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147+ Final K Speech Therapy Words for Articulation

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Are you a speech-language pathologist or parent working on the k sound in the final position? This post has over 147 final k words for speech therapy that will help your student or child practice their k final sounds all in one place. 

Final K Words Speech Therapy

Below is a list of final k words to practice during your student’s speech therapy session or simply send the link to this website to a parent to practice at home.


Final Consonant Deletion

Is your child or student struggling with final consonant deletion of the final k sound? 

If so, a great way to work on final consonant deletion is to use minimal pairs to work on the difference between making the final k sound and deleting the final k sound. 

Here is a set of great minimal pair worksheets to help when working on the phonological process of final consonant deletion – Final Consonant Deletion Minimal Pairs – No Prep Final K Freebie by Nurture Speech Pathology.

If you’re on the hunt for a helpful visual or tactile cue for final consonants then be sure to check out this one by Panda Speech Therapy – End Sound Helper Freebie – for Final Consonant Deletion Phonological Processing by Panda Speech Therapy.

If your child or student does final consonant deletion on more than just the k sound then be sure to check out this freebie that focuses on final /p ,b, t, d, m, n, k, g, s, f/ – No Print Final Consonant Deletion Picture Scenes by Teach Speech 365.

Correct Production

The final k sound is one of many back sounds. When working on the final k sound, a velar consonant, the first thing you want to do is pull your tongue to the back of the mouth and place it against the soft palate (the top of your mouth).

Once your tongue is in position then push air through your mouth while lowering your tongue towards the front of the mouth. 

By 2 years of age children will begin making the k sound and by the age of 3 years old the child will have mastered the sound according to the GFTA-2 Standardized sample.

If your child or student is struggling to place their tongue in the correct position you can use a tongue depressor to provide your child or student with a tactile cue.

Target Word

Here’s a list of final k articulation sounds for you to use in therapy or at home practice to work on your student or child’s new skill.

  • For Example: peak, make, fork, steak, fake, lake, squeak, woodchuck, kayak, block, speak, leak, oak, poke, sneak, wreak, creek, pick, clock, sick

See full list of words, phrases, and sentences below.

Be sure to grab my one page freebie of final k sounds below. Simply scroll to the bottom of this post and grab your free copy!


Word Level: Final K Words Speech Therapy 

Initial Position of Words

The initial k sound is at the beginning of a word. For example, “kite” or “care”.

Medial Position of Words

There are also medial k words, which have the k sound in the medial position of a word, such as “raccoon”, “racket”, and “bucket”.

Final Consonants

The final positions of words are when the target sound is at the end of a word. For example, “rock” or “dock”.

Final K Words Speech Therapy

Final Words at Word Level

You can start at the auditory bombardment level, or syllable level, or start at pronunciation of the whole word.  Starting with single words is a great place to start and then you can adjust to go backwards towards syllable level or forward to the phrase level. 

Some young children enjoy using a dot marker as a fun way to practice their sound while working on their articulation communication disorder. 

For example they can put a dot under each of their final k sounds. 

I’ve also created an easy-to-download one-page overview of final k sounds below. Simply scroll down to the bottom of this post and download your free copy.

  • 1 Syllable: peak, make, fork, steak, fake, lake, squeak, block, speak, leak, oak, poke, sneak, creek, pick, clock, sick, ask, elk, book, duck, honk, bark, cook, desk, streak, shrink, shrunk, shriek, squawk, think, black, track, break, check, quick, thank, drink, stick, thick, stuck, click, truck, brick, shook, crack, blank, clerk, knock, trick, stack, cheek, trunk, flock, snack, chalk, brisk, chick, shark, blink, whisk, stink, stork, work, back, look, week, bank, park, talk, walk, seek, rock, dark, weak, neck, pink, pack, milk, kick, lock, mask, hook, desk, sink, junk, pork, sank, hawk, tick, soak, peek, tuck, wink, ink, yak
  • 2 Syllable: woodchuck, kayak, shipwreck, groundwork, heartbreak, schoolwork, sketchbook, broomstick, schoolbook, starstruck, moonstruck, salesclerk, framework, trademark, benchmark, livestock, horseback, housework, yardstick, guidebook, patchwork, racetrack, checkbook, crosswalk, flashback, clockwork, roadblock, boardwalk, scrapbook, throwback, sidetrack, hatchback, backtrack, awestruck, toothpick, beanstalk, drumstick, birthmark, pipsqueak, feedback, notebook, landmark, outbreak, homework, handbook, comeback, playback, textbook, teamwork, ballpark, paycheck, lipstick, sidewalk, woodwork, cookbook, shamrock, rollback, joystick, yearbook, sidekick, workbook, playbook, backpack, homesick, bookmark, gridlock, firework, haystack, cakewalk, nonstick, knapsack, songbook, sunblock, bareback, chipmunk, aardvark, beadwork, facemask, network, outlook, artwork, peacock, bedrock, payback, outback, hammock, potluck, padlock, soymilk, unstuck, restock, skywalk, ziplock, attack, unlock, unpack, unhook, untuck, mohawk
  • 3 Syllable: laughingstock, quarterback, candlestick, crackerjack, pocketbook, buttermilk, needlework, candlewick, aftershock, lumberjack, turtleneck, meadowlark, meterstick, paperwork, paperback, hyperlink, riverbank, handiwork, metalwork, storybook, piggyback, interlock, disembark, multipack, overlook, asterisk, limerick, overwork, antilock, overcook
  • 4 Syllable: cabinetwork, audiobook

