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449+ Final L Words for Speech Therapy Articulation

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Are you a speech therapist or parent looking for final l words to practice with your child or student? Then this blog is just what you need! It has over 449 final l words that will help strengthen your child or student’s /l/ sound. No need to keep looking for final l words for speech therapy.

Final L Words Speech Therapy

Speech-language pathologists are always on the lookout for speech therapy final words organized by word positions.

Target Words

Here’s a list of final l articulation sounds for you to use in therapy or at-home practice to work on your student or child’s new skill.

  • For Example: ball, tall, spell, beagle, camel, candle, bell, beautiful, bill, feel, call, cell, mall, fell, couple, sell, still, wall, whole, people

See full list of words, phrases, and sentences below.

Be sure to grab your freebie of final l sounds below. Simply scroll to the bottom of this post and grab your free copy!

Grab your free practice words at the bottom of this post!

Word Positions: Final L Words Speech Therapy 

Initial Position of Words

The initial position of the l sound is at the beginning of a word. For example, “lazy” or “look”.

Medial Position of Words

Some words have the l sound in the medial position of a word, such as “pilot”, “belt”, and “mailbox”.

Final Positions of Words

The final positions of words are when the target sound is at the end of a word. For example, “beautiful” or “pencil”.

Grab your free practice words at the bottom of this post!

Final Words at Word Level

Final L Words Speech Therapy

Some ways to practice include having your child or student say each final /l/ word one by one as they go through a list. 

Using a dot marker can also be a fun way to practice having your child put a dot under each final l sound. 

In addition, I’ve compiled easy-to-download worksheets to help you practice the final l sounds below. Simply scroll down to the bottom of this post and download your free copy.

Grab your free practice words at the bottom of this post!
  • 1 Syllable: ball, tall, spell, bell, bill, feel, call, cell, mall, fell, sell, still, wall, school, thrill, scroll, plural, small, shall, skill, drill, shell, trail, steal, grill, spill, wheel, stool, spoil, snail, frail, smell, pearl, crawl, will, well, full, real, tell, deal, fall, goal, hall, mail, hill, tool, fuel, pool, fill, roll, pull, cool, fail, rail, soil, meal, bowl, dial, bull, tail, seal, dull, sail, wool, nail, doll, heal, heel, peel, oval, foil, boil, hail, veil, curl, yell, howl, all, oil, ill, gel, pal, owl, eel, scale, smile, sale, male, tale, hole, pole, tile, pale, mole
  • 2 Syllable: thoughtful, standstill, stressful, thumbnail, preschool, treadmill, nightfall, football, grateful, doubtful, baseball, peaceful, faithful, dreadful, youthful, cheerful, farewell, fastball, thankful, fruitful, landfill, rainfall, downhill, graceful, charcoal, forceful, wasteful, control, special, central, council, channel, crucial, journal, careful, helpful, counsel, crystal, install, partial, neutral, painful, handful, thermal, hopeful, martial, fulfill, playful, quarrel, mindful, social, global, normal, travel, useful, appeal, retail, detail, symbol, formal, signal, mental, reveal, recall, chapel, portal, rental, tunnel, diesel, patrol, vessel, verbal, enroll, barrel, dental, postal, cancel, pencil, fossil, brutal, facial, gravel, spiral, sequel, floral, ordeal, nickel, repeat, uphill, kernel, unveil, herbal, resell, propel, pastel, joyful, mammal, funnel, shovel, choral, until, local, level, total, final, model, hotel, metal, novel, label, loyal, medal, carol, awful, vocal, excel, towel, hazel, pedal, bagel, camel, beagle, candle, people, struggle, sprinkle, scribble, straddle, flagpole, trouble, shuttle, whistle, stumble, sparkle, dribble, wrinkle, grumble, little, single, simple, bottle, circle, female, castle, couple, triple, purple, bubble, jungle, cattle, needle, marble, bundle, cradle, staple, juggle, pickle, puddle, tickle, table, apple, ankle, uncle, paddle
  • 3 Syllable: substantial, resourceful, distasteful, disgraceful, racquetball, teaspoonful, successful, commercial, functional, meaningful, basketball, delightful, volleyball, respectful, purposeful, insightful, ungrateful, fingernail, potential, technical, essential, principal, practical, wonderful, classical, rehearsal, bilingual, plentiful, waterfall, sectional, unhelpful, nonverbal, national, personal, critical, regional, hospital, powerful, physical, internal, official, approval, cultural, clinical, chemical, parallel, vertical, survival, festival, terminal, disposal, memorial, informal, optional, seasonal, surgical, colorful, tropical, carnival, tutorial, general, several, capital, medical, natural, overall, initial, federal, digital, typical, unusual, musical, virtual, arrival, logical, minimal, removal, mineral, renewal, refusal, magical, factual, apparel, topical, literal, unequal, lyrical, actual, annual, animal, visual, mutual, manual, casual, denial, cereal, usual, snowmobile, chargeable, breathable, pineapple, rectangle, crocodile, casserole, printable, hairstyle, possible, multiple, flexible, terrible, triangle, readable, syllable, wearable, likable, tentacle, untangle, tricycle, example, article, vehicle, visible, bicycle, recycle, reptile
  • 4 Syllable: professional, instrumental, confidential, unsuccessful, multilingual, nonessential, intercoastal, traditional, residential, exceptional, multiracial, historical, mechanical, beneficial, occasional, artificial, horizontal, relational, accidental, unofficial, hysterical, uneventful, supermodel, political, beautiful, universal, emotional, identical, continual, numerical, semifinal, material, original, diagonal, responsible, comfortable, fashionable, impossible, remarkable, personable, available, invisible, vegetable, divisible, adorable
  • 5 Syllable: multifunctional, unprofessional, international, multicultural, chronological, inspirational, disproportional, intellectual, supernatural, alphabetical, educational, unemotional, individual, biological, semiannual, uncomfortable, unpredictable, un believable, unavailable
  • 6 Syllable: overemotional, organizational, nonoperational

