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43+ Speech Therapy Sequencing Activities {Free Resources!}

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Do you have students or children working on sequencing picture cards or sequencing a short story? If so, I hope you enjoy this list of over 43 sequencing activities for speech therapy.

Therapy Session Ideas

As Speech-Language Pathologists finding real-life sequencing activities for your speech therapy student can be difficult. 

That’s why I’ve put together 9 free 3-step to 5-step sequences for a quick special education sequencing therapy idea for any Speech Language Pathologist.


Life Skills

Using activities of daily living such as brushing your teeth, getting dressed, making a peanut butter sandwich or raking the leaves are all a great way to practice putting the sequencing steps into the right order. 

  1. Sequencing Daily Living Skills – Be sure to grab our 9 free 3-step to 5-step sequences and practice worksheets below at the bottom of this post.
  2. FREE Life Skills File Folder Activities – Life Skills Special Education Activity by Adapting for Autism is a great resource for group work or independent work!
  3. Pizza Scramble- A free Auditory Processing, Sequencing, and Memory Activity. By SLP Runner is a great 10-slide freebie to practice memory and sequencing!
  4. Sequencing: Daily Activities {FREEBIE} by Mrs. P’s Specialties is a great way to help sequencing become relevant to all your students! It is a ready-to-go activity to help you learn more about your students while practicing a functional skill.
  5. Sequencing, Dangerous, danger, safety, safe, unsafe, autism, social skills, FREE by Early Childhood Education – visual learning is an engaging activity to practice the meaning of important signs while also learning to sequence.
Sequencing Daily Living Skills – Be sure to grab our 9 free 3-step to 5-step sequences and practice worksheets below at the bottom of this post.

Graphic Organizers

Grab these couple of graphic organizers below to help with sequencing. 

Use the graphic organizers to help guide your students to sequence the first step, the next step, and then the rest into the correct order. 

  1. Story Sequencing – Beginning, Middle, and End by Mrs. S. Store is a highly rated graphic organizer to help students break up the beginning, middle, and end of stories visually! 
  2. Snowmen All Year Sequence Activity by Lisa Tyrrell is a fun activity that uses a snowman to organize sequences with a winter theme!
  3. Spaghetti in a Hot Dog Bun Book Activities by Lessons by the Lake is a fun activity to do when reading the book, “Spaghetti in a Hot Dog Bun”. Use the graphic organizer to help the students break the story up!
  4. Reading Graphic Organizers for Upper Grade by That Fun Teacher is a great set of graphic organizers, including ones that cover sequencing that are ready to print and use. 

Boom Cards

Here is a list of sequencing activities that are perfect for distance learning or in-person practice.

  1. Sequencing Picture Cards | No Print Digital Boom Cards Free Printable | Freebie by Speech and Language at Home is a great resource that is versatile! Use these boom cards to help your students practice sequencing.
  2. {FREEBIE} Visual Recipe BOOM Cards™ | Making a PB&J Sandwich | Speech Therapy by Kristine Lamb is a fun and interactive activity that teaches kids how to make their own sandwiches using sequencing practice.
  3. Free Boom Cards™ Sequencing Hygiene | Visual Sequences with Pictures by Speech Your Mind is a great set of Boom cards to practice basic hygiene needs!
  4. FREE Sentence Scramble BOOM Cards™️ Speech Therapy Distance Learning by Allison Fors is a fun way to practice sequencing by unscrambling these sentences!

5-Step Sequences

If you’re in need of some 5-step sequences, be sure to check out this list below.

  1. Clip Art – Pancake Day (5-Step Sequence) by English Unite Art is a great 5 step sequencing activity with a pancake theme!
  2. How to Make Hot Chocolate FREEBIE by Mandy Gregory is a great 5 step sequencing activity with a winter theme.
  3. FREEBIE Spring 3, 4, 5-Step Sequencing – Plant a Flower by Laura the SLP is a fun and interactive gardening themed sequencing activity with 10 free worksheets!

Letter Form

Be sure to check out these freebies which include how to write and mail a letter to friends and family.

  1. Mailing a Letter: Task Sequence by Simply fun and FUNctional and AdaptEd is a popular visual task sequencing activity to walk students through writing and mailing a letter.
  2. Mailing a Mother’s Day Card – WITH SLIDE-TO-SLIDE “ANIMATION” (PowerPoint) by Autumn Bryant – Speech Language Investigator is a fun sequencing activity to practice writing and sending a mothers day card! This doubles as preposition practice as well.

Interactive Whiteboards

Take any activity and using an interactive whiteboard you can have your students create their very own 2, 3, 4, or 5-step sequence. 

Watch this quick video below to see how you can use Google’s Jamboard interactive whiteboard.

  1. DISTANCE LEARNING-FREE 3 Step Sequencing SAMPLE by Culturally Speaking SLP’s is a great and interactive game to practice sequencing on the interactive whiteboard.
  2. Story Grammar Board! By Speedie Speechie Supplies is a whiteboard game that has students retell and sequence a story!

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Sequencing Mats

Sequencing mats are a fun way to keep kids’ attention by having them cut and glue the pieces into the correct sequence.