Practice in Flash Card Mode Right Here from Your Computer!

final-k-bark final-k-blank final-k-block final-k-book final-k-clock final-k-crack final-k-ask final-k-poke final-k-sneak final-k-think final-k-black final-k-creek final-k-elk final-k-drink final-k-peak final-k-duck final-k-clerk final-k-leak final-k-click final-k-fake final-k-fork final-k-check final-k-cook final-k-lake final-k-desk final-k-honk final-k-brick final-k-shook final-k-break final-k-shrink final-k-oak final-k-quick final-k-stick final-k-squawk final-k-track final-k-shriek final-k-pick final-k-make final-k-truck final-k-knock final-k-trick final-k-thank final-k-speak final-k-steak final-k-shrunk final-k-squeak final-k-stuck final-k-streak final-k-thick final-k-sick

Final K Words Speech Therapy

1 Syllable2 Syllable3 Syllable4 Syllable
Grab these free articulation pages at the bottom of this post!

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Short Sentences or Phrases

When working on final K sounds, it’s important to work on short phrases after your child or student has learned how to produce the sound at the word level. They should be able to achieve 80% accuracy for this skill before moving on to longer complete sentences.

Here is a list of final K word phrases to try:

Final K Words Speech Therapy in Phrases

1 Syllable2 Syllable
high peakcute woodchuck
make dinnernew kayak
big forksunken shipwreck
rare steaklaid the groundwork
fake moneysad heartbreak
blue lakehard schoolwork
loud squeaknew sketchbook
toy blocklong broomstick
speak loudermath schoolbook
small leakshe was starstruck
oak treehouse was moonstruck
poke the bearnice salesclerk
sneak uphouse framework
small creekbusiness trademark
pick upproject benchmark
kids’ clockfarm livestock
sick in bedhorseback ride
ask a frienda lot of housework
big elkwooden yardstick
good booktourist guidebook
yellow duckpatchwork quilt
honk the hornfast racetrack
dog barkleather checkbook
cook foodschool crosswalk
small deskflashback to party
paint streakdone like clockwork
shrink the shirtconcrete roadblock
shrunk the pantsboardwalk on the beach
shriek loudcolorful scrapbook
bird squawkthrowback to high school
think it througheasy to sidetrack
black shortshatchback car
race on the trackbacktrack the conversation
break a legawestruck at the sight
check your bagthin toothpick
quick runnerjack and the beanstalk
thank youwooden drumstick
cold drinkbirthmark on foot
wood sticksmall pipsqueak
thick rugkind feedback
stuck onschool notebook
click the mousefamous landmark
pickup truckmeasles outbreak
red bricka lot of homework
shook the houseschool handbook
sidewalk crackcomeback game
blank paperwatch the playback
office clerkthick textbook
knock on the doorgreat teamwork
trick or treatgo to the ballpark
stack the blocksweekly paycheck
rosy cheekred lipstick
open trunkstraight sidewalk
flock of birdswoodwork project
eat a snackgreat cookbook
colored chalkgreen shamrock
brisk walkrollback prices
yellow chickgame joystick
shark toothfifth grade yearbook
blink your eyeBatman’s sidekick
whisk the batterwriting workbook
stink eyefootball playbook
large storkschool backpack
work hardhomesick at camp
pat your backpaper bookmark
look uptraffic gridlock
week of vacationbright firework
bank accounthaystack in the barn
play at the parkcakewalk game
talk loudlynonstick pan
walk slowlycolorful knapsack
hide and seekchoir songbook
large rocksunblock at the beach
dark nightbareback ride
weak armcute chipmunk
long neckbrown aardvark
pink shirtcrafty beadwork
pack your bagwear a facemask
white milkinternet network
kick hardmountain outlook
lock the doorbeautiful artwork
wear a maskcolorful peacock
door hookrocky bedrock
wood deckpayback for kindness
kitchen sinkAustralian outback
junk foodcloth hammock
pulled porkdelicious potluck
coin sankbike padlock
large hawkdrink soymilk
tick tockbecome unstuck
soak the clothesrestock the shelves
peek holeuse the skywalk
tuck in the sheetsziplock bag
wink your eyebug attack
pen inkunlock the door
small yakunpack your suitcase
unhook the strap
untuck the sheets
mohawk hair
3 Syllable4 Syllable
it was a laughingstockwonderful cabinetwork
football quarterbackinteresting audiobook
candlestick holder
crackerjack box
leather pocketbook
buttermilk pancakes
tiny needlework
candlewick on the candle
earthquake aftershock
tall lumberjack
warm turtleneck
small meadowlark
wooden meterstick
pile of paperwork
paperback book
hyperlink the word
shallow riverbank
excellent handiwork
strong metalwork
favorite storybook
piggyback ride
interlock the chains
disembark the boat
multipack of pens
overlook the problem
type an asterisk
funny limerick
overwork the employee
antilock door
overcook the food
Grab these free articulation pages at the bottom of this post!