Practice in Flash Card Mode Right Here from Your Computer!

final-l-call final-l-ball final-l-bill final-l-deal final-l-bell final-l-fall final-l-cell final-l-grill final-l-fuel final-l-hall final-l-fell final-l-crawl final-l-frail final-l-fill final-l-mail final-l-hill final-l-tall final-l-full final-l-goal final-l-steal final-l-shall final-l-drill final-l-spill final-l-pearl final-l-mall final-l-cool final-l-pool final-l-scroll final-l-skill final-l-pull final-l-feel final-l-sell final-l-plural final-l-wall final-l-small final-l-spoil final-l-smell final-l-real final-l-shell final-l-tool final-l-snail final-l-school final-l-roll final-l-still final-l-wheel final-l-tell final-l-thrill final-l-spell final-l-trail final-l-stool

Final L Words Speech Therapy

1 Syllable2 Syllable3 Syllable
Grab your free practice words at the bottom of this post!
4 Syllable5 Syllable6 Syllable
Grab your free practice words at the bottom of this post!

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Short Sentences or Phrases

When working on final l sound production, it’s important to work on short phrases once your child or student has mastered the sound at the word level at or near 80% or higher accuracy.

Grab your free practice words at the bottom of this post!

Final L Words Speech Therapy in Phrases

Click on the blue phrases below to practice using our ready-to-go interactive flash cards.