  1. Three Billy Goats Gruff sequence worksheets by Silviya V Murphy is a great mat that incorporates stories, patterns, and sequencing!
  2. Number Sequencing Freebie by All Star Classroom is a fun mat for students to practice sequencing. This resource is great for individual work or group work. 
  3. Distance Learning Sequencing Stories with Pictures – 3 Steps Freebie! By The Teaching Mama – Kaitlin St Leger is an amazing resource to practice sequencing with easy printables!

Digital Task Cards

Use the following digital task cards to practice sequencing the simple steps into the correct order.

  1. 3 & 4-Step Holiday Sequencing BOOM CARDS™ | Digital Task Cards by A Perfect Blend has 10 cards with 3 and 4-step sequences to practice with a holiday theme!
  2. Sequencing Boom Cards Freebie No Prep Kindergarten Math Centers by Shanon Juneau We are Better Together is a set of task cards to practice sequencing. These are highly rated and a classroom favorite for prek/k. 
  3. FREE Sentence Scramble BOOM Cards™️ Speech Therapy Distance Learning by Alison Fors is a fun set of digital task cards that focus on sequencing a single sentence.

Home Practice

Here are a few sequencing activities that are perfect for home practice.

  1. Reading Comprehension Spring by Alison Hotsman is a great short passage to send home with kids. It includes multiple-choice questions that review sequencing.
  2. Distance Learning Sequencing Stories with Pictures – 3 Steps Freebie! By The Teaching Mama – Kaitlin St Leger is a great electronic tool to use with students to practice sequencing at home!
  3. Retelling Hand Chart: Story Retelling by Kim’s Creations is great for visual and tactile learning to practice sequencing through story retelling at home.
  4. Sequence Challenge by Luv2Learn is a great printable to send home with students to review sequencing.

Basic Sequencing Skills

If you’re in need of some basic sequencing activities here are some 2 and 3-step sequencing activities.

  1. Dear Zoo -Story Sequencing- Re-telling Visuals-FREEBIE by Marcelle’s KG Zone is a fun packet that is zoo themed! Have your students use sequencing mats and storytelling visuals to practice basic sequencing. 
  2. Winter Story Retell and Sequencing by Lingual Logic is a great packet to use to review basic sequencing and retelling skills.
  3. FREE Sports Themed Activities targeted Basic SKills Sequencing Matching Sorting by Mrs. Chris’ Peech Room is a great packet to use to quickly review the basics of sequencing and other skills with an engaging and fun topic!

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Older Children

For older children, I like to use real-life photos or simply sequencing using a short set of 3-word sequences or sets of 4-word sequences.

Have your older children take the short set of key words and put them into their specific order. 

  1. Life Skills Scope & Sequence Freebie by Adulting Made Easy is a great outline activity to use with older students to review and sequence!
  2. Reading Skills Sequence for Upper Grades by Teaching with a Mountain View is a great packet to review with upper elementary and middle aged students to practice sequencing and comprehension. 
  3. SEQUENCE ACTIVITY by Ruth S. is a great activity that uses clue words to practice sequencing skills with students! 

Own Pictures

Another fun way to do sequencing is to have your students take their own pictures or draw their own pictures and then have them organize the pictures or drawings into a logical order.

  1. Blank Timeline Template | Printable and Digital | Free by Literacy in Focus is a free blank template for students to draw in their own pictures as they practice sequencing!
  2. Make Your Own Comic (5 Day Crash-Course in Comic Books) by Christie Cino uses comics as a way for your students to practice sequencing concepts as they write and draw their own stories!

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Temporal Concepts

Practice sequencing using temporal concepts, such as before and after or first, then, next, and last.

  1. FREE WEEK Sequencing Digital Reading Activities Google Slides™ & Google Forms™ by Mrs. Stewart in 3rd is a full week of sequencing activities that include practicing temporal concepts. 
  2. SEQUENCE ACTIVITY by Ruth S. is a fun activity that uses “clue words” to practice sequencing a passage.
  3. Thunder &Lightning Sequencing, Story Retell, Wh Questions, Vocabulary by Spirited Speech is an entertaining folktale to read to students and practice sequencing!

Short Stories

Take a short story or a short paragraph to practice a higher level of sequencing. Sequence the stories into simple sentences or simple visuals.

  1. The Three Little Pigs Preview by Digital Learners Guide is a great resource to practice sequencing with a short story.
  2. Gingerbread Mouse Sequencing Retell Worksheet + for Google Slides™️ FREE by Sparklle SLP Speech Therapy is another great way to practice sequencing. This resource includes worksheets and google slides to use with practice. 
  3. FREEBIE- I Know an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Pie Retell Sequencing Fall by Mama Wears Pajamas is a short story that elementary students love. It is a great way to practice sequencing.

Speech Therapy Sequencing Activities

Working on speech therapy sequencing activities is an important part of executive functioning and oral language. 

When it comes to working on sequencing activities the first thing I like to focus on is everyday sequencing life skills, such as taking a bath.

I hope you enjoy this list of speech therapy sequencing activities perfect for your therapy room.

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