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190+ Medial S Words Speech Therapy {Articulation Lists}

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Calling all Speech-Language Pathologists and parents working on the medial s sound this blog post is just what you need! It has over 190 medial s words for speech therapy that will help strengthen your child or student’s /s/ sound.

Minimal Pairs – Articulation Therapy

Initial Sound and Final Sound

A great way to work on sound production is through minimal pairs.

A minimal pair is two words that differ by only one phoneme, such as the initial /s/ sound and the final s sound.

  • Initial S: For example, “sea” and “she”.
  • Final S: For example, “lace” and “late”.

When you pronounce these words side by side, it’s easy to hear the significant differences in the initial and final sounds.

Having a list of initial s words and final s words minimal pairs is a great way to work on the correct production of the s sound!


Sound Production

  • Tongue Tip: The correct production of the /s/ medial sound in the English language is made by lightly placing the tip of your tongue on the roof of the mouth on the alveolar ridge right behind your upper front teeth.
  • Middle of the Tongue: Be sure to place the sides of the tongue against the upper side of your teeth to allow for the passage of air to go down the center of the tongue.
  • Air: Then while smiling blow a skinny stream of air over the center of the tongue (you do not want the air to come out the sides of the tongue).


  • Lateral Lisp: A lateral lisp or lateral distortions happens when air escapes out the sides of your teeth. To help reduce a lateral lisp encourage your client or student to place the sides of their tongue against the upper side of their teeth to allow the passage of air to go down the center of the tongue instead of out the sides of the teeth. The lateral lisp sounds like a “slushy” s sound.
  • Interdental Lisp or Frontal Lisp: An interdental lisp or frontal lisp happens when the tongue protrudes between the front teeth. This causes the s and z sound to be produced as the /th/ sound. The word ‘sleep’ is then produced as ‘theep’.

Phonological Processes

A phonological disorder is when a child’s speech makes multiple similar sound errors. 

Be sure to consult with a certified special education Speech Pathologist if your child is experiencing a phonological speech disorder.

Target Words

Here’s a list of medial s articulation sounds for you to use in therapy or at home practice to work on your student or child’s new skill.

  • For Example: dancer, pencil, basketball, eraser, gasoline, popsicle, dinosaur, fossil, dresser, listen, muscle, lesson, bracelet, monster, possum 

See full list of words, phrases, and sentences below.

If you don’t have a lot of time then be sure to grab my one page freebie of medial s speech sounds plus real-life picture cards below. Simply scroll to the bottom of this post and grab your free copy!


Word Positions: Medial S Words Speech Therapy 

Initial Position of Words

The initial sound is at the beginning of a word. For example, “soap” or “sad”.

Medial Position of Words

Some words have the s sound in the medial position of a word, such as “bicycle”, “castle”, and “baseball”.

Final Position of Words

The final positions of words are when the target sound is at the end of a word. For example, “fence” or “bus”.

Medial S at Word Level

Some ways to practice include having your child or student say each medial /s/ word one by one as they go through a list. 

Using a dot marker can also be a fun way to practice having your child put a dot under each medial s sound. 

In addition, I’ve compiled an easy-to-download one page overview of medial s sounds below. Simply scroll down to the bottom of this post and download your free copy.

  • 1 Syllable: ask, crossed, mist, waster, taste, blessed, dressed, paste, based, haste, mask, fast, past
  • 2 Syllable: Christmas, monster, Christian, Jason, pasta, message, sausage, lobster, crystal, whisper, blessings, oasis, Mason, Houston, Rasta, missing, plastic, nasty, hipster, cursive, outside, lessons, tasty, blossom, disco, Versace, monsoon, Casey, Tyson, hamster, whistle, coaster, misty, bison, landscape, mustard, basic, upset, rooster, missle, consent, prosper, chasing, console, fluster, corsage, onset, herself, toaster, booster, parsley, bossy, husky, rusty, landslide, classroom, messy, sissy, pensive, crossword, capsule, nursing, fussy, Webster, dresser, blister, himself, kissing, dresses, seaside, thistle, dresser, baseball, listen, messy, muscle, glasses, pencil, recess, princess, braces, dancer, fossil, beside, racing, faucet, decide, eyesight, guessing, lesson, receipt, sister, castle, message, recycle, forsake, basis, classmate, classic, dusty, passage, capsize, hissing, essay, locksmith
  • 3 Syllable: awesome, Jessica, whimsical, Shakespeare, injustice, elastic, abusive, obsession, telescope, varsity, density, counselor, episode, celsius, recession, logistics, crossover, freestyle, defenseless, limestone, purposeless, assistant, dinosaur, medicine, pacifier, bracelet, December, bicycle, popsicle, eraser, policeman, disagree, disobey, gasoline, officer, principal, recycle, grasshopper, opossum, masquerade
  • 4 Syllable: necessary, accessories, obesity, lifestyle, babysitter, motorcycle, capacity, impossible, jealousy, Minnesota, participate, undecided, velocity, presidency, unicycle, potassium, capacity
  • 5 Syllable: deforestation, administrator, antihistamine, association, curiosity, electricity, accuracy, classification, disobedient, prescription, unnecessary