1 Syllable2 Syllable3 Syllable
play ballvery thoughtfulsubstantial amount
tall buildinglong standstillresourceful person
spell the wordstressful situationdistasteful color
ring the bellthick thumbnaildisgraceful sound
pay the billpreschool studentracquetball game
feel happynew treadmillteaspoonful of sugar
call your momwait for nightfallsuccessful job
cell phonefootball gamecommercial television
shopping mallfeeling gratefulfunctional table
fell downfeels doubtfulmeaningful conversation
sell clothesbaseball gamebasketball game
still therepeaceful homedelightful smile
white wallfaithful familyvolleyball game
large schooldreadful homeworkrespectful kids
thrill rideyouthful womenpurposeful walk
scroll downcheerful kidsinsightful talk
plural wordssay farewellungrateful behavior
small rocksthat was a fastballclip your fingernail
shall we gothankful for youpotential place
great skillfruitful treetechnical device
drill into woodsmelly landfillessential need
sandy shellhard rainfallschool principal
follow the trailroll downhillpractical use
do not stealgraceful dancewonderful story
grill the foodcharcoal grillclassical book
spill the waterforceful personband rehearsal
steering wheeldon’t be wastefulbilingual person
step stoolcontrol the carfood is plentiful
spoil the kidsspecial necklacebeautiful waterfall
slow snailcentral placesectional sofa
frail personstudent councilunhelpful person
delicious smellchannel onenonverbal language
pearl necklacecrucial stagenational park
slow crawljournal writingpersonal best
will youplease be carefulcritical situation
well donehelpful friendregional area
full stomachwise counselhospital doctor
real lifecrystal clearpowerful tractor
tell someonecarpet installphysical fitness
good dealpartial pieceinternal clock
fall downneutral colorofficial time
soccer goalpainful accidentapproval process
long hallhandful of candycultural diversity
get the mailthermal shirtclinical observation
grassy hillfeeling hopefulchemical engineer
old toolmartial artsparallel lines
car fuelfulfill the ordervertical lines
swimming poolplayful puppysurvival instinct
fill it upquarrel with your brotherfestival of lights
roll awaybe mindfulairport terminal
pull downsocial mediagarbage disposal
cool airglobal searchmemorial day
try not to failback to normalinformal event
hold the railtravel by airoptional class
brown soiluseful lessonseasonal weather
delicious mealpopular appealsurgical procedure
deep bowlretail storecolorful picture
dial the numbercareful detailtropical vacation
mean bullsymbol of peacecarnival fun
long tailformal dressmath tutorial
cute sealtraffic signalgeneral education
dull pencilmental mathseveral times
sail awaybig revealcapital letter
warm woolrecall the factsmedical doctor
hit the nailold chapelnatural food
pretty dollpizza portaloverall goal
heal the woundrental houseinitial letter
heel of the footlong tunnelfederal government
peel the potatodiesel fueldigital computer
oval shapepatrol cartypical weather
cover with foilblood vesselunusual talent
boil the waterverbal languageexciting musical
large hailenroll in classvirtual education
white veilbrown barrelarrival time
curl your hairdental visitlogical explanation
loud yellpostal stampminimal work
long howlcancel the showsnow removal
all donedrawing pencilmineral rock
greasy oildinosaur fossilmagazine renewal
ill feelingbrutal weatherrefusal to obey
gel pensfacial expressionmagical unicorn
best palbumpy gravelfactual story
noisy owlspiral noodlenew apparel
slippery eelwatch the sequeltopical cream
kitchen scalefloral patternliteral meaning
kind smilebig ordealunequal sides
for saleone nickellyrical poem
male teacherrepeat directionsactual number
tale to tellclimb uphillannual party
large holepopcorn kernellarge animal
tall poleunveil the surprisevisual arts
tile floorherbal teamutual friend
pale yellowresell the dollinstruction manual
black molepropel forwardcasual clothes
pastel colorsin denial
joyful smileyummy cereal
large mammalusual self
funnel tubefast snowmobile
shovel the snowchargeable phone
choral songbreathable material
until laterpineapple juice
local storerectangle shape
level threelarge crocodile
total amountcheesy casserole
final numberprintable picture
model airplanegreat hairstyle
nice hotelit is possible
metal roofmultiple children
great novelflexible noodle
plastic labelterrible idea
loyal friendtriangle shape
gold medalreadable sign
Christmas carolone syllable
awful smellwearable shoes
beautiful vocallikable friends
excel in schooloctopus tentacle
clean toweluntangle the strings
hazel eyesred tricycle
bike pedalmath example
yummy bagelnews article
camel humpnew vehicle
beagle dogvisible fog
couple of shoesblue bicycle
candle liteplease recycle
kind peoplegreen reptile
hard struggle
sprinkle cake
scribble writing
straddle the horse
high flagpole
double trouble
space shuttle
loud whistle
stumble and fall
lights sparkle
dribble the ball
grandma’s wrinkle
grumble and complain
little sister
single banana
simple work
baby bottle
small circle
female teacher
old castle
triple run
purple coat
pop the bubble
jungle cruise
cattle farm
needle hole
marble game
bundle of books
rock the cradle
staple the papers
juggle the balls
pickle spear
wet puddle
tickle the baby
long table
apple pie
sore ankle
favorite uncle
boat paddle
Final L Words Speech Therapy
4 Syllable5 Syllable6 Syllable
professional jobmultifunctional roomoveremotional boy
beautiful instrumentalunprofessional personorganizational job
confidential informationinternational flightnonoperational car
unsuccessful projectmulticultural city
multilingual personchronological order
nonessential iteminspirational talk
intercoastal waterdisproportional shelf
traditional holidayintellectual doctor
residential communitysupernatural hero
exceptional workalphabetical order
multiracial personeducational movie
historical buildingunemotional person
mechanical engineerindividual choice
beneficial vitaminsbiological parents
occasional visitsemiannual meeting
artificial leguncomfortable shoes
horizontal lineunpredictable weather
relational personunbelievable circus
accidental errorunavailable at that time
unofficial answer
hysterical laugh
uneventful time
she is a supermodel
political news
beautiful hair
universal language
emotional girl
identical twins
continual work
numerical order
semifinal game
plastic material
original movie
diagonal line
responsible teen
comfortable bed
fashionable clothes
impossible task
remarkable project
personable waitress
available room
invisible glass
healthy vegetable
divisible number
adorable kitten

