stacked the books in a pile.The mountain is steep.
The stadium is full.He wanted to steer the car.
The staff members are working on a project together.She drew a stencil of her dog.
He sang on stage.She took a step toward the tiger.
There is a ketchup stain on his shirt.The stereo is loud.
The stainless cooktop is broken.The stick was in the middle of the road.
The stairs are narrow.The bee will sting you if you hit it.
The bread went stale.The stingray swam in the ocean.
He stalled having to give his presentation.The refrigerator was starting to stink.
She needed to stand after sitting for hours.She needed to stitch her coat.
The stars are in the sky.He stocked away his baseball cards.
The baby stared at her mother.There is a baby in her stomach.
The car wouldn’t start.He climbed on top of the stone.
The cat was startled.She sat on the stool.
I grew up in the state of Texas.They approached the stop sign.
They went to the gas station.He put all of his things in storage.
They took a picture of the statue.The stork flew in the air.
He wanted to stay home.The storm was intense.
The doctor had steady hands.The stove caught on fire.
She ate a steak for dinner.All her stuff fell out of her purse.
The girl wanted to steal clothes.He stumbled over a branch.
She sat on the tree stump.

SL Blend Sentence List

SL SentencesSL Sentences
He could slam dunk the basketball.The slingshot broke.
The line was in a slant.He slipped on the rock.
He laughed and slapped his knee at his friend’s joke.Her slippers are pink.
The tire had a slash.He cut a slit in the fabric.
The sled is fast.The snake slithered across the floor.
She wanted to go to sleep.He got a sliver in his foot.
He rolled his sleeve.The dog slobbered on her hand.
They went for a ride in a sleigh.He skied down the slope.
He ate a slice of cake.She put her money in the slot.
The ice is slick.The sloth sat in the tree.
He slid down the hill.He slouched in his chair.
The slide is long.The turtle moved slowly.
The tiger is slim.That car needs to slowdown.
They played with slime.The slug ate the flowers.
She carried her baby around in a sling.She ordered a blueberry slushy.

SM Blend Sentence List

SM SentencesSM Sentences
They made s’mores.She smirked at the joke.
The car smacked into the tree.Mr. Smith is the best teacher.
The kitten is small.She is smitten.
They had small talk.The smoke filled the room.
That boy is smart.The skies are smoky.
I want a smartphone.They smooched.
The pumpkin is smashed.The rock is smooth.
The painting was smeared.He ordered a peach smoothie.
The dog smelled bad.The pen ink smudged on the paper.
She wanted just a smidge of cake.He smiled at her.

SN Blend Sentence List

SN SentencesSN Sentences
They ate a snack.The dog wanted to sniff the new person.
Her shirt got a snag.She snipped the roses.
The snail crawled across the grass.He snooped through his mom’s purse.
The snake is green.She hit the snooze button.
They snapped their fingers.Her dad snores.
The bird snatched a worm.They went snorkeling.
She sneaked up behind the boy.The pig snorted.
He lost his sneaker.The baby had snot on his face.
She had to sneeze.Dogs have snouts.
They ate snickerdoodles for lunch.He wanted it to snow.
The mom snuggled her new baby boy.

SW Words Sentence List

SW SentencesSW Sentences
The doctor swabbed her mouth.She wore a sweater.
He swaddled the baby girl.He lives in Sweden.
She swallowed the water.She is sweeping the floor.
He swam in the ocean.The ice cream is sweet.
The alligator lives in the swamp.Her foot is swelling.
The swan fed her babies.They went swimming.
The kids swapped toys.He played on the swing.
The bees swarmed the house.They switched seats.
They swayed to the music.He sat in the swivel chair.
He swore to tell the truth.Her toe is swollen.
He started to sweat in PE class.Nike has a swoosh on its shoes.

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Are you looking to add some fun and engaging activities to your therapy sessions? 

Games or a fun video game are a great way to reinforce practice while working on your students’ sounds. 

Here are a few your students might enjoy!


In Conclusion: S Blend Worksheets

We hope you have found this article helpful for working on your child or student’s initial s blend sound. 

Whether you’re needing s blends word list worksheets for a first grade student or a tenth-grade student these worksheets are perfect for different levels since they include real-life photos they can be used across multiple different age ranges.

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