Sentence Level: Final K Words Speech Therapy

After phrases the next level to work on is the final k sound in sentences. There are a few ways to practice at the sentence level.

For example, one way is to give your child or student a list of sentences to read aloud while they work on their final k sound. 

Another fun way to practice is to give your child or student pictures with their final k sound in them and then have them create a sentence about those pictures.

Below is a list of sentences to use with your child or students.


Final K Words Speech Therapy in Sentences

1 Syllable2 Syllable
They climbed to the highest peak.The woodchuck looked at me.
They wanted to make dinner.He got a new kayak.
He wanted to eat with a big fork.They couldn’t find the shipwreck.
She eats her steak rare.He laid the groundwork for the building.
They played with fake money.It was a sad heartbreak.
They visited a blue lake.She had some hard schoolwork.
She heard a loud squeak.He bought a new sketchbook.
They played with a toy block.That is a long broomstick handle.
They needed to speak louder.He has a math schoolbook.
There was a small leak.She was starstruck with the celebrity.
They sat under an oak tree.The house was moonstruck.
Don’t poke the bear.She is a nice salesclerk.
They tried to sneak up on people.He built the framework of the house.
The small creek was in their yard.It is a business trademark.
It’s time to pick up your food.They met the project benchmark.
They got a new kids’ clock.Let’s look at the livestock on the farm.
Her mom is sick in bed.She went on a horseback ride.
He wanted to ask a friend to prom.She has a lot of housework.
They saw a big elk in the forest.The teacher has a wooden yardstick.
That is a good book.Here is a tourist guidebook.
A duck swam in the water.There’s a patchwork quilt.
He wanted to honk the horn.He drove on a fast racetrack.
They heard the dog bark.He has a leather checkbook.
It’s time to cook some food.She uses the school crosswalk.
He sat at a small desk.He had a flashback to his birthday party.
There’s a paint streak on the wall.His schoolwork is done like clockwork.
Please don’t shrink the shirt.This is a concrete roadblock.
He shrunk his pants.They walked on the beach boardwalk.
There was a loud shriek.That is a colorful scrapbook.
Did you hear the bird squawk?She had a throwback to high school.
Think it through before you act.It was easy to sidetrack her.
She is wearing black shorts.She drives a hatchback car.
Race your car on the track.Let’s backtrack the conversation.
She didn’t want to break her leg.She was awestruck at the sight of the fireworks.
Check your bag at the airport.This is a thin toothpick.
He is a quick runner.Jack and the beanstalk is a great story.
Thank you for the gift.He has two wooden drumsticks.
I would like a cold drink.He has a birthmark on his foot.
They found a wood stick.He was called a small pipsqueak.
Step on the thick rug.She received some kind feedback.
The sticker is stuck.This is a school notebook.
Click the mouse on the computer.This is a famous landmark.
I drive a pickup truck.Once, there was a measles outbreak.
It is a red brick house.He has a lot of homework.
The earthquake shook the house.This is a school handbook.
The sidewalk has a crack.They played a comeback game.
A piece of blank paper.Watch the playback of the video.
She is the office clerk.Here is a thick textbook.
Knock loudly on the door.They had great teamwork.
Trick or treat for Halloween.Let’s go to the ballpark.
Stack the blocks up tall.He gets a weekly paycheck.
She has a rosy cheek.She wears red lipstick.
Put your luggage in the open trunk.This is a straight sidewalk.
Look at the flock of birds.He created a woodwork project.
The kids want to eat a snack.Use this great cookbook.
They use colored chalk.It is a green shamrock.
She took a brisk walk.This store has rollback prices.
A little yellow chick was on the farm.You need this game joystick.