Sentence Level: Final L Words Speech Therapy

The next step after working at the word and phrase levels is to work on the final l sound at the sentence level.

For example, you could give your child or student a list of sentences to read aloud while they work on their final l sound. 

Another idea would be to give your child or student pictures with their final l sound in them and then have them create a sentence about those pictures.

Below is a list of sentences to use with your child or students.

Final L Words Speech Therapy in Sentences

Click on the blue sentences below to practice using our ready-to-go interactive flash cards.

1 Syllable2 Syllable
He likes to play ball.She was very thoughtful by bringing her mother flowers.
That is a tall building.The traffic was at a standstill.
They learned to spell a new word.The stressful situation made her feel sick.
The children will ring the bell.She painted her thumbnail.
Did you pay the bill?The preschool student loved playing games.
The puppy made him feel happy.He bought a new treadmill for his house.
Call your mom when you arrive.The owl waited for nightfall to hunt for food.
I wish I had a cell phone.The football game was so much fun to watch.
Will you go with me to the mall?He was feeling grateful for his family.
The apples fell to the ground.He was doubtful that he could finish the task on time.
I need to sell my old toys.The baseball game lasted for three hours.
It was hard for the kids to sit still.Their home is very peaceful.
This room has one white wall.She is faithful to her family and spends time with them.
I go to a large school.The weather was stormy and dreadful.
That roller-coaster was a thrill!She was youthful even at an old age.
Scroll down to see the price.The kids were very cheerful at the beach.
We have learned so many plural words in class.They said farewell to their grandparents.
This beach has a lot of small rocks.He threw a fastball during the game.
Shall we go to the restaurant?They were thankful for their family.
Sewing is a great skill to have.The tree was fruitful this year.
Use this tool to drill into the wood.The landfill was very smelly.
Look at the shell I found on the beach.It was a hard rainfall that caused some flooding.
This park has a fun trail to walk.He rolled the ball downhill.
It is never a good idea to steal.Her dance was graceful.
My dad is going to grill the food.He lit the charcoal grill to cook dinner.
Be careful and don’t spill the water!The dog was forceful towards the other dogs.
Hold the steering wheel with both hands.Mom reminded me to not be wasteful.
The child used a step stool to reach the sink.You should control the car with two hands.
Grandma and grandpa always spoil the kids.Her mother gave her a special necklace.
The snail is so slow.They looked for a central place to meet for dinner.
That elderly man is very frail.The school voted in the new student council members.
What is that delicious smell in the kitchen?You can watch the news on channel one.
I enjoy wearing my pearl necklace.This project was crucial to the success of the business.
The baby learned to crawl.She began writing in a journal every night.
Will you help me wash the dishes?Please be careful with that glass.
Well done on your homework.She is a helpful friend.
After that meal, I have a full stomach.His father gave him some wise counsel.
That plant looks real, but it isn’t.The glass was crystal clear after washing it.
I want you to tell someone what happened.They wanted to install some new carpet.
This is a good deal on chicken!She only wanted a partial piece of the pie.
Walk slowly so you don’t trip and fall down.They painted the living room a neutral color.
He made his first soccer goal.The sore on his arm felt painful.
Our school has a long hall to walk through.The boy took a handful of candy from the dish.
Get the mail after school.He wore a thermal shirt to shovel the snow.
We watched a concert while sitting on a grassy hill.She felt hopeful that she would go on a vacation.
I bought my dad a new tool for Christmas.He enjoyed practicing martial arts.
The car needed more fuel to finish the trip home.His job at work was to fulfill the orders.
I enjoy swimming in a pool.They had a very playful puppy.
Fill the water glass to the top.Please don’t quarrel with your brother.
Don’t let that ball roll into the street.Be mindful of others around you when you’re singing so loud.
Pull down on that string to turn on the light.All of her classmates used social media.
