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23+ Fun Sneezy the Snowman Freebie Activities for Speech Therapy

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It’s Sneezy the Snowman time! Sneezy is a great character for kids to learn about. This is my students’ favorite winter book to read. In this blog post, we will share 23+ Sneezy the Snowman freebie activities that you can use in speech therapy and at home with your child. These resources include lesson plans, snowman activities, boom cards, melted snowman paper plates, and more!

Maureen Wright is the author of Sneezy the Snowman. In her book, Sneezy comes to life and takes the reader on a winter adventure. She has also written several other children’s books, including Sneeze, Big Bear, Sneeze! and Sleep, Big Bear, Sleep.


Lesson Plans

1. Sneezy the Snowman

This Sneezy the Snowman interactive read aloud lesson plan is perfect for teaching the book. The plan includes several stopping points to model teacher thinking, turn and talks, and response options.

Hot Tub

2. Sneezy the Snowman Hot and Cold Sort

This is a cut and paste worksheet where the students will sort hot and cold items from the story, including hot cocoa and the hot tub.


Whole Group

3. Sneezy the Snowman Emergent Reader FREEBIE

This emergent reader is perfect for whole group instruction.

Ice Cream Cone

4. Sneezy the Snowman Companion Game

Help Sneezy stay cool by getting all five ice cream scoops on his cone – but be careful.. if you land on something hot, he is going to melt! Use this fun digital game with your students.

Snowman Activities

5. Melting Snowman Craft

One of our favorite Sneezy the Snowman activities is this melting snowman craft. You can find the instructions here. This is a great activity to use with younger students (like first graders) as they learn about winter and the weather.

Fun Activities

6. Sneezy the Snowman Worksheets

Another fun Sneezy the Snowman activity as a review or to help your students follow along with the story!

Small Groups

7. Roll A Snowman Dice Game

This Sneezy the Snowman printable game is another fun Sneezy The Snowman resource you can use for your students! You can find this freebie here. It’s perfect for small groups, speech therapy sessions, and more!

Fun Worksheets

8. Sneezy the Snowman Sequencing Foldable

This Sneezy the snowman foldable may be just what you need if you’re looking for a sequencing activity to go along with Sneezy the Snowman activities. Check it out here! We love using engaging activities like these!

Boom Cards

9. Big or Small? Winter Boom Cards

Boom cards that go perfectly with Sneezy the Snowman as it uses the items present in the book.

Lesson Plans

10. Sneezy the Snowman Writing Activity *FREEBIE*

This lesson plan includes a variety of activities that will keep your students engaged in writing and comprehension.

Sneezy the Snowman Mini Lesson

11. Sneezy the Snowman Sequencing Freebie Kindergarten and First Grade Reading

This Sneezy the Snowman mini-lesson is a great way to introduce your students to the character Sneezy. It includes key details about Sneezy, as well as a slider strip activity for practicing sequencing.

Melting Snowman

12. The Missing Snowman Craft

If you’re looking for a fun craft to go along with the book, look no further! Your students can create their own melting Sneezy the Snowman.


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Lesson Plan Pack

13. Sneezy the Snowman Unit

Your students will focus on many different literacy skills with this lesson plan pack that can be used in the classroom!

Snowman Book Companion

14. Sneezy the Snowman: Book Companion- Complete word list

This is the perfect addition to your lesson plans. Words from the entire book are catalogued and organized by phoneme and word-position, with a list of minimal pairs, rhyming words, and homophones.

Digital Activities

15. Sneezy the Snowman Companion Game

Use this fun game with your students digitally. Help Sneezy stay cool by getting all five ice cream scoops on his cone – but be careful… if you land on something hot, he is going to melt!

Young Children

16. Sneezy The Snowman – Never Give Up!

This resource is perfect for little learners as they apply the book with a creative writing activity. It can even be made into a class book!

Winter Cap

17. Snowman Slide-A-Sentence

Easy and FUN sentence writing! Teach your students to describe an object using this simple sentence slider game. With 6 different snowman cards, students will describe the color of the snowman’s cap, mittens, nose, scarf, and buttons.

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Printable Activities

18. Free States of Matter Snowman activity, Sneezy the Snowman

Here is a fun science experiment to go along with the book. It’s a free download with printable sheets to go along with the activity!


Literacy Center Ideas

19. Melted Snowman Writing Activity

This writing activity is a great way to introduce your students to storytelling and narrative writing, and could be a fun Literacy Center idea for the classroom. Your students will have a great time thinking of creative ways that their snowman melted and writing short stories.

Common Core

20. Free States of Matter Snowman activity, Sneezy the Snowman

Use this activity to tie in some science common core standards.

Warm Winter Scarf

21. Hat, Scarf, Mittens and Boots: Original Poem

This is a fun way to talk about how we dress warm, just like Sneezy the snowman!

Snowman’s Face

22. Visual Directions: Make Your Own Snowman Face

Combine fine motor work, motor planning, comprehension, reading and fun with art!

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Digital Classroom

23. Digital Classroom Management Reward Game – Build a Snowman

A perfect way to reward your students digitally.

Construction Paper

24. SNOWMAN Construction Paper Craft

This is a jumbo size construction paper template for a snowman craft. A great companion craft for this book.


We hope you enjoy these Sneezy the Snowman activities! Be sure to check out our other posts for more speech therapy ideas and resources.

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