Medial S Flash Cards

medial s taste
medal s blossom
medial s cursive
medial s coaster
medial s dancer
medial s hissing
medial s outside
medial s classmate
medial s essay
medial s dinosaur
medial s dusty
medial s popsicle
medial s bison
medial s pacifier
medial s muscles
medial s mustard
medial s husky
medial s lobster
medial s eraser
medial s assistant
medial s pencil
medial s princess
medial s pasta
medial s medicine
medial s whistle
medial s taste medal s blossom medial s cursive medial s coaster medial s dancer medial s hissing medial s outside medial s classmate medial s essay medial s dinosaur medial s dusty medial s popsicle medial s bison medial s pacifier medial s muscles medial s mustard medial s husky medial s lobster medial s eraser medial s assistant medial s pencil medial s princess medial s pasta medial s medicine medial s whistle

Medial S Words Speech Therapy

1 Syllable2 Syllable
3 Syllable 4 Syllable5 Syllable

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Short Sentences or Phrases

When working on medial s sound production, it’s important to work on short phrases once your child or student has mastered the sound at the word level at or near 80% or higher accuracy.

Here is a list of medial s word phrases to try:

Medial S Words Speech Therapy in Phrases

1 Syllable2 Syllable
ask your momChristmas morning
crossed the bridgemonster with one eye
mist fallsChristian clapped
waste bucketJason waved
taste yummylove to eat pasta
blessed girlmessage me
dressed upsausage and gravy
put paste on lobster crawled
based on factscrystal rock
with hastewhisper in here
cat maskblessings before they eat
fast cartropical oasis
in the pastmason by trade
trip to Houston
Rasta man
missing dog
plastic cup
nasty cough
hipster music
cursive writing
raining outside
learning her lessons
tasty cupcakes
flower will blossom
disco party
Versace purse
monsoon season
Casey smiled
Tyson kicked
hamster wheel
whistle loudly
roller coaster
misty morning
bison stands
beautiful landscape
mustard stain
basic white t-shirt
upset him
rooster crowed
missile in the museum
consent form
prosper with his new job
chasing cats
console her
feeling flustered
gave her a corsage
onset of symptoms
believes in herself
toaster oven
booster seat
parsley plant
bossy girl
husky played
rusty car
landslide was dangerous
clean classroom
messy bedroom
sissy loves her brother
pensive look
crossword puzzle
time capsule
nursing student
fussy baby
webster dictionary
new dresser
blister on heel
feels like himself
kissing booth
five dresses
seaside home
thistle brush
baseball game
listen closely
messy room
big muscles
new glasses
pencil sharpener
recess is 30 min
princess dress
has braces
professional dancer
digging for a fossil
beside her
racing horse
faucet drips
decide tomorrow
good eyesight
guessing game
math lesson
takes the receipt
have a sister
castle on a hill
recycle your cans
forsake the idea
on what basis
good classmate
classic music
dusty dresser
secret passage
boat might capsize
hissing sound
wrote an essay
locksmith job
3 Syllable4 Syllable5 Syllable
awesome gamenecessary inforainforest deforestation
Jessica laughedhair accessoriesadministrator meeting
whimsical lookobesity chartantihistamine helped her
Shakespeare festivalhealthy lifestyleschool association
injustice has occurredbabysitter calledfilled with curiosity
elastic hair tienew motorcycleelectricity turns on
abusive situationat capacityhe has accuracy
obsession with plantsit is impossibleclassification of animals
uses a telescopefeels jealousydisobedient dog
varsity teamMinnesota is coldprescription from doctor
bone densityparticipate in sportsunnecessary information
counselor advisedshe is undecided
episode 8fast velocity
0 degrees Celsiusran for presidency
there was a recessionrides a unicycle
studies logisticspotassium is a mineral
crossover from the other state
freestyle dance
defenseless position
limestone porch
purposeless job
assistant to the CEO
green dinosaur
medicine cabinet
baby has a pacifier
makes a bracelet
December is cold
rides a bicycle
cherry popsicle
uses his eraser
policeman helped
disagree with you
sometimes will disobey
gasoline prices
officer in charge
the principal called me over
grasshopper hopped
opossum ran
masquerade ball

Sentence Level: Medial S Words Speech Therapy

The next step after working at the word and phrase levels are to work on the medial s sound at the sentence level.