The air is cool tonight.They started a global search for the endangered animal.
She didn’t want to fail her test.After vacation, they had to go back to their normal routine.
Hold on to the rail as you climb the stairs.They preferred to travel by air.
We need more soil for these plants.These new dishes were very useful.
My mom made a huge meal for Thanksgiving.They made an appeal to the court.
I need a bowl for my cereal.She opened a retail store in town.
Dial the number on your phone.He paid careful attention to detail on the project.
I don’t want to ride the mean bull.The dove is a symbol of peace.
The dog has a long tail.She chose a formal dress for the dance.
Did you see the cute seal at the zoo?The traffic signal turned green.
This pencil is dull, so I must sharpen it.They were practicing mental math in class.
What a large sail on that boat!They were excited for the big reveal of the baby’s gender.
My wool sweater is warm.She tried hard to recall the facts she had learned.
Hit the nail with the hammer.They visited the old and historical chapel.
She has a pretty doll.They picked up a pizza from the portal.
The doctor said she would heal quickly.They searched for the perfect rental house for their vacation.
The heel of my foot is dry.They drove their car through a long tunnel.
Can you peel the potato?The truck required some diesel fuel.
The students were learning about the oval shape.The patrol car drove quickly to the emergency.
Cover the casserole with foil.The doctor examined the clogged blood vessel.
Boil the water first.He was working on his verbal language skills.
We saw large hail in that storm.She needed to enroll in the class.
The bride wore a white veil.They put all the rice in the brown barrel.
I want to curl my hair today.He scheduled his dental visit.
The baby had a loud yell.She bought some more postal stamps.
The dog would howl when they left it alone.They may cancel the show since no one could attend.
He is all done with his homework.She used a pencil to sketch a picture.
The french fries were covered in oil.The scientist found a dinosaur fossil.
He was feeling ill.The snowstorm was brutal.
The girls like using gel pens.She had an excited facial expression in the picture.
She has been her pal since they were little.They drove down a bumpy gravel road.
I can hear that noisy owl every night.The children enjoyed spiral noodles.
I saw an eel in the aquarium.You need to watch the sequel of the movie.
I weigh meat on the kitchen scale.The sofa had a floral pattern on it.
The saleswoman had a kind smile.They made a big ordeal over her engagement.
This house is for sale.She only needed one more nickel.
My teacher is a male.The teacher repeated the directions several times.
He has a funny tale to tell.They began the long climb uphill.
There is a large hole in my pants.The popcorn kernel fell to the floor.
The flag is on a tall pole.He was excited to unveil the surprise.
We have a tile floor in the kitchen.The herbal tea tasted delicious.
My shirt is pale yellow.She wanted to resell the doll.
We caught the black mole.The engine started to propel forward.
She loved pastel colors.
He had a joyful smile.
The elephant is a large mammal.
The funnel cake at the fair is delicious.
It took a long time to shovel the snow.
The choral singing was beautiful.
She said she would wait until later to eat the cake.
The local store has the best fresh fish.
Take the elevator to level three.
What is the total amount for the flight?
Their team made it to the final game of the competition.
He made a model airplane with his dad.
They found a very nice hotel to stay in.
The new building had a metal roof.
This is the best novel I’ve ever read.
That plastic label is thick.
He is a loyal friend to her.
He won the gold medal in the race.
The Christmas carol sounded beautiful.
What is that awful smell?
He was very vocal about what he didn’t like.
He tried hard to excel in school.
She washed her towel so that it was clean.
His hazel eyes were a mix of blue and green.
The bike pedal needed to be replaced.
This is a yummy bagel!
The camel had two humps.
Her favorite dog is a beagle.
He owns a couple of shoes.
The candle was very bright.
The kind people helped her carry her groceries.
They sometimes struggle with the directions.
He found one sprinkle on the cake.
Don’t scribble on your homework.
You need to straddle the horse when you ride it.
The flagpole is very high.
They don’t want to get in trouble.
The space shuttle blasted off.
It was a very loud whistle.