She found a shark tooth.Here is my fifth grade yearbook.
Blink your eye to keep the dust out.Batman’s sidekick is Robin.
Whisk the batter for two minutes.Open your writing workbook.
She gave him the stink eye.This is a football playbook.
They saw a large stork.I have a school backpack.
Work hard on your homework.She was homesick at camp.
She patted his back.I have a paper bookmark.
Look up to the sky.The traffic was in a gridlock.
It’s our last week of vacation.Did you see the bright firework?
I opened a bank account.There is a haystack in the barn.
We like to play at the park.I played the cakewalk game.
You should talk louder.Use the nonstick pan to cook.
He will walk slowly.She has a colorful knapsack.
Let’s play hide and seek.They sang from the choir songbook.
This is a large rock.Put on sunblock at the beach.
It is a dark night.She rode bareback on the horse.
I have one weak arm.It is a cute chipmunk.
Giraffes have a long neck.This is a brown aardvark.
Sheh as a pink shirt.She made some crafty beadwork.
Pack your bag for the trip.Wear a facemask indoors.
He drank white milk.Use this internet network.
Kick hard in the water.Climb to the mountain outlook.
Lock the door when you leave.This is beautiful artwork.
Wear a mask indoors.What a colorful peacock!
Hang it on the door hook.This rocky bedrock hurts my feet.
This is a wood deck.She wanted to payback the kindness.
This is a nice kitchen sink.Welcome to the Australian outback.
I like to eat junk food.She rested in a cloth hammock.
I ate a pulled pork sandwich.It was a delicious potluck.
The coin sank in the water.I have a padlock for my bike.
A large hawk flew in the sky.He likes to drink soymilk.
Tick tock went the clock.It became unstuck.
Soak the dirty clothes in water.Restock the shelves when they are empty.
Peek through the hole in the fence.Use the skywalk to get there.
Tuck in the sheets on the bed.Use a ziplock bag.
Wink your eye at her.She felt the bug attack her.
This pen had black ink.Unlock the door and go in.
It is a small yak.Unpack your suitcase when you get there.
Unhook the strap to take it out.
You need to untuck the sheets.
He wanted a mohawk hairstyle.
3 Syllable4 Syllable
It felt like it was a laughingstock.He created wonderful cabinetwork.
He is a football quarterback.This is an interesting audiobook.
Here is a candlestick holder.
Open the crackerjack box.
I have a leather pocketbook.
I like to eat buttermilk pancakes.
She creates tiny needlework pictures.
Light the candlewick on the candle.
They felt the earthquake aftershock.
He is a tall lumberjack.
I like to wear a warm turtleneck.
It is a small meadowlark.
The teacher has a wooden meterstick.
She has a large pile of paperwork.
This is a paperback book.
She needed hyperlink the word.
It is a shallow riverbank.
That is excellent handiwork.
He creates strong metalwork.
This is her favorite storybook.
He gave the child a piggyback ride.
Can you interlock the chains?
They will disembark the boat.
I bought a multipack of pens.
She could overlook the problem.
Type an asterisk after the word.
He wrote a funny limerick.
Don’t overwork the employee.
We need an antilock door.
Don’t overcook the food.
Grab these free articulation pages at the bottom of this post!

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Final K Words Speech Therapy Ideas

Game Boards

Do you like working on your child or student’s articulation sound while having some fun? 

Board games are a perfect way to keep your students engaged while working on their sounds. 

A few board games worth trying are: Apples to Apples, Chutes and Ladders, or Go Fish to name a few.

Final T for Final K Sound

When your child or student substitutes the final k sound for a final t sound this is called velar fronting and they are taking a sound that is normally made in the back of the throat for the same sound that is made in the front of the mouth. 

