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Top 14 Free CEUs for SLPs

Top 14 Free CEUs for SLPs

Are you in need of free ASHA CEU credits? 

If so you’ve come to the right place! 

I’ve compiled a list of 14 websites that have free SLP CEU credits.



PLEASE MAKE SURE to do your own research and make sure the free SLP CEU will work for you as well as qualify for what you need.

**I’ve tried my best to make sure everything is free and will give you credits, however, things are always changing so PLEASE do your own research before completing any of the CEU credits. 🙂

Free ASHA CEU credits for Multiple Topics

This free list of free SLP CEUs covers multiple different topics. Be sure to read through to find the credits of interest to you.

  1. SLP Summit – Offers 2 conferences a year for 8 CEUs. Free if you don’t use the ASHA registy. If you want them to send to ASHA, it’s $25.
  2. CEU SmartHub – Watch the video and take the quiz with 80% success.
  3. Bilinguistics – Currently offering 3 different Free CEU courses.
  4. Leaders Project – Has multiple differnet module courses to take for free CEU credits.
  5. SLP Nerdcast – Click on the .15 AHSA CEUs or the .1 ASHA CEUs buttons and then scroll through to find the free courses being offered.
  6. Interactive Metronome – Available with ASHA reporting.
  7. – Offers one-hour course for free to try out. Enter promo code 1FREECOURSE at registration. *Offer limited to one course per license number.

ASHA CEUs Free for AAC

Click the links below for free ASHA CEUs in the area of AAC.

  1. Lingraphica – Free On-Demand CE Courses. Be sure to add your ASHA # when you create your account.
  2. AAC in the Cloud – Free past conference CEU credits. At the end of each video there is a survey link. Fill out the survey and they will generate a certificate for you.
  3. Saltillo – Product Classes and Implentation Classes. Please follow AHSA Forms instructions for earning credits.
  4. TobiiDynavox – Multiple credits for AAC learners.

Free SLP CEUs for Voice and Swallowing

Click the links below to get free ASHA CEU credits in the area of voice and swallowing.

  1. University of Wisconsin – Voice and Swallow Clinics Lecture Series. Courses are eligible for ASHA CEUs for .10 credits.
  2. Passy Muir – Provide your complete name and ASHA # when registering. Must complete course evaluation or quiz in oder to recieve credit.

Free Speech Pathology CEUs for Articulation

Click the link below to get ASHA CEUs free for articulation therapy.

  1. Satpac – articulation for /r/ and /s/, must send participation form for ASHA credit.


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Want More Free Speech Therapy Ideas and Materials?

Be sure to check out the following topics for more ideas!