She tried not to stumble and fall.
The lights sparkle in the night sky.
They dribble the ball down the court.
The sheet had a wrinkle.
I don’t like to grumble and complain.
Her little sister followed her around.
She bought a single banana from the store.
The simple word felt complex.
The baby bottle was washed.
She drew a small circle on the paper.
She had a female teacher.
They visited an old castle.
He ran a triple run during the game.
She really wanted to wear a purple coat.
They enjoyed popping the bubble.
Going on a jungle cruise would be so much fun!
He owned a cattle farm.
Thread the string through the needle hole.
They wanted to play a marble game.
She bought a whole bundle of books from the store.
Please rock the cradle so the baby falls asleep.
Please staple the papers in the corner.
He wanted to learn how to juggle.
He loved to eat pickle spears.
They splashed in the puddle.
They liked to tickle the baby.
They wanted a long table for the event.
His favorite pie was the apple.
After twisting it, her ankle was sore.
He was his favorite uncle.
The boat paddle was floating in the water.
Final L Words Speech Therapy
3 Syllable4 Syllable
That was a substantial amount of food.She did a professional job on that article.
She is a resourceful person.Did you hear that beautiful instrumental in the middle of that song?
He thinks that yellow is a distasteful color.Do not share confidential information from this meeting.
That animal makes a disgraceful sound.The project was unsuccessful.
We want to play a racquetball game.Her mother was multilingual.
Add a teaspoonful of sugar.Those dress clothes are nonessential items.
He was successful in his job.They went boating on the intercoastal waters.
We don’t like this commercial.He dressed in a traditional suit for the event.
This is a functional table.They have an apartment in this residential community.
They had a very meaningful conversation.Her teacher said she did exceptional work.
He went to the basketball game.They are multiracial.
The little girl has a delightful smile.They worked in a historical building.
She played in the volleyball game.He studied how to be a mechanical engineer in college.
They raised some respectful kids.Vitamins are beneficial.
Her walk was very purposeful in getting healthy.Their grandpa came by for an occasional visit.
Their conversation was very insightful.After the surgery, he needed an artificial leg.
The child acted ungrateful by stomping his foot.She drew a horizontal line on the paper.
You should clip your long fingernail.He is a relational person and got along with others well.
We need to have a list of potential places for the meeting.The mistake was accidental.
Please put away your technical devices.This is the unofficial paperwork.
Water is an essential need.The child had a hysterical laugh.
He is the school principal.It was an uneventful time.
She is a practical person.She is a supermodel.
That movie had a wonderful storyline.There are two main political parties.
I enjoy reading classical books.The dress is beautiful.
Please attend band rehearsal on time.Some day there might be a universal language.
My dad is bilingual.The little girl was emotional.
The meal was plentiful.They are identical twins.
They hiked until they saw the beautiful waterfall.He has done continual work on the building.
They bought a new sectional sofa.Put these numbers in numerical order.
Her coworker was unhelpful today.The team made it to the semifinal game.
He used nonverbal actions during the game.This is a hard plastic material.
They visited a national park.I want to see the original movie.
He did his personal best in bowling.There were two diagonal lines in the picture.
The doctors knew this was a critical situation.The teen was responsible.
He was in charge of the regional area.Their bed was very comfortable at the end of a long day.
She needed to go to the hospital.She went to some store with fashionable clothes.
The powerful tractor plowed the cornfield.This felt like an impossible task to complete.
Doing physical fitness is good for your health.She looked remarkable in those new shoes.
Her internal clock woke her up.They enjoyed their personable waitress and gave her a good tip.
What is the official time right now?Did the hotel have an available room?
That article needs to go through the approval process.The glass looked invisible.
Their company values cultural diversity.A carrot is a healthy vegetable.
The nurse was doing her clinical observation.Ten is a divisible number.