An example of this would be saying the word “dot” instead of the word “dock”. 

One way to work on velar fronting of the final k sound would be to work on minimal pair words. By having your child or student have the words “dot” and “dock” side by side with a picture and then having your student practice saying each word and listening for the slight difference. 

Here are a few resources to get you started:

  1. Fronting & Backing Minimal Pairs (/k/ /t/ and /g/ /d/) by Rachel’s Speech Goodies – Four pages of kid friendly picture cards plus a page of words lists.
  2. Articulation Activity Go Fish | T and K Minimal Pairs | Speech Therapy by Speechies and Cream – 32 fun cards that can be used as a card game.
  3. Final Consonant Deletion Minimal Pairs – NO PREP Final K FREEBIE by Nurture Speech Pathology – a no-prep activity that will help your student with final consonant deletion.

Weak Syllable Deletion

Weak syllable deletion is when the child or student omits the unstressed or in other words the weak syllable within a multisyllabic word. 

For example, the weak syllable deletion of the final k sound in the word “sock” would be pronounced as the word “saw”.

One way to work on correcting weak syllable deletion is to use minimal pairs. So for example, you would provide the child with the words “saw” and “sock” next to each other with pictures and then have the student practice each word side by side.

Here are a few resources to get you started:

  1. T/K minimal pairs by SLPMommyofApraxia – use these minimal pairs to help your students visualize what they are saying.
  2. Minimal Pairs Fronting/ Backing- /k/ /g/ and /t/ /d/ by Ellen Rector – you can use this activity as a game in your classroom.
  3. FREE /T/ and /K/ Minimal Pairs Speech Handout (Fronting/Backing) by TheSpeechScoop – These visual pictures are great for young learners.

Phonological Processes

If you’re interested in learning about more phonological processes be sure to grab my handy phonological processes sheets, which includes typical and atypical phonological processes. 

Go Fish

Does your child or student love to play Go Fish? Then be sure to grab our Go Fish board game for all sounds

Word Lists

If you’re on the hunt for word lists to practice. Be sure to scroll up on this page and see the word lists for practice. 

Also, be sure to click on the clickable words and practice using the interactive flashcards!

Faster Progress

Wish your child could make progress faster? 

Sometimes all you need is to practice consistently. Simply try practicing for at least 5 minutes a day.

Here is a list of 5 minute therapy ideas to work on the final k sound.

  1. At Home Word Lists for Articulation and Phonology for SLPs – Freebie by Natalie Snyders – this freebie includes a word list for final K as well as other letters.
  2. Word Study Work Board: Final /k/ Sound -ck, -k, -ke by Sarah Alisaleh – a great set of quick daily lessons that can be used for online learning as well.
  3. CVC final k words clothespin activity by everythingisspeechieinohio – 8 final k words are included in this fun activity.

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Picture Cards

If you like using picture cards to practice your therapy then scroll to the bottom of this post and grab your free 20 picture cards to get started practicing today.

Or click on the words in the word list above that have a link attached to use the picture cards as flashcards to practice online right from your computer. 


Boom Cards

A great way to practice is to use Boom Cards, which are a fun and engaging way to strengthen your child or student’s articulation skills.

Here are a few favorite boom cards to work on the final K sounds: 

  1. Free Boom Cards Apple Tree Articulation K Sound by The Speech Zone – K sound boom card that you can easily implement into your classroom.
  2. Easter Express for Articulation: K Sound (No Print)(Boom Card)(FREEBIE) by My Teletherapy Room – A fun Easter themed activity!
  3. Free Articulation Cards and Boom Cards (Cycles & Traditional) by Ausome Speech – No prep and digital. A perfect addition to your classroom.

Therapy Room

If you’re a speech therapist looking for final k words to practice with your clients then be sure to check some of the ideas below or our list above!

  1. Quack! Go Back! Speech Therapy Game with Final /k/ Cards by Speech Sprouts – a great activity for small groups in your classroom.
  2. Final K Sound -ck, -ke, -k – Word Pattern Play by Emily Fano – Passport2Teach – 3 different games to practice the final k sound.
  3. Word Final /K/ Truck Activity by Lisa McGregor – A fun way to practice single-syllable final k words.

In Conclusion: Final K Words Speech Therapy

We hope you have found this article helpful for working on your child or student’s final k sound. 

Be sure to grab your freebie of 20 words to start practicing 5 minutes a day!


<< Click here to download your free final K articulation practice pages! >>

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