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54 Top SLP Blogs & Websites in 2022

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    The Best SLP Blog List of 2020

    There are many SLP blogs out there! It can be a little overwhelming to go through them all.

    Sadly, there are quite a few blogs that haven’t had a new blogpost since 2014, 2016, 2018, 2019, etc. You get the picture.

    I’ve taken the time to search through all the SLP blogs to find the ones that are still actively being used and are packed full of AMAZING resources.

    Check out the list below: Be sure to link back to this page!

    1. Speech Therapy Store:
    2. A Perfect Blend:
    3. Activity Tailor:
    4. ASHAsphere:
    5. Badger State Speechy:
    6. Beautiful Speech Life:
    7. Busy Bee Speech:
    8. Crazy Speech World:
    9. Creative Speech Lab:
    10. Dabbling Speechie:
    11. Dr. Karen Speech & Language:
    12. Home Speech Home:
    13. Kayla SLP:
    14. Let’s Talk!:
    15. Live Love Speech:
    16. Mommy Speech Therapy:
    17. My Easy Bee:
    18. Natalie Snyders, SLP:
    19. Panda Speech Therapy:
    20. The Pedi Speechie:
    21. Pedia Staff:
    22. Playing with Words 365:
    23. Putting Words in your Mouth:
    24. SLP Now:
    25. Simply Speech:
    26. SLP Lauren Dibiase:
    27. SLP Runner:
    28. SLP Speech Gems:
    29. SLP Toolkit:
    30. Smart Mouth SLP:
    31. Sparklle SLP:
    32. Speaking of Speech:
    33. Speech and Language Kids:
    34. Speech is Beautiful:
    35. Speech is Sweet:
    36. Speech Therapy Fun:
    37. Speech Therapy Ideas:
    38. Speech Therapy Store:
    39. Speech Peeps:
    40. Speech Room Style:
    41. Speech Sprouts Therapy:
    42. Speech Time Fun:
    43. Speech Universe:
    44. Speechy Musings:
    45. Super Power Speech:
    46. Sweet Southern Speech:
    47. Talkin With Twang:
    48. Teaching Talking:
    49. Teach Me to Talk:
    50. The Budget SLP:
    51. The Speech Bubble SLP:
    52. The Speech Meadow:
    53. The Speech Room News:
    54. TLC Talk Shop:
    55. Twin Speech Language and Literacy:

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      Another great list worth checking out is feedspot’s TOP 75 SLP BLOGS.

      Did I miss an AMAZING SLP blog? If so, send me a comment and I’ll be sure to check out the blog and add it to the list for others to enjoy.