He wanted to be a chemical engineer.They have an adorable kitten.
Those are parallel lines.
The buildings look like vertical lines.
The dog had a survival instinct.
We went to the festival of lights before Christmas.
They arrived on time at the airport terminal.
Use the garbage disposal after you wash the dishes.
They visited the local memorial.
They were attending an informal event tonight.
Taking an art class was optional.
Some of my clothes are seasonal.
He needed to have a surgical procedure.
Her son drew a colorful picture.
They wanted to go on a tropical vacation.
Yesterday, they went to a carnival.
She watched a math video tutorial to help her learn how to solve the problem.
He started his general education classes this fall.
He asked the question several times.
A sentence starts with a capital letter.
He was the main medical doctor at the hospital.
She prefers to eat natural foods.
What is the overall goal of this project?
What was your initial impression?
He is a part of the federal government.
They had a digital meeting.
He was acting like a typical toddler.
The cat had an unusual color on its back.
They loved attending the musical.
The school started using some virtual education.
The arrival time was set for 10 am.
She had a logical explanation for why she was late.
He wanted to do a minimal amount of work to get it done.
He hired someone to do the snow removal.
In science, they were studying mineral rocks.
She checked on her magazine renewal to make sure she would still receive it.
He ignored the child’s refusal to eat.
She drew a magical unicorn.
He needed to write a factual story.
He designed a new line of apparel.
The doctor said to use the topical cream on his wound.
What is the literal meaning of that sentence?
The triangle has unequal sides.
She enjoyed reading lyrical poems.
What is the actual number of people in this room?
She began to plan the annual party.
An elephant is a large animal.
She enjoyed visual arts.
They had a mutual friend from their childhood.
She read the instruction manual.
She preferred to wear casual clothes.
She was in denial about forgetting her homework.
Cereal is a delicious breakfast food.
She was acting like her usual self again after being sick.
He bought a fast snowmobile.
All phones should be chargeable.
He exercises in shirts made out of breathable material.
The child liked to drink pineapple juice.
The class was studying the rectangle.
He saw a large crocodile in the pond.
Her favorite dinner was a cheesy casserole.
He needed to create a project that was printable.
The hairstylist created a great hairstyle for her.
It is possible to get the string through that hole.
They had multiple children in the same school.
She stretched so she could be more flexible.
He thought it was a terrible idea.
He drew a triangle on his paper.
The sign must be readable from a long distance.
She listed many one-syllable words.
She washed her socks so they would be wearable again.
Her friends were likable.
The octopus tentacle was long.
Can you please untangle these strings?
He rode a red tricycle around the driveway.
Show me an example.
She read the news article about the fire.
They wanted to buy a new vehicle.
The glass was so clean that it was barely visible.
She liked the blue bicycle.
Please remember to recycle.
The lizard is a green reptile.
5 Syllable6 Syllable
This is a multifunctional room.She can sometimes be overemotional when she is tired.
The employee was acting unprofessional at the restaurant.They were creating some organizational systems to keep their house clean.
I have flown on two international flights.The car was so old that it was nonoperational.
She lives in a multicultural city.
Put these events into chronological order.
He gave an inspirational talk to his students.
The shelves looked disproportional.
He was studying a lot in school so he could be more intellectual.
The hero had supernatural powers.
She put her spelling words into alphabetical order.
They watched a movie that was educational.
He never cried and seemed to be an unemotional person.
Each person has their individual choice of where they want to eat.
Although she was adopted, she saw her biological parents sometimes.
They prepared for their semiannual business meeting.
I can’t wait to take off these uncomfortable shoes.
This weather has been so unpredictable!
What the elephants did in the circus was unbelievable!
Let’s reschedule our meeting as I’m unavailable at that time.
Grab your free practice words at the bottom of this post!