For example, you could give your child or student a list of sentences to read aloud while they work on their medial s sound. 

Another idea would be to give your child or student pictures with their medial s sound in them and then have them create a sentence about those pictures.

Below is a list of sentences to use with your child or students.

Medial S Words Speech Therapy in Sentence

1 Syllable2 Syllable
Ask your mom first.It feels like Christmas morning.
They crossed the bridge.He drew a monster with one eye.
The mist falls around the waterfall.Christian clapped for his friends.
Throw that in the waste bucket.Jason waved at his mom.
This cake pop tastes yummy.They love to eat pasta.
She feels like a blessed girl.Please message me when you’re done.
They like to get dressed up.I ate sausage and eggs for breakfast.
Put the paste on the toothbrush.The lobster crawled on the ocean floor.
She makes her decision based on facts.The crystal rock has a purple hue.
They run to each other with haste.We have to whisper in here.
He will forsake the idea.They said their blessings before they eat.
He asked what the basis for the terms were.The tropical oasis might turn into a hurricane.
He is a good classmate.He is a mason by trade.
They listen to classic music.They took a trip to Houston.
The dusty dresser needs to be cleaned.The Rasta man shared his beliefs.
The bookcase is actually a secret passage.The missing dog was found.
The boat might capsize.The plastic cup is red.
Snakes make a hissing sound.She covers her nasty cough.
He wrote an essay.They listen to hipster music.
The locksmith did a good job.He practices his cursive writing.
She wears a cat mask with her costume.It is raining outside.
I’ve got a fast car.She is learning her lessons.
He made a decision in the past.These are tasty cupcakes!
The pink flower will blossom soon.
He is throwing a disco party.
She has a Versace purse.
It is monsoon season.
Casey smiled at her friends.
Tyson kicked the soccer ball.
The hamster plays in its wheel.
The referee whistles loudly.
They love to ride roller coasters.
It is misty this morning.
The bison stands in the field.
This is a beautiful landscape.
He has a mustard stain on his shirt.
She wears a basic white t-shirt.
The news upset him.
The rooster crowed early this morning.
They saw an old missile in the museum.
Her mom signed the consent form.
He will prosper in his new job.
The dog is chasing cats.
He tries to console her.
She is feeling flustered.
He gave her a corsage.
The onset of symptoms started yesterday.
She believes in herself.
I got a new toaster oven.
He puts the toddler in a booster seat.
She has a parsley plant.
The bossy girl has leadership skills.
The husky played in the snow.
The old car is rusty.
The landslide was dangerous.
The clean classroom is organized.
She goes to clean her messy bedroom.
The sissy loves her little brother.
He has a pensive look.
He just finished the crossword puzzle.
They put notes in a time capsule.
The nursing student studies for her test.
The fussy baby is comforted by her mom.
I looked up a word in webster’s dictionary.
I got a new dresser for my room.
I have a blister on my heel.
He feels like himself again.
There is a kissing booth at the carnival.
I have five dresses.
They love their seaside home.
He clears the thistle brush.
We got to a baseball game.
Please listen closely.
This is a messy room.
He has big muscles in his arms.
I got new glasses.
The pencil sharpener is broken.
Recess is 30 minutes long.
She loves to wear her princess dress.
He has braces.
She is a professional dancer.
We are digging for a fossil.
He stands beside her.
The racing horse wins.
The broken faucet drips.
I will decide tomorrow.
She has good eyesight.
This is a guessing game.
I focused on the math lesson.
He takes the receipt.
I have a sister and 2 brothers.
There is a castle on a hill.
Do not forget to recycle your cans.
He will forsake the idea.
He asked what the basis for the terms are.
He is a good classmate.
They listen to classic music.
The dusty dresser needs to be cleaned.
The bookcase is actually a secret passage.
The boat might capsize.
Snakes make a hissing sound.
He wrote an essay.
3 Syllable4 Syllable5 Syllable
This is an awesome game.I give him the necessary info.Rainforest deforestation is a problem.
Jessica laughed at the joke.She has lots of hair accessories.She was late to the administrator meeting.
The dress has a whimsical look.We studied the obesity chart.Antihistamine helped her allergies.
The Shakespeare festival is next week.We live a healthy lifestyle.The school association has been verified.
An injustice has occurred in our town.The babysitter called and canceled.He is filled with curiosity.
I lost my elastic hair tie.He has a new motorcycle.The electricity turns on the lights.
He left the abusive situation.The room is at capacity.He has accuracy and precision.
She has an obsession with plants.It is impossible to do that.He starts the classification of animals.
He uses a telescope.Fear and jealousy are both emotions.The disobedient dog cowers down.
She made the varsity team.Minnesota is cold.He got a prescription from the doctor.
She is losing bone density.He loves to participate in sports.This is unnecessary information.
My counselor advised me of my options.She is undecided.
I am on episode 8.It moves at a fast velocity.
It is 0 degrees celsius outside.She ran for presidency.
There was a recession 5 years ago.My uncle rides a unicycle.
He studies logistics.Potassium is a mineral.
I will crossover from the other state.
He performs a freestyle dance.
He is left in a defenseless position.
They make a limestone porch.
His purposeless job has long hours.
She is an assistant to the CEO.
He has a green dinosaur toy.
I open the medicine cabinet.
The baby has a pacifier.
She makes a bracelet.
December is cold.
He rides a bicycle.
My favorite treat is a cherry popsicle.
The kid uses his eraser.
The policeman helped the situation.
I disagree with you.
The dog sometimes will disobey.
The gasoline prices are going up.
I asked to speak to the officer in charge.
The principal called me over to his office.
The grasshopper hopped through the grass.
A opossum ran across the street.
I will go to the masquerade ball.

