Speech Therapy has now turned into teletherapy all around the world. If you’re feeling overwhelmed you’re not alone. Learn how to EASILY and I am mean EASILY make any PDF interactive.

When you download and open a PDF from TeachersPayTeachers the product is opened up in Adobe Acrobat Reader (free).

Most likely in the past, you have simply printed the product to use with your students.

However, instead of printing you can simply take the PDF that you opened in Adobe and use the comment feature (yellow speech bubble) on the righthand side menu. Demonstrated below with my Articulation Reading Passages and Conversation.

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How to Make Any PDF Interactive



Once you have the comment section open you then have access to a highlighter.

Before my student reads the passage aloud I have them grab the highlighter and highlight the words that have their sound. Pictured about initial /p/ sound.


Mark or Draw

Have your student use a pencil to mark or draw. Grab the pencil and change the color and width to your choice.


Add Text

You can also have your student type. Simply grab a textbox.


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    How to Use Interactive PDFs with Older Students

    Here is another example of using my product Speech Therapy Life Skill Social Skills: 15 Differentiated Lesson Plans which is made for my older life skills student, but can be adapted for younger students as well.

    Actively Listening

    This activity was about actively listening.

    The student began with a review and vocabulary.

    This part of the lesson the student was supposed to identify which parts of active listening the person so doing correctly and which parts they were doing wrong.


    Initiating a Conversation

    The activity below is to practice initiating a conversation from my 15 Life Skills Lessons bundle.

    The student was given a picture and speech bubbles to then grab a textbox and type out their ideas for how to initiate a conversation.


    Using a Social Filter

    First I had the student read the scenario. Next, I had them highlight the unkind words from the unfiltered thought bubble.


    Next, the student grabbed the textbox and wrote a filtered kind way to tell the other student not to pick their nose “You shouldn’t do that in public. Can you please use a kleenex or go to the bathroom?”


    Conclusion: PDF Interactive

    You can highlight text, mark, draw, underline text, or add your own text.

    Don’t be afraid to play around with the different features in the comment section of adobe reader!

    Grab Your Handy Handout for You or a Parent!

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