Final L Words Speech Therapy

Board Games

Are you looking to add some fun and engaging activities to your therapy sessions? 

Board games are a great way to reinforce practice while working on your students’ sounds. 

Some fan-favorite board games to try are: Connect Four, Candyland, or Break the Ice to name a few.

Boom Cards

Boom cards are another fun and engaging way to strengthen your child or student’s articulation skills.

Here are a few favorite boom cards to work on the final L sounds: 

  1. Sound Loaded Articulation Scenes BOOM CARDS L Sound (Distance Learning) created by PlayingSpeech – With this game students are able to create silly scenes using 10+ items that they are able to manipulate. 
  1. Feed the Skeleton L and L Blends Articulation Boom Cards Halloween Free Sample created by Pinwheel Speech Resources – For this fun activity the student’s get to take their skeletons trick or treating by feeding them candy as they practice their final l sound. 
  1. Free Articulation Boom Cards for Later Sounds Back to School  created by Ivy League Language – This game is perfect for those students who love play dough, because in this activity they get to do a virtual play dough mat to work on their final l words. Have your student practice their words and then cover each picture with some virtual play dough!

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Therapy Room

Are you a speech therapist looking for final l words for speech therapy to practice with your clients? 

Here are a couple of fun worksheets and games that you can use in your therapy room to work on the final l sound.

  1. Freebie L Articulation Smash Mats: Initial, Medial, Final created by Snuggle Bug Speech – This is an easy zero prep activity that your students are sure to love. Grab some play dough and have your student’s start practicing their sound!
  1. Freebie Artic Dino Dig – Interactive Articulation Game for medial & final /l/ created by The Cincy Speechie – This game is perfect for those dinosaur lovers out there! Have your student go on a fossil hunt while they practice their final l words. 
  1. Free Preview Maze Madness for Articulation L Final position created by QuirkySpeech – This game is sure to be a fan favorite! Have your student practice their final l sound and then after each practice they get to complete a quick maze in order to get to their next word. How fun is that?!
  1. Late 8 Word Search Collection: Initial, Medial, Final, and Mixed L created by Therapy Materials Vault – Simply print and go. Have your students final their final l words in a word search while they practice their words out loud.

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Enough Time

Feeling like you don’t have enough time to work on your child or student’s final l sound? 

Articulation therapy can be as simple as 5 minutes of practice a day.

Here is a list of 5-minute therapy ideas to work on the final l sound.

  1. No Prep Articulation Freebie: Initial, medial, final /l/ created by Cat Says Meow – This product includes 27 one page activities ranging from a roll ‘n’ board game, to a cut ‘n’ paste puzzle, to a say ‘n’ stamp dot marker practice, and more.
  1. Freebie: Articulation Tic Tac Toe /L/ initial, medial, final, and /L/ Blends created by Articulation Station – This game is perfect for a quick 5 minute tic tac toe game working on your student’s final l sound.
  1. L Final Sound created by SpeechSF – This is a perfect grab and go with no prep work. Simply have your student practice their words each 5 times. This freebie even comes with a helpful visual cue when working on the final l sound.

Tongue Placement: Final L Words Speech Therapy

When working on the final l sound focusing on tongue placement is a great idea. 

The /l/ sound is made by placing the tip of your tongue behind your front teeth. Your child or student should aim for the little bump or ridge behind their teeth. 

Then they need to relax their tongue and let the air pass on either side of their tongue while making their sound “loud” in order to turn on their voice. 

They can tell that their voice is turned on by touching their voice box on their neck and feeling it vibrate.

Play with Dough Tongue Placement Sheets created by Peachie Speechie – If you’re looking for a way to give your child or student a visual cue about how to make the final l sound. Then be sure to grab some playdough and print out this visual cue page!

In Conclusion: Final L Words Speech Therapy

We hope you have found this article helpful for working on your child or student’s final l sound. 

Be sure to grab your freebie of 20 words to start practicing 5 minutes a day on your final l words for speech therapy!


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