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Medial S Words Speech Therapy Ideas

S Blend

If you’re in need of s blends be sure to check out my following posts with interactive flash cards and free printables.

  • Initial S Blends – 213+ initial S blends plus real-life photos for extra practice.
  • SM-Blends – 63+ initial SM blends plus comes with a free PDF and interactive flashcards.
  • SN-Blends – 65+ initial SN blends plus comes with a free PDF and interactive flashcards.
  • ST-Blends – 90+ initial ST blends plus comes with a free PDF and interactive flashcards.

Articulation Sounds

Do you have students working on other articulation sounds? 

Be sure to check out my speech-language pathology articulation posts with interactive flash cards and free printables for the following sounds in the initial medial final word position to help plan your therapy!

More are being added all the time so be sure to check back regularly!


Board Game

Are you looking to add some fun and engaging activities to your articulation practice? 

Board games are a great way to reinforce practice while working on your students’ speech sound disorders. 

Some fan favorite board games to try are: Connect Four, Candyland, or Break the Ice to name a few.

Challenge Games

If you have students who love challenge games be sure to check out this list below for some fun ideas.

  • Medial /s/ by Cathy Mears is a set of fun drilling games including bingo and flashcards for students to practice medial /s/.  
  • Artic – /s/ all positions PICTURES no /s/-blends by Mrs. Ramsay is a set of games on quia that helps promote multiple repetitions of the medial /s/ sound. These are easy to load and play!
  • Arctic /s/ Words by Ms. Weaver is an interactive set of challenge computer games to help students practice medial s articulation!

Boom Cards

Boom cards are another fun and engaging way to strengthen your child or student’s articulation skills.

Here are a few favorite boom cards to work on the medial S sound: 

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Auditory Bombardment

Another way to work on articulation practice of the medial s sound production is through auditory bombardment.

Auditory bombardment is a term used to describe the process of providing a student with an abundance of listening opportunities to hear their target sound.

This can be done in a variety of ways such as through listening activities, songs, stories, and more.

Here are a few auditory bombardment activities to work on the medial s sound: 

  • Minimal Pairs s/z by Speechie Yazmin is a great resource to use for students to distinguish between /s/ and /z/ in all positions.
  • Articulation War Plus – S sound by Snowflake Speech is a fun game to play with students that has multiple repetitions of medial /s/ for students to listen and learn for articulation practice.

Word Search

If you’re in need of a no-prep grab and go lesson plan you’ll want to check out these fun word search activities filled with medial s practice words.

Language Development

If you have some students working on medial s and language skills here are a few resources to work on articulation therapy and language therapy.

In Conclusion: Medial S Words Speech Therapy

If you’re a parent or speech therapist I hope you have found this article helpful for working on your child or student’s medial s sound. 

Be sure to grab your freebie of 20 words to start practicing 5 minutes a day.

Cheers, to taking the hard work off your plate and having made for